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About Me

I have a severe allergy to Peppermint that requires a trip to the ER just by smelling it!!

Please send Post cards in envie as mine are getting torn and bent in travel- THANK YOU!!

I only want to give a "sneak peak" about me here as we may be Pen Pals later!!

I am disabled and spend a lot of time on the computer , however I am not very knowledgeable about adding pictures and doing links etc so this profile will sadly be boring unless someone walks me through how to add things.

I also enjoy spending time with my cat. I am a huge cat fan and have even made a cat board on Pinterest for my first swap!!! Maybe we will be a partner and you will get to see it!!! I will try to keep her ____ color fur off all swaps, but she has better run of the house than I and the fur sticks to tape. If it is an issue PLEASE let me know and I will crawl upstairs and pack it. Why will I crawl?? Become a penpal...

I also love to shop or at least window shop. I am a HUGE girly girl. I do like chatting on the phone as well. I used to be a manager in retail and telesales in my "past life; ..lol Yes, I got paid to sit on my tush and chat on the phone, before long I was number 1 in sales!!!

Favorite Crafts

I really enjoy making latch hooks. I don't sew so someone else finishes them for me. I am finding them harder and harder to come across as a kit. I am currently working on one of my favorite themes, become my penpal and find out what it is. Here is a tiny hint: there is a lot in my "house" and yet more of them world wide..and on some new stamps...LOL. If you guess right I can come up with something maybe for winner. (1st responder..only)

I recently decided to branch out and using graph paper work on making my own design. I have made a few this way and will soon begin working on making a bathroom rug to coordinate with my shower curtain, using towels that are too misshapen to hang properly. I learned the technique from pinterest..one of my new fav websites.

Let's be penpals!!!

I am learning about Smash Journaling They too sound like fun. it may already be a "craft" of mine. I always thought I was scrap booking. It is funny I already do my own scrapbooking-or so I thought, now I think I was always smash booking as I used ribbons, stickers, ephemera, etc already in mine. I even have my maid of honor's _______ in my scrap book. Want to know what it is???? Become my Penpal...

Feel free to send along stickers for these, ephemera, anything like that. Everywhere we ate for meals on trips I kept a menu, now we grab 2, 1 for me and 1 for ?? Who knows 1 could be for YOU!! I also collect any maps to send along especially the pretty color ones that people like to make envies with. Why can't I make them myself..become my penpal....so much more to learn about me..TOO!!!

Slams, friendship books, stick

I just found out about these. I never heard of them before swap-bot. I LOVE the idea of slams the most. You never know the question you will be asked and I am looking forward to my first slams coming back. If you have any that need to travel feel free to send them my way.

I finally received my first friendship book showing what they are. What fun. I need to keep them moving. I creatively moved my FB and some sheets, but have Int'l sheets to move as well as a sticker bag and label bag, If you are interested we can private swap yours for mine to get them both on their way.

Favorite Music

I love Rock, my favorites are still - Bon Jovi, Billy Joel the Police,, as well as Classical, Jazz but will listen and enjoy almost everything except "true country".

Favorite Books

I really enjoy reading and I have a wide variety of books I enjoy. Mysteries top my favorites, from JD Robb to James Patterson, and James Grissom. I also like novels by Nicholas Sparks and Danielle Steele. My reading genres are varied even to include "mythology: based "kids books" as I read these type books after my niece or nephew finish them. Including the book "Percy and the Lightning Thief", by Rick Riordan. I also really liked the Secrets of the Immortal Nicolas Flamel. by Michael Scott.

Favorite Movies

I don't get to the movies very often. Lately I have enjoyed "Salt, "Inception", and"Heat". I like almost anything with Sandra Bullock , Mathew McConaughey and Nicholas Cage. I also like almost ANY "chick flick".

O also watched on DVD Riding the Bus with my sister...and for once I couldn't get into the Book!!! Probably because I knew the storyline..

If I read first I live book, not so much movie now I know it may work both ways.

I will not watch a horror film and was afraid that Beetle Juice was going to be a horror film, based on the cover of the DVD!!! Never judge a DVD by it's cover..LOL


I would be thrilled to get Marvel themed stickers (really my fiance would love these) in fact I really need one with Captain Marvel (He now says it might be Captain America and is the last and only sticker he needs!!! Thank you to everyone that sent along the extra goodies for him and even our dentist that let him scander away stickers meant for the kiddos..LOL(for my fiance) This character has a shield on him and wears a blue suit. I would love it in mint condition!! You would really make his day!!!!

I like to try new foods but for this group consider me vegetarian...I love unusual food, ie Indian-lentil, curry, asian with the ginger and garlic..) I would love to receive spices from International countries or even different areas of the USA and Canada along with vegetarian recipes to use with them!!

I love cinnamon and spearmint but PLEASE be careful and make sure there is no peppermint. If you aren't sure don't send it. Thank you

I like new and unusual candies like candied ginger. I do love Belgium Chocolate. Recently I found Thailand "granola bars" that taste like corn on the cob and are soo yummy.. would love more of items like this. Just today I explored a new store 2 hours away and found a "Global market". I remembered things I haven't seen since I was in NY years ago. I Love Turkish candy, Halvah, Ginger Candy..and I am willing to try anything. I love tofu so if you have recipes using tofu I would love to receive them. I do eat eggs and dairy. I also Love love love wasabi peas!! I just found Halvah with Pistachio nuts...YAY that is sooooo YUMMY!!!! It's funny I am sooo not a fan of seame seads, yet LOVE Halvah, made from CRUSHED sesame seeds..LOVE the texture.

I like candy, Not coconut though, really like chewy, no gelatin based unless kosher, I like regional items you can't get nationally or everywhere. I like fruity. I don't like seaweed, I do like nuts especially macadamia, cashew, pistachio, almond and hazelnuts. I don't care for peanuts unless they have a seasoning..love boston baked beans (peanuts) speaking of... I miss Heinz Brand vegetarian baked beans in the Blue can with tomato sauce base NOT brown sugar base.

I also can't find out here my all time fav shampoo- "Body on Tap" would love to see that again.

I Love postcards and to me getting postcards from different places around the world or the US gives me a chance to see places I might otherwise not even know exist,

I want map cards please! I have Florida only so I need all the other states!!

Vintage ad cards are fine, just no alcohol please..TY

I prefer unwritten unstamped ones so I can enjoy them as I put them in a photo album and don't really go back and reread what you wrote like I would even a quick note :)

I do save EVERY NOTE sent to me through swap-bot and will soon be starting a scrapbook with these!!! I love seeing all the different swapcards, and memo sheets everyone writes on. So far I haven't gotten 2 of the same!!

I really like the the smashed or elongated pennies and quarters. I had a nice collection of them before I got divorced but somehow I don't have them anymore so I am trying to restart the collection little by little.

I love keychains and magnets, but where I live I haven't found ANY!! I have 2 magnets from where my mom used to work before she retired but this state is so backward they don't seem to realize people collect things besides PC's!!! Update: Ty to a swappers, I have VT and Oio state magnets...YEAH!!

I also collect birds and cats. I am always building these 2 collections, albeit slowly...I do miss some of the ones he got :(

I love bookmarks as I am often found reading more than 1 book at a time, I check them out from the library in batches of 5-6 and never seem to find one when I need it.

I also like Disney Lion King and Winnie the Poo things for my nephew. He has moderate to severe autism and Loves(!!!!) almost anything Disney!! His current faves are-Lion King, Winnie, and now ALL the Disney Princesses!!! Oh I forgot Lady, Lady Lady (Lady and the Tramp)

I like jewelry, (fav colors are pink, hot pink -(no neon), purple, lavender, red, blues) especially earrings -pierced; My necklace length preference is 16'. No bracelets please.

I like lightly scented items but no floral, love love love body wash, lotion; note allergic to green soap and lotion so as much as I like cucumber melon I can't enjoy :( I do like anything fruity and berry..no vanilla and prefer no spices, except I do love the pumpkin smells, NO vanilla though, it turns my stomach- but I do have a friend that loves it so, if that is all you can send I can pass it along and I won't rate down :).TY

For socks I like knee socks and ankle length socks. I wear a USA based women's sock size 9-11. I do not like "tennis socks" the ones that only fit inside your shoes. I also don't like toe socks.

I would love to get stickers and other things to decorate my envies with, I like kittens and "mature cats", not Kawaii or cutsie, domestic and wild are both ok, birds, again no little kids ones, no Disney- not okay for nephew he will just rip, no reward, or alphabet I don't use those.

Trying to give ideas of likes, hope I don't seem greedy but I think that this makes profile based swaps easier.


Note: NO Peppermint severe allergy... need to go to Emergency Room if I open a box/envelope and just smell it!!!

Have asthma, no smoke scented items as I need to use an inhaler, may need to go to ER if exposed to scent. If you have a smoke home, Please PM Me and air out as best you can before sending..TY

I do not want any Christ based items...you won't get a heart from me for if they are in the swap!!

I need no more candles!! My landlord won't even allow me to burn them! Please no wax tarts either. I still need to burn a tealite to use them.

Anything floral scented or heavily scented is a no go.. Don't care for vanilla BUT love fruity.

Please no Postcards with alcoholic beverages on them. Vintage are welcome.

Please no toe socks.


*** Most important is a severe allergy to peppermint!!** If it is mint don't send unless is ONLY spearmint and not a mix. Cinnamon is ok

I am sadly also allergic to green color soaps, shampoo, etc. I CAN eat all green items though!!

Please read ingredients, I am allergic to basil :-(

If sending Bath//body items I am allergic to glycerin.


Comment: It was delightful to meet you. We had a wonderful day. Hope we will meet again, next time you are in Israel.
basykes rated for WIYM: Old MacDonald on Oct 8, 2013
Comment: The post card was perfect--a cow is a great farm animal! I enjoyed hearing more about you. Thans.
Response: Glad you liked it and if you want to be Penpals, I put on my return address label too. Hope it got there in good shape.
rottifan4 rated for Traveling Letter Round #5 on Oct 1, 2013
Comment: Thanks for the letters.
Comment: hi rachel, got your notecards today. thanks so much!
Response: Your welcome, glad they got there ok
fawnscrafts rated for Pick 3 Swap - September on Sep 24, 2013
Comment: Thank you if I could give five hearts I would.
Response: i am glad you liked everything, TY for the rating and heart!
Comment: Thank you for the kind PC!
Response: Your welcome!! Thank you for the heart!!
KSENiA rated for swap between transplanted1 and KSENiA on Sep 18, 2013
Comment: Thank you for everything. Such a lovely swap :) I love pocky so much and all the stickers are so cute.
Response: Oh wow you got it so fast!! I am glad you liked the stickers!! I hoped the pocky would get to you okay this time of year. I saw you like strawberries, so I hoped it was a good flavor. Enjoy ::-)
Rattie rated for Traveling Letter Round #4 on Sep 13, 2013
Comment: It was waiting for me when I came home from my few days away - thank you very much! :)
Response: Your welcome!! I just wanted to make sure it arrived safe and sound. I hope you enjoyed your reprieve.
kromo rated for Junk happiness #2 USA on Sep 11, 2013
Comment: I received your swap today. Thank you.
VaGrammy66 rated for Math and Science Postcard on Sep 7, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the Saint Louis Science Center. My grandson & I visited the Virginia Science Museum this summer. It's in Richmond.
Response: Sounds like fun, If I am ever in the area I will make sure to go!!
Lizzycat7 rated for Easy PC Swap #5 - USA on Aug 29, 2013
Comment: Thank you for the adorable kitten!
Response: Your welcome, I'm glad you liked it
metrognome rated for Easy PC Swap #5 - USA on Aug 29, 2013
Comment: Thank you! Planetariums are so much fun. :D
Response: I know, the best so far is is in NYC!! Sent a message with rest of info
Sakubik rated for ~Swap me 3 Freebie Bookmarks~ on Aug 28, 2013
Comment: Hey Rachel, got your bookmarks today. Those "Dig into reading" are really cute, and the b&b does look a little German, though I believe they are Swiss (Swiss flag on it) ^^
Response: Oh, Hermann is a town that was settled by the German's. I will admit to not knowing my flags...(oopsie)
IrishRed rated for KKL - Blank Note Cards USA on Aug 27, 2013
Comment: Thank you so much for the adorable note cards! The group is called KKL by the way, not KKK. LoL :P Happy swapping Rachel! P.S. I could read your handwriting just fine, no worries :)
Response: OOOPS!!! My beliefs would have them attacking me, but the head injury I got in accident causes silly things like that to happen. Glad you enjoyed the notecards..
TwinMom rated for Planning a visit to... (US STATE)? on Aug 25, 2013
Comment: Thank you.
Response: Your welcome, I hope you enjoyed the letter and things.
Jbrooks351 rated for Another Pick 2! on Aug 24, 2013
Comment: Thanks! I can always use notecards...love tea...and the post its are perfect for my planner! Awesome goodies!
Response: I'm glad you liked them
melanie8284 rated for Easy Newbie Swap #2 - USA only on Aug 23, 2013
Comment: Thanks!
Comment: Thank you for the swap - you did a lot for this swap, I wish that I could give you extra hearts!.. Hugs Lora
Response: I had fun looking for things that fit your profile. I am glad you are happy with it. I look forward to getting your items.
Comment: The winding sidewalk in Chattanooga is neat.
Response: I really liked it too!
Comment: Thank you for sharing your board! I loved all the lovely pictures from Tennessee! Take care and happy swapping!

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Happy Birthday!

From all of us at the "WIYM" group!

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Thanks for the WTA April gift. I will definitely use the flower seeds at my new house. My husband LOVED the hologram/3D stickers. He thought they were the coolest things ever. Thanks again.

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Hi Rachel! I've got your envelope today! Thank you very much for nice bookmark and wonderful extras!!! Happy swapping!

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Hi! I received the incredible a pc today! Made me giggle because the picture was so unexpected :) thanks heaps! I didn't even realise there were Pixar postcards too!

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thanks so much for the bookmarks, book recommendation (sept wta), stamps (sept wishes) and pick 2 tag $1SA...i enjoyed opening this envie :)

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Thank you for the August wishes from the $ Store Addicts group :)

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HEY! Thanx for checking in your LLL GROUP! Blessings, cc

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http://www.ebay.com/itm/230996948785?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 This is washi tape, and yes, this is where I buy mine. Shh, don't tell anyone else though!

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