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About Me

H e l l o! ^___~

My name is Sarah. I'm 25 and live in sunny Bournemouth, UK with my boyfriend David and our Pug Montolio.

I have recently come back to Swapbot after an absence and I am hoping to make some new pen-pals and take part in interesting and fun swaps. I really enjoy learning about peoples' lives in other countries, our differences and similarities. I guess I am just kind of a nosy person. :] I especially enjoy learning about other countries folklore and superstitions, national dishes and cultural holidays.

I work part time as a care assistant in a care home for the elderly with Dementia. I like my job and enjoy having a lot more free time to spend by: reading books and zines, drawing (traditional and CG), playing computer games, listening to music and walking along the sea side with Monty, going to my local charity shops and looking for bargains, to list a few.

I'd say that for somebody who has suffered from an eating disorder, depression and anxiety, I'm a pretty happy person! XD Perhaps that's a bit too "heavy", but I thought I would put this here right away because it seems it can make other people uncomfortable to learn about it later. I once had a pen-pal stop writing to me after she found out about these things in my letter to her. It was sad. However I am not ashamed by these things and can talk about them freely if people are interested to know, or would like advice as I feel I have come a long way in combating them. :)

Some tidbits about me:

  • I'm half English/half Filipino on my mum's side. Born and raised here in the UK though, so I consider myself English through and through (PG Tips runs through my veins!)
  • I'm an only child and a tad odd, but in a good way!
  • I absolutely love nature and being outside. I wish I knew more about wildlife to be able to identify insects and flowers.
  • I enjoy looking at FRUiTS fashion and street style pictures, although I am not terribly into fashion myself.
  • I wish I had the skills and the patience (and the money!) to be more crafty. For instance, I would love to learn to make my own bags. I am also interested to know about: crochet, zine-making, Dotee dolls, paper marbelling.

If there is anything you would like to know about me, you could ask me. I love talking to people and making online friends and pen-pals. :)

Below is a photo of myself, David and our Monty.


  • Stationery: envelopes, writing paper, decotape, blank notecards, postcards, stickers, little stamps etc.
  • Colours: warm bright green, orange, purple and lilac, cobalt blue, baby blue, canary yellow, all colours in pastels, black.
  • The fortunes from fortune cookies.
  • Anything at all to do with Tove Jansson and the Moomins ♥♥♥ (Except the books, I have them.)
  • Biscuits, sweets, snacks and instant drinks from your country.
  • Fabric with interesting patterns, cute buttons, ribbons.
  • Patterned/themed items showing: stars, cats, Maneki Neko, leaves, trees, Pugs, apples, pumpkins, dinosaurs, bats, anything spooky!
  • A book on folklore, traditions or mythology from your country (used books are cool!)
  • Flavours: sour apple, chocolate, raspberry, coconut, mint, blueberry, milk, lemon.
  • Scents: the above, plus orange, dewberry, vanilla and cinnamon.
  • A mix CD with tracklisting & booklet telling me why you like that song/where you first heard it/any memories attached to it. That'd be cool. :)
  • A written secret!
  • Your perzine/comix/travel/cookery/feminism/art zine.
  • Any thing at all to do with horror/spooky/weird/urban legend stuff! >:D
  • Most of all: a nice letter from you. :)


I must be honest, I am not overly fond of:

  • Neon colours or bright 'Barbie' pink.
  • Disney princesses.
  • Jewelery (but I do like handmade/friendship bracelets!)
  • Make up & nail polish (I only wear nail polish - rarely.)
  • Black licorice, coffee flavour, or 'jelly' type sweets.
  • Peanuts and brazil nuts. I am not allergic and I do really like nuts, just not those ones.
  • Souveniers from your country (apart from postcards.) The reason for this is that I prefer to buy my own souveniers myself when I visit someplace. Is that odd?
  • Items of an sexual nature or theme, or religion. (I am interested in learning about your faith, but I am Agnostic myself. Please respect that and don't try to push your views onto me. Thank you.)
  • Items made from leather.

Favourite Authors

In my book collection you will find books by the following authors:

  • Tove Jansson
  • Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
  • P.G. Wodehouse
  • Agatha Christie
  • David Sedaris
  • Ngaio Marsh
  • Carl Hiaasen
  • Koji Suzuki
  • Natsuo Kirino
  • R. A. Salvatore
  • Numerous horror anthologies with authors such as Edgar Allen Poe, H. P. Lovecraft, Ambrose Bierce etc.)

Favorite Books

My favourite book ever is the childrens book Finn Family Moomintroll by Tove Jansson.

I also really love Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome.

Out by Natsuo Kirino.

The Relic by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child.

Many of the Jeeves & Wooster stories by P.G. Wodehouse.

Many old horror stories, by various authors. I'd say that horror is my favourite genre out of all of them. I also seem to prefer and have quite a lot of books with strong female characters.

Favorite Music

My two fave bands are 16 Horsepower (or “Sixteen Horsepower” - it sometimes changes) and The Flaming Lips.

My fave female artists are Aimee Mann and Robyn.

My fave male artist is Patrick Wolf.

I also love Amy Winehouse, Rufus Wainwright, Gorillaz, 2NE1, Katy B, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Nelly Furtado, Laura Marling, Andrew Bird, Iggy Azalea, Augie Marsh, Lady Gaga, CocoRosie, Grimes, The Arcade Fire, Goldfrapp, Coldplay, Hot Chip, Lykki Li, Aesop Rock, Kosheen and La Roux...

I also greatly enjoy film scores and in particular, horror film scores. I also really like “dark” music in the form of ambient/soundscape/electronica, by various artists and bands.

Favorite Movies

Jurassic Park (from ever since I was a child!) XD

Instant Swamp

Kamikaze Girls

I seem to enjoy practically everything that Third Window Films release, and own a few of their titles on DVD. They put out quality, quirky Asian films.

Favorite Television

I don’t watch that much TV and tend to enjoy series long after they have been on, the hype has died down and they are available already on DVD. I'm just slow that way! The following are in no particular order of favouritism.

  • Sherlock
  • Poirot
  • Strangers With Candy
  • The League of Gentlemen
  • Psychoville
  • The Golden Girls
  • The X-Files
  • Red Dwarf
  • South Park
  • Michael Palins travel series
  • Game of Thrones
  • The Heart, She Holler

I also like nature documentaries such as The Blue Planet and Walking With Dinosaurs.

My Collections

I collect urban vinyl, or “art vinyl” (whichever you like to call it) figures and own a small collection. I like and wish to further collect figures by the artists: Thomas Han, Buff Monster, Amanda Visell, Gary Baseman, Kronk and Tim Biskup. I tend to be drawn more to the colourful and weird, rather than what’s most collectible.

I like going to second hand shops and adding to my book collection. In particular I prefer to read and collect these genres: children’s fictional series, children’s illustrated books, vintage horror, vintage murder mysteries, humour, some manga and graphic novels, art books, horror film books.

I have a little collection of semi-precious stones and ordinary stones I’ve found that are very round and smooth. I like the way they look and feel. :) I also like trying to find fossils but have found only 2 myself, so far.

Copic Markers! These are rather expensive and so, so far I only have the Skin Tone collection and the red hues R17, R46 and R59. I plan on buying more because they are such fun to colour with, and blend nicely.

Angels & Flakers

Questionable Swappers:


These two users were assigned to send to me for the 'Sort of Quick Newbie Swap XX.' I have given both these users a rating of 1 because I havent recieved anything from them.
mrsgardengal never replied to my PMs and heypotatoe said she was sending, but she never did. :(


Seeing as I made a 'Questionable Swappers' box, I thought I would make an Angel one too. Hopefully, I won't need to put any more names in either of these boxes though, because I don't intend to be flaked!


Both these users generously sent to me angel packages, after I had been flaked in the newbie swap, mentioned above. I love the things they sent me & I really appreciate the time they took in buying/collecting the items and sending to me.

Thank you both very much! :)


Natasa rated for Trick AND Treat! on Nov 26, 2013
Comment: I am sorry to rate you like this but the swap is over due and you have not even gotten back to let me know if you will resend. If I do get this in the future I will change my rating
Comment: This person was late on sending her letter but she was honets and sincere about what happen. So I wanted to go ahead and give her a 5 for honesty and politeness in her letter. Thank you .
Pinkfloydian rated for About my pet(s) letter swap~ on Nov 19, 2013
Comment: I wondered if maybe I just hadn't received mine, but I saw that no one had rated you so I guess you never mailed them out. I will rerate if you ever send them.
Response: Hi. I am so sorry for not sending this to you sooner. I will be sending them out on urday, when I can get to the post office. Many apologies.
Jane123 rated for Look who's coming to dinner on Oct 12, 2013
Comment: I love your choices in guests! Besides Pendergast and Arya Stark, whom I've never heard of previously, I like all the other people you've invited too. I'll check out the book Relic, Pendergast sounds interesting :)
hobbitwife rated for make your postman say hummmmmm on May 16, 2013
Comment: Hi Sarah. Your card arrived safely from Holland in 1835 :) Hope you had a lovely time! Hehe, this one was fun.
Response: Glad it reached you safely, hobbitwife! :D
BadWolf81 rated for CumberBitches Unite on May 7, 2013
Comment: Such beautiful pictures of a gorgeous man Thanks :)
Response: Agreed 100%. You're welcome. :)
CajunLady rated for CumberBitches Unite on May 7, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the wonderfully awesome images!!!
Response: You're welcome and thanks, in return! :D
KGallifrey rated for CumberBitches Unite on May 7, 2013
Comment: Thanks for the pics! :D *Drool*
Response: *hands you a tissue for the drool* You're welcome and thanks, in return! :D
huangannie rated for New friend...new penpal.... on May 4, 2013
Comment: Hi Sarah! Thank you for such a wonderful, long letter! I enjoyed reading it so much! Will be writing back as soon as I can, possibly tonight. Loved the postcard too! (=
Response: Hi Annie! I'm glad to hear that. :) I look forward to recieving your letter! :D
reikitah rated for reikitah and noirist on Dec 22, 2008
Comment: Finally received your package!!!!! It was wonderful. Love the rock candy! Was fun swapping with you!
Comment: Thank you so much for the great mix (and beautiful cover art) and the delicious raspberry licorice!! You're very generous :]
jeanland rated for Dark Electronica Mix CD on Jul 26, 2008
Comment: Love the mix! Thanks so much! :) The artwork on the cover is brilliant & yeah I can see the face... creepy!
Dummanios rated for Dark Electronica Mix CD on Jul 23, 2008
Comment: Thanks for the great mix CD!
cerwinrhiannon rated for My favorite 10 lwebsite on Jul 18, 2008
Comment: Thanks!
fandrea rated for My favorite 10 lwebsite on Jun 16, 2008
Ros rated for My favorite 10 lwebsite on Jun 16, 2008
Comment: Thanks for the interesting links - something to procrastinate with! :)
Response: You're welcome. :)
Sya rated for My favorite 10 lwebsite on Jun 16, 2008
Comment: Thank's for the website and story ^^
Response: Hah, it was as long as a story! >.< You're welcome.
Andreia rated for Sort of Quick Newbie Swap XX on Jun 12, 2008
Comment: Thank you for the "bits and bobs" ;-) LOVE the tiny buttons! Hugs*
Response: So glad you liked it, Andreia and thank you for the heart!

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Piranhapi on Oct 31, 2013:

Hello there! Could you please send your letter to your partner for the "About my pet(s) letter swap"? The due date was OCT 20.

zoev1975 on Sep 26, 2013:

Black pugs are the best!!!! Mine is Spock, and he is just over 1. He looks a little bit like your Monty

KGallifrey on May 7, 2013:

Enjoy! :)

CajunLady on May 4, 2013:

CumberBitches Unite!!!!!

CajunLady on May 4, 2013:

CumberBitches Unite!!!!!

BadWolf81 on May 4, 2013:

Enjoy some Cumberbatch!!





CajunLady on May 4, 2013:

CumberBitches Unite!!!!!

Dogluvr on Dec 6, 2008:

Alt text

You have been tagged by Gidgetclaws... you must now spread some Christmas cheer to complete strangers or a large potted plant will land on your head while you are asleep.

Trust me... its true!

Or maybe it just happened to me because I dressed her up like that and she wanted to kill me :)

Merry Christmas!

marilavado on Nov 12, 2008:


I am the new founder for the European Swappers group. Please come and take a look at the new games and swaps and leave any ideas for swaps you would like to see in the forums.


Banshee on Sep 9, 2008:


Just to invite you to All the music I have swap

join us, please! =)

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