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Date Joined: December 13, 2007
Last Online: June 15, 2019
Birthday: April 28
Country: Canada
Ty Penguins I Don't Have

Please Read...!

Hello! And thanks for reading my profile!

If you do NOT receive my swap please PM me first before rating!! I have never had a poor rating and take great pride in that!

I always send my swaps within a few days of partnering - much before swap deadline!! ALWAYS!

I keep track of my swaps (almost obsessively), sent by me and you, received by me and you, etc... It's kind of a fun process actually.

I would like to know YOU got my swap so if I PM you, I'm not just seeking a rating, I would like to know my swap actually arrived.

If you are actually reading this, can you please make a comment to the right here? Just a hi, hello or something! I'm curious to know people are actually viewing my profile. :p

Profile Last Updated: March 17th, 2019

About Me

My name is Beth and I am thirty-six and I am a baker!
I live in Nova Scotia, Canada and have a cat named Butter, a 13 year old daughter I call Fe and a spouse of 8 years named Luke.

I enjoy many things like stickers, washi, pen palling, penguins, TV, baking, travel/exploring, etc... I also love to decorate my envelopes for swaps and pals. I occasionally even make flipbooks.

I have been pen palling since I was 11. If you are interested in becoming pals:

I am interested in writing (and reading) medium to long letters, people who have some of the same interests as me, ladies ages 30 and up, who like being creative, etc... Also, someone who will write back "right away" (ish). I pen pal to make friends and I find it hard to get to know someone if I have to wait a couple months for a reply. Personally, my goal is to write back within a week but recently it has been a bit longer than that. Pen pals in Canada would be awesome but anywhere, just send me a PM and tell me a little about yourself! I write in English but I can understand and write some French.


I love mail! And the color purple!!
I save/cut out my addresses you write on my swap envelopes. I don't know why, I just have a huge collection of them now! So, if you care to, decorate it up! Simple or a lot! I also prefer actual postage stamps.

My favorite types of swaps are generally sticker related, washi samples, and happy mail/profile-based flat swaps.

Occasionally I make/draw my own stickers for swaps. Wanna give it a try with me? Send me a message!!

I would prefer to send flat swaps, as they are cheaper on postage but that doesn't mean the odd swap can't be bigger.

Canada swaps! I would love Canadian swaps! Mostly because shipping is cheaper.
USA swaps are fine, it is cheaper than international.
International swaps are ok but postage is super expensive so light/flat swaps for the most part.

I do sign up for a lot of international swaps so I guess it's only "luck" when I get to send within Canada or to the USA. :p

I am usually always open to private swaps, just send me a PM! Also, I would love to have some regular basis swappers for stickers and/or washi samples!

What I do NOT like

I want to say I am not overly picky but by making this list, maybe I am? :p


  • Rude people
  • Onions, coconut, and tea
  • the color Red

The only exceptions to this list is penguin stickers.

  • Puffy/Foam Stickers
  • Epoxy, dimensional Stickers
  • Word only teacher stickers (doesn't mean I don't like words on stickers)
  • Bent or folded sticker sheets
  • Cut sticker sheets to fit an envelope (unless I say it's ok)


  • word only tape, unless it says "Faith"
  • red tape
  • plastic tape. It's not washi, I won't use it and no one likes it (PM if you do tho...)
  • Deco tape/dollarstore "washi". I will use it. Just not a fan.

What I have to offer

... but not limited to:


  • Washi samples
  • Deco tape/dollarstore "washi" samples
  • Vintage & modern postcards (mostly from Canada, USA and Europe)
  • Stationery paper & envelopes
  • Unused greeting cards (Christmas, birthdays & sympathy mostly)


  • Vintage sheets & Sandylion/other Mods.
  • Loose stickers (random or specific)
    (50 or more at a time. 100+ would be better)
  • Sticker Flakes
  • Sticker sheets (random or specific)
    (3 sheets very minimum. 5+ would be better)
    • Variety
    • Cartoon characters
    • Holidays (Christmas and Halloween mostly)

My Wish List

Things, in general, I would enjoy receiving:

  • Stickers (see details below)
  • Washi (see details below)
  • Unused Canadian stamps, any value!
  • Diddl stationery & stickers
  • Sandylion sticker albums (5.5" x8.5" - with or without stickers :p)
  • Cute or colored envelopes (no red!)
  • Sanka coffee (usually an orange packet)

It is OK to send me:
but I don't really care to swap for them (does that make sense?). These can be included in flat or profile-based swaps and as freebies.

  • Coffee
  • Mint or regular Hot Chocolate
  • Chocolate
  • Postcards - I do not sign up for postcard swaps as they're not my priority and postage is just too expensive for a single card. I can send you enveloped & blank postcards from my stash tho but I don't just want postcard specific swaps... If that makes any sense? I prefer:
    • Mailed with a message and stamp, not in an envelope!
    • Multiple images on one card is a bonus!
    • of views (cities/towns or mountains/large landscapes)
    • of real penguins
    • of something really beautiful or purple.

Washi, in general:

  • A ๐Ÿ’— for sure if you send my samples on a Joker card!
  • Any size/wideness
  • Samples: minimum of 18" unless otherwise stated in a swap.
  • Still on rolls, if you like?
  • Plain, solid colors are welcome!
  • Animals! Esp. birds, penguins, owls, whales, mice/rats, butterflies...
  • Polka dots! And other fun designs.
  • Colors: mostly blue, green, purple, yellow, black but any (except red unless it is really cool!)
  • Holidays: any... non-religious.
  • NO THANKS: word only tape, unless it says "Faith".
  • NO THANKS: red tape.

Stickers, in general:

  • My specifics list below.
  • FLAT stickers only! (penguins are the exception)
  • Sandylion sticker mods/squares (any!)
  • Sandylion sheets and strips (any!)
  • Mrs. Grossman's mods
  • Vintage/old Hallmark sticker sheets (before 2000)
  • Sticker from CrackerJacks boxes! Opened is fine but please leave cover on it!
  • Stickers with the word/name "Faith"
  • ANY fuzzy stickers (not just my specifics list)
  • Handmade stickers (from my specifics list)
  • Any TV/Fictional/Cartoon Character Stickers (list below)
  • Full sticker sheets, any theme
  • New in package sheets (they're always enjoyed!)

  • Specific Stickers:
    I would love any of the following stickers, any kinds (but flat only please)!
    Bats, CareBears, Beavers, Bees, Birds, Cats, Chickens, Cows, Crocodiles, Dinosaurs, Disney (ANY), Dolphins, Ducks, Elephants, Fish, Foxes, Frogs, Giraffes, Hamsters, Hippos, Horses, JellyFish, Ladybugs, Leopards, Lions, Mermaids, Mice, Monkeys, Music (notes, instruments, band stickers), My Little Pony, Octopus, Penguins, Pigs, Pokemon & Digimon, Polar Bears, Rhinos, Raccoons, Rats, Sanrio, ScoobyDoo, Sharks, Smiley Faces/Emojis, Snowflakes, Snowmen, Spiders, Squirrels, Starfish, Stickeroni guy, Tigers, Turtles, Whales, Winnie the Pooh (disney/non-disney), Zebras.

  • TV/Fictional/Cartoon Character:
    Any vintage or modern (Category only).
    Bears, Bees, Birds, Cats, Dinosaurs, Dogs, Elephants, Farm Animals, Frogs, Monkeys, My Little Pony, Penguins, Pokemon & Digimon, Rodents & Woodsie animals, Sanrio, ScoobyDoo, Snowmen, Stickeroni guy, Turtles, Winnie the Pooh, Zoo animals.

  • For Pen Palling:

    • tiny SmileyFaces/Emojis & hearts: LESS than a centimeter in size!
    • Alphabet sheets with lots of A's & E's: about a centimeter tall, any will be welcome, incomplete sheets as freebies even. I will likely use them!

Stickers have been my life since I was a kid! My list is so long because I have them organized & sorted into albums for each specific type. I have been collecting for years! Some I do not collect anymore as my album for them is crowded so see my list above for what to send me!

My Official List: Bears, Bees, Birds, Birthday, Butterflies, Easter, Cats, Christmas, Dinosaurs, Disney, Dogs, Elephants, Farm Animals, Fish, Flowers, Food, Frogs, Giraffes, Halloween, Hearts, Ladybugs, Monkeys, Music, My Little Pony, Penguins, Pokemon & Digimon, Rodents & Woodsie animals, Santa, ScoobyDoo, Sea Life, Smiley Faces, Snowflakes, Snowmen, Stars, Stickeroni guy, Tinkerbell, Turtles, Winnie the Pooh, Zoo animals.

If you are very stumped on what to send me, I'm sure I would like any of those.

Clean up....

I have been flaked on by few and not rated by many. I did have this section "shaming" people but I don't want to come across as "that type of person" so I am moving on.

I'm bad at responding to ratings. So, in advance, thank you for the rating! It is very appreciated!


Hyshu rated for WIYM: Blank Notecard Swap #3 on Jun 14, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the wonderful notecards. Thank you for the postcard! Thank you for joining my swap!
bjansen rated for WIYM: Sticker Sheet Swap on Jun 13, 2019
Comment: Love the Pokรฉmon stickers :)
Comment: Thanks so much Beth! I really appreciate the extra washi samples, and your whole package was on theme!
m3i5 rated for WTL: Spring Washi Sample Swap on Jun 3, 2019
Comment: Hi Beth, Thank you so much for all the colorful different washi's you've send me plus the pretty stamps! :D
Response: Oh wow, that took a while to arrive! Happy it did tho and that you like everything! ๐Ÿ’œ
Comment: Thank you!
ceecee rated for WIYM: Blank Notecard Swap #3 on May 24, 2019
Comment: Thanks for the lovely selection of note cards and the cute post card too! I love the stamps on the envie and I'm very impressed at the speed of Canada Post. Many hearts to you!
MBakker rated for Themed Washi Swap #4: Food ๐Ÿ“ on May 24, 2019
Comment: Hi Beth, thank you so much for all the washi tapes. What a surprise, so many! We love them! Xx Monique
mle rated for Themed Washi Swap #3: Animals ๐Ÿฑ on May 17, 2019
Comment: Love the washi! Thanks
1koolkrafter rated for WIYM: Woot! Sticker Swap! on May 14, 2019
Comment: Hey Beth...thanks for the fun stickers and the โ€œwashiโ€.....I loved it!
Comment: Wow thank you, you gave me a ton extra!! I love the bird washi on the envelope do you remember where you got it from? I love the insect stamps too!!
Response: It might have been from samples I have but I do have a few bird washis, I cant remember what one I used :p happy you love everything!
MadLittleCrafter rated for WTL:Washi Happy Mail #2 on May 11, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely washis and the little extras too!!! I can't believe you have a Norwegian forest cat! I've only ever seen pictures of those and they look amazing!! Butter sounds like a very appropriate name <3
Mye rated for WTL: Washi Scavenger Hunt on May 10, 2019
Comment: Thank you Beth for the lovely selection of samples you sent to me! Don't worry about sending duplicates one as I always run out of them ๐Ÿ˜…
sfcorrespondence rated for WIYM: Woot! Sticker Swap! on May 8, 2019
Comment: Beth, thank you for the wonderful stickers. I especially loved the flowers and bird one :) Cheers! Have a fantastic day.
Mye rated for WIYM: I'd Love Washi Samples #3 on Jan 12, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the resend. Lovely samples and I love them. โคโคโค
Comment: Thanks for the great washi samples. :) Really love the purple with purple dots. :)
Comment: Thanks for the washi (and the extras).
Mye rated for WIYM: Rainbow of Washi-INT'L on Nov 23, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the washi samples Beth โค Thanks for the extras too ๐Ÿ˜Š
mag rated for Washi Lover's MEGA Swap on Nov 21, 2018
Comment: Thanks for resending these (:
Comment: You did a great job with the washi! I love the spelling challenge washi swaps.. I think I used the same elephant washi on my swap! And I just found my roll of "no peeking"! I love the llama one esp because it's extra wide!
CoryGerard rated for 100 FOOD QUESTIONS!!! on Aug 24, 2018

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benny on May 17, 2019:

Hello! I'm reading because I'm your partner in the Washi Sample Scavenger Hunt swap!

weatherwax on Nov 18, 2018:

I have actually read your profile :)

USAFwife on Aug 14, 2018:

Hi there! Your letter arrived yesterday & I will be mailing a reply tomorrow! Hope you're well :) -Cindi

fairypretty7 on Jul 2, 2018:

Hi ,

I read your profile as i have you for a patner in a swap. Hope you have a great day.

Bridgette on Jun 8, 2018:

Hello! I enjoyed reading your profile, I came over to visit to see if you were hosting more of your themed Washi swaps, they have been lots of fun!

Bridgette on Jun 8, 2018:
HelenG6 on Jun 6, 2018:

Hello. Thank you for hosting the spotty washi swsp. I love it! โญ• ๐Ÿ”˜ โšซ

1koolkrafter on May 24, 2018:

Hello I read your profile...๐Ÿค—

DaniZplannerchick84 on Aug 23, 2017:

Hey Beth I received my samples I love them thank you so much for swapping with me!!!!!!!

Evelynswap on Aug 10, 2017:

Hi! Tomorrow I will send the Fan of Washi swap to you.

Here is a little sneekpeak of one of the samples you will get:


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