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This is a very very easy swap!! comment here what you like to do on your free time!

-I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU GIVE A HEART! It is a very easy one!! anyone can join!!! <3 <3 Do not forget to comment what you to do on your free time!


kayebubbly 03/11/2021 #

On my free time, It depends on the weather, if it’s raining I like to stay home and watch movies and do some crafts. If it’s sunny and warm I go out for a bike or walk with the dogs. Or I just stay home and do my crafts too, haha

pbcquiltlover 03/11/2021 #

I generally spend every minute of my free time sewing/quilting. Last year I made and gave out 296 masks, and this year I'm up to 36 with 17 being made for a Girl Scout troop out of GS cookie fabric! I'm an obsessed quilter and love making my own patterns. I also make fabric post cards which I love to mail out in the appropriate swaps here on Swap-bot!

kayebubbly 03/11/2021 #

@pbcquiltlover that is amazing! bless you!! <3

HadesMonster 03/11/2021 #

In my free time, I love to write letters! I also go hiking quite a lot, well, if the weather is nice. I also love to read, cook, and watch various TV shows and movies. The rest of my time is normally spent watering my hoard of houseplants.

YolandiLetters 03/11/2021 #

I like to play Animal Crossing and watch youtube videos with my free time :)

CapitanSmirk 03/11/2021 #

In my free time I like to watch TV/movies with my boyfriend. If he’s busy I read a book or play a game. I recently got Tetris for our Nintendo Switch!

LavenderSprinkles 03/11/2021 #

In my spare time I enjoy loom knitting, baking cakes and going shopping. I also enjoy watching Lamarck and Lifetime movies with the kids. Also, I do like to spend my time doing things pertaining to my faith.

LavenderSprinkles 03/11/2021 #

*should say Hallmark not Lamarck my phone edited it.

bluecrayons 03/11/2021 #

i like to spend my free time doing a few things. *scrapbooking *photography * crafting * fishing * collecting shells from the beaches here in florida. * youtube.

lrm1980 03/11/2021 #

Lately, I've been doing a little bit of watercolor painting, and I've been doing a lot of hand sewing (specifically English Paper Piecing). It's warming up, so soon I'll be spending nearly all day outside... puttering in the garden, taking a hike or a bike ride!

Lovelykarina 03/11/2021 #

I love to bake when I have the time! lately i have been into quilting to pass time. I try to do more with my day, like doing some gardening and reading more.

paperlover 03/11/2021 #

I make cards in my spare time. I also love going to flea markets with my husband on the weekends. We travel to the states around Oklahoma to go to them.

iolair 03/11/2021 #

In my free time I really enjoy making/writing cards to send out to people, reading, journaling, messing around with my stationery collection, listening to music and daydreaming. I also really like to cuddle my cat and dog, that always cheers me up :)

honeyblossom 03/12/2021 #

I have alot of free time. I am retired. I enjoy reading, watching tv, writing letters and making journals. I enjoy doing things with my husband on his days off. We enjoy going to thrift stores, going out to eat watching tv together and when the weather is good riding mini bikes on the dirt roads around our house.I have 6 grandchildren so I love spending time with them and my kids as well. My daughter is getting married in November so I am excited about helping her and hearing all the plans. I love music 💓

annim 03/12/2021 #

I don't have much free time as I have a 4,5 year old and a 5 months old. But when I do get some time for myself I like to read (at the moment not so much as my sleep deprived brain can't cope), write letters and colour. I used to love to do puzzles....well, I still love them, but I don't have the time now. Hopefully I can start again when the kids are a bit older. So, pieces won't go mysteriously missing. My favourite things to colour are adult colouring books of houses and interior.

greenwindow 03/12/2021 #

being a student is tough, so I do not get to do a lot of my hobbies as much as I would like to. I enjoy playing the Ukulele, gaming, watching movies/netflix shows and talking to my friends who I hope to see back at campus soon :)

MCGalaxy 03/12/2021 #

I don't have much free time. I usually do surveys or play phone games for extra money or ebay or sell in fb sites. Or I go to thrift shops or discount stores and get items to resell. Or I like to read or make items for my etsy store.

Barbara 03/12/2021 #

During my free time, I like to sort and coolect postage stamps, read (I always have two or three books going), hike, bicycle, go to thrift stores, read the bible, and watch craft ideas on youTube. Lastly I must admit that I love to dumpster dive in my free time!

simplyjeannette 03/13/2021 #

I create and clean on my freetime. Sewing, paper crafts, watching youtube and decorating are my top favorite. Also right now, getting my school ready for college

papercraft70 03/13/2021 #

Beside crafting, I love gardening but staying in a flat there is no way to do gardening. So I have pots of plants. I have 16 pot plants and love watering them everyday and just sit watching them grow. It is also a relaxation therapy for my eyes.

jaimierandolph 03/13/2021 #

In my spare time, I am currently into watching shows on Netflix, crocheting, and cross-stitching!

MissNyx 03/13/2021 #

I spend a lot of my free time watching Netfilix, etc. Some of my current favorite shows are "The Order", "Queen's Gambit", "Bridgerton:, "The Chilling Tales of Sabrina", etc. I also play with my cat, Esme and read a lot of history related information online. And of course, I love to write letters.

leynaaaa 03/13/2021 #

I’m a student so I don’t have much free time. When I do, I enjoy playing video games, watching cooking videos on YouTube, folding origami, and pen palling.

JanJak 03/13/2021 #

In my free time I like to relax in my craft room and paint, cut out, colour papercraft things. I also like to wslk to the beach for a swim, ride my bike, play with my grandkids and take care of my family.

DMill67 03/14/2021 #

I enjoy exploring old graveyards. Looking at the cravings on the headstones and how the moss grows. Some are very beautiful. Even if they say it is haunted. I'm also a road tripper. I like to go to the corniest road side attractions.... My favorite has to be the giant Pegasus building at Hallandale beach Florida. Love going out in nature either for walk, swim or canoe. Live anything with animals.... Royal stallions training, zoo, Bearadise ranch, aquarium.

kajsab 03/14/2021 #

In my free time I write my blog. I have written four books in the last four years. I write daily obsessively and religiously. I have watched every movie and series I'm interested in (mostly adventure, sci-fi or horror or fantasy). I try to concentrate on books and I rather procrastinate or clean my loft etc. I tend to my hamster every day. I make TikTok videos, tweet, put pictures on instagram and eat and smoke. I wear a mask outside and meet friends. I try to stay busy in so many ways, like, adulting much. Can't remember anything I wouldn't do.Whatever it was I tended to do. I made a nurse cry the other day. I've been on a quarantine since my stigma a dozen years ago and wonder what's wrong with people who can't "do nothing" it's the most interesting thing people can do to watch, isn't it?

Jezzy2410 03/14/2021 #

In my free time, I love to be outside whether it is in the garden or out walking in the countryside. I don't care what the weather. Yesterday I was out walking on Old Winchester Hill near my home and in two hours, there had been a hailstorm, bright sunshine and a rain shower! I also love to read, write to pen pals and paper craft when indoors.

CazzieKAREee 03/14/2021 #

In my free time , I love to go out running and skateboarding with my siblings, because exercising can help us stay healthy. I also love to hang out with my friends. But if the weather is bad , I would like to play piano , write letter and ​baking at home. I would love to watch a movie or YouTube too!

pinklilly 03/14/2021 #

In my free time I do lots of things!! I love going for walks, my area where I live has beautiful scenery, beautiful landscaped places and there is always something to enjoy! I always try to take my phone with me so I can take pictures and record the sunsets, trees blooming and the mesmerizing nature!!

I love to water my potted plants that I have on my porch and by the front door, they're beautiful and so colorful.

I love doing crafts in the evening. I am always swapping with others, making all sorts of different handmade projects. I belong to so many different crafting groups! Love making my own envelopes too. There is something so special in doing crafts, I am so relaxed and stress free when I create. Love seeing my table full of different colors and tools. I get a lot of inspiration watching UT.

coleenfranks 03/14/2021 #

I like to fussy cut birds and flowers for my crafting and swapping. So fun. I do it while watching TV. I also teach mixed-media classes at the local library. So fun so I'm always prepping for that.

mymerakidesk 03/15/2021 #

In my free time, I like to journal (collaging, decorate, & write in). Otherwise, I always get myself busy crafting/scrapbooking , read, drink my tea, or preparing happymails. 💌

ksperline90 03/15/2021 #

I am a wife and momma to two littles and I also work fulltime so I do not get much free time, but when I do I focus more on my swaps and I take bubble baths.

Intrinzica 03/15/2021 #

Other than crafting ofc, some other things I love to do are baking Paleo/Keto desserts, going for walks, runs or meditating in nature, dancing, swimming, kayaking, playing the piano and pretending I am a rapper :D

Willowmoss 03/15/2021 #

I love taping and gluing stuff that I like into my snail mailing scrapbook. I'm on my second one:) I love going through the diverse, textured pages, looking at each one I've created.

PerArduaAdAlta 03/15/2021 #

Play Catan or 4-player chess with the kids, collage, generally make a giant mess of my desk, play music, stay up way too late, get up way too early (to make one more pocket of time before work), acquire instruments I may or may never learn to play, join too many swaps, make food with the kids, experiment with different mixed media ideas, create ideas for small skits for vaudeville performance which may or may never happen again!.... There are more things, but why can I never think of them when I actually have free time?! The curse...

PastelGreekyChick 03/15/2021 #

I spent my free time reading, listening to books, watching youtube, adding pins to my boards, playing games with friends, baking, self-care spa day, listening to music, writing, blogging, crafting, watching movies, going to park, playing board games, trying out new food places on door dash, social media, spending time with my boyfriend and researching interesting topics online.

Also trying out swap-bot, singing , looking for new music.

AngelOH73 03/15/2021 #


On my free time I like to take pictures. I got zoomballs in the mail, so when the weather stays nice I'll be experimenting with it. I like to diamond paint. I play games on my phone...candy crush, words are, project makeover, papapear, I recently downloaded an Ellen app (it is fun), dream blast, 8 ball pool. I watch TV. Movies and series on apps. Some regular TV. I enjoy The Young and the Restless, Thus is us, Zoey's extradanary playlist..etc. Listen to music. Spring and Summer I got my flowers. I like my swap-bot and Facebook. Getting ready for the new social media coming.

Kairbear 03/15/2021 #

In my free time, I like to: read, write letters/postcards, paint rocks, make jewelry and organize things. Also, swap-bot, of course!

Miscellanious 03/15/2021 #

During my free time when I'm done with everything for the day, I mostly find myself either working on my shop orders or decorating envelopes for mailing and/or putting ogether the stationery I'm offering (: Between classes, because I don't have enough time to commit to tasks like above, I usually watch YouTube videos, read a little bit, or talk to online friends! When I have a really big break, or a complete day/weekend to myself, I'll probably be working on a crochet project or I'll bake something yummy! Baking is a special treat for me because my dad is diabetic and my mom is veryy health-conscious I recently baked a really delicious taro/coconut pie for pi day! (:

LondonWriting 03/15/2021 #

In my free time I like to send cards and letters, read (mostly fiction although I have currently three non fiction books lined up), walk, cook and watch shows. I also like yoga, but haven’t been very good at keeping a steady practice over the last couple of years.

smadronia 03/16/2021 #

Funnily enough, I make hearts in my spare time. And plates, bowls, and other things. I'm a glass artist, and I love cutting, fusing, and slumping glass into beautiful, useful items. I also write, and in the last year, I've done 300,000 words ion Fanfiction. I'm hoping to publish my own original works soon.

lemooon 03/16/2021 #

In my free time, I visit to movie theater. I also enjoy journaling -I started morning pages last month- , drawing, painting, or hang out. In this past year, I realized that walking is the most important for own mental health and physical health.

lilsiyh 03/16/2021 #

In my free time I love to play video games, especially Animal Crossing New Horizons and all the older Animal Crossings for Nintendo 3DS. :) I also love to watch series and movies from Netflix, listen to music, read books and play piano.

inkspellonyou 03/16/2021 #

I my so-called-spared-time, I love to read (mostly comics), watch tv shows (I love sci-fi shows, but currently I'm watching Grey's Anatomy!) or crafting (for my penpals, but also for myself, from paper goodies to clay pieces). Outside, I love to rollerblade, going to the theater, do mycology walks or just connect with the nature as much as I can.

pizzaman 03/16/2021 #

In my free time, I teach myself guitar, record a song for fun, read, prepare swaps or write in my journal. I also enjoy watching Disney movies and going on walks.

ShayShay 03/16/2021 #

In my free time I like to draw on my tablet, I am currently designing shirt fo my new business, I am obsessed it’s stationery so I’m always online shopping or unique washi tape or letter sets cute ones are so har to find now. But I’m basically glued to my table drawing or creating something. I like mail art so when I have enough free Time I like to draw on the envelope.

armadillogal 03/18/2021 #

In my free time I like to do diamond painting, munzee, geocache, go to concerts, travel, play with my cats, read, take pictures and add to my collections. I collect cats, books, armadillos, CDs and DVDs, glass, marbles, angels and postcards. I also like classic cars.

FranciscaKarsono77 03/18/2021 #

Either I will spend my time with my family or crafting. Crafting makes me happy. I enjoy watching Youtube, especially crafting channels and Netflix as well while enjoying my iced coffee / frappe.

amyt13 03/19/2021 #

<3 <3

I love cross stitch, Animal Crossing and sending cards!

<3 <3

Ree87 03/19/2021 #

In my free time I read books, write cards/letters, watch YouTube (DIY channels) & Netflix and Disney+. I also bake & craft, but I don't make much time for those things lately.

hanifahsekar98 03/19/2021 #

I enjoy playing games when I have free time!! I also like watching tv series / movies. Not only that, I love also playing with my cats loll (I have 7 cats), and don't forget the snacks and iced coffee!

SharMarie513 03/20/2021 #

Now that my kids are older, I have a bit more free time. Other than doing swaps and post crossing, I enjoy vegetable, herb, and flower gardening. I also like to sit outside in nature with a good book to read. And before bed I like to play tripeaks on my phone, and usually end up dozing off in the middle of a game lol! And my latest addiction is watching funny videos on YouTube. All while drinking a nice cup of coffee, of course!

Poohtat 03/21/2021 #

In my free time I like to sit outside and watch the birds. If it is cold or rainy, I have a big window facing the backyard and I can see all kinds of wildlife. I can easily use up an hour just sitting and watching nature. The turkeys and ravens are so funny. "Bambi" brings the twins and munches on some bushes. We have Eagles nesting nearby and they will come and sit in the pine trees looking for lunch. Haven't seen the fox or rabbits lately, but there has been a coyote along the edge of the woods in the way back area. Makes me happy we have a fenced yard for my dogs.

aero 03/21/2021 #

I absolutely love to spend my free time in my garden surrounded by my plants. Sitting by my fish pond, watching the birds swap in and out, and watching my turtles pass thru the lower plants, it's just so beautiful, I can spend hours there and never get bored or tired of being there🐠🐢🐦

papercrowns 03/22/2021 #

In my free time, I like to read (I love going to my library), and I love to be making things. I knit, crochet, sew (particularly English paper piecing and doll clothes), and I love to draw. I'm trying to practice my watercolor; nothing fancy though.

Virginie 03/22/2021 #

I love to make zentangle on my free time and art journaling too

NotsoNewbie2020 03/22/2021 #

In my free time I like to do crafts. My current favorites are cardmaking and mini albums. I also like to take naps but lately I have no time for naps. Too much spring cleaning 🧼🧽🪣

MelissaLB 03/23/2021 #

In my free time before work I like to meditate and practice Reiki. At lunch and after work, I like to go for a walk, read, bake and enjoy some crafting time. I'm currently making envelopes and paper roses. I've also been drawing flowers and practicing painting them for various crafts. I'm also currently planning Easter dinner - making the shopping list, reviewing recipes. The best part of working from home for a year is the extra time in my day when I would normally be commuting.

adsmith18 03/23/2021 #

Free time ... define free time .. haha! I am a mom of three children, four furbabies and also foster mom of puppies so free time is not something I get much of BUT when I can ... I do enjoy volunteering, hiking, swimming, traveling to new places, Postcrossing, Secret Sister Basket Swaps and deep cleaning/organizing my house.

Itslikelykim 03/24/2021 #

Depending on the day of the week what I do in my free time changes. In my free time I: workout, binge-watch series, work on penpal letters, try baking new things, paint/draw, read, meditate, been trying to make it a habit to go on jogs, spa day, and hang out with my boyfriend.

MishaMellow 03/24/2021 #

I use my free time finding all kinds of ways to relax; I enjoy meditation, yoga, walking in nature, going to public gardens, sending Postcrossing cards, watching a good movie, reading a good book, and enjoying the company of my two cats, Gia and Butters! 💖

LovesHappyMail 03/25/2021 #

I enjoy pencilling, horse riding, nature walks, dressmaking, embroidery, listening to music and diamond painting.

CWUmom 03/25/2021 #

I love to craft, swim, travel, write letters, hang with my family, play cards, watch Netflix and read. I am an out door girl but when indoors I try to stay busy and do things that bring me joy. I am a very social person so I also love to do anything social.

me2az50 03/25/2021 #

I am not sure if I have what is known as free time. I spend time watching TV with husband, playing card with him. He has Parkinson's Disease with some memory loss. I am his full time caregiver. I craft when I can. I read when I can.

Dervla124 03/25/2021 #

I live to spend time in nature in my free time, it's so healing and magical. I also love online shopping, scrapbooking, making happy mail, watching Netflix, exploring new places and baking !

fxmldr1 03/25/2021 #

In my free time I enjoy baking, reading, gardening, and working on my junk journal. As a family we enjoy nature walks and going to the theme parks. I love thrift shopping with my daughter and board games with my son.

redyellownow 03/25/2021 #

Lately I've been enjoying walking in my neighborhood and watching the birds at our new bird feeder, trying to identify them. I like to read novels and non-fiction. I am happy the the library has recently reopened for browsing - that is one of my favorite pastimes. I also do cross-stitch, and journal everyday. Yin yoga and meditation are important uses of time for me, as well.

lulu0621 03/25/2021 #

I spent my leisure time practicing yoga; meditating; reading books; watching YouTube videos, Netflix, and Amazon; working out to YouTube videos; and taking relaxing baths.

I spend a few hours a week trying to figure out a sustainable and minimalist wardrobe that will work my 6-mile roundtrip walking commute, standing at my desk, and attending meetings. No luck thus far. Thankfully, our return to the office is not imminent.

Pre-pandemic, I spent a good deal of my leisure time walking -- exploring the city, restaurants, and cafes. I hope to return to this soon. 💕💕💕

arimails 03/25/2021 #

I spend most of my free time with family and friends. We watch movies, cook dinner, go out to get Boba, play games, and just relax. I also catch up on my homework and do some crafts for SWAPBOT :) Lastly, I love to sleep on my free time !!!!

ThrivingWell 03/25/2021 #

Free time? What? All my time, is considered free! 😄 It’s just a matter of perspective! Seriously, though, I love reading, writing, learning new things, spending time with my family or exploring out in nature, taking pictures, recharging-time with myself, being creative, crafting & doing my best to astonish people with happy mail!

Speaking of, lately, I’ve also been sitting around wringing my hands & holding my worry thumbs (that’s what it means when people hold their thumbs. Did you know that?), wondering if kayebubbly is ever going to give me hearts!?!?!!!!!! ~ I wonder if she’s received the extra postcard I sent, after she mentioned the first one was torn a bit. (Thought surely that’ll earn me a heart for that postcard swap! Especially, considering the time & care I put into both!)

Then there’s the many things and thoughtful care, with an even longer considerate note that I wrote, which I sent to her in an envelope swap! ... yet again, no heart! (😔 sigh)

So tonight I learned something, after discussing the irony with my husband. He taught me the term, “imaginary Internet points,” saying this swap is catering to that! Well, I guess I caught that bug, too! I had thought it’d be so fun to have the same amount of hearts as I have ratings! At first, it was a secret, kind of a big deal to me! Then, after falling two hearts behind my ratings, for things I feel that I’ve gone above and beyond, to make it special... I got sad! I thought about contacting the two people to see what I could do to help them feel special & hope they would update their rating, to give a heart. (I know. I know.)

Then today, three more people, in a row (including the 2nd one mentioned above), didn’t have a heart! So now I feel deflated! The whole big irony is, that first none of this really matters and even with this particular swap, there’s always going to be a rating with a heart, right? So is it even possible for someone to ever have the same amount of hearts (or somehow, more?) as there are ratings??? Lol

I also wonder how many here have caught the desire for “imaginary-internet-points” bug?

youngsenior 04/ 1/2021 #

I am learning from this as I am not very bright about computers. My spare time is never as I am always doing something. Right now it is out side work, garden ,planting trees, cutting back the brush, and so on. A little later it will be cutting flowers, hunting mushrooms, gathering herbs and drying them. When the sun is down there are letters to answer and crafts to do. Spring is for making more candles, hand wipes, and body cream.

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