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About Me

If you read only the bold printed text it kind of summarises the profile. You find all information you may need for a swap within/shortly after the bold printed text. You don't need to read the rest :) However, if you're, like me, interested in the details, the not bold printed part gives you more detailed information about everything.

Hello everyone! :)

Address: Please check if you wrote it correctly, if it is without the word post in it, it's correct :)

My name is Ina, I'm from Germany and I got to know this website via postcrossing. As I love sending and receiving snail mail, this seems to be an interesting website, so I directly created an account :)

I'm a university student and in my free time I like to read, send postcards via postcrossing, cook, eat, sew, visit museum/zoos/... with friends and more. I might not have time for many swaps, but I'll join some from time to time :)

If you think something I sent, got lost in the mail, please message me, then I can resend it soon :)

I click "sent" here on swap-bot when I have put everything in the mailbox/brought it to the post office/clicked "send" in an email.

Thank you to you all, I love swapping here!

What I like

A ~ Animals, ASP (music band), Astronomy, Audio/Radio plays

B ~ Books, Ballet, Brazilian food (especially Brigadeiro, a Brazilian chocolate candy), Bonobos

C ~ Chinese food, Chocolate, Chimpanzees, Clean Space (project by ESA against space debris)

D ~ Dogs, Doctor Who, DLR(=German Aerospace Center), Details!

E ~ Eating, Eschbach (German author), ESA(=European Space Agency)

F ~ Flying, Fairy Tales, Food

G ~ Gorillas, Getting to know other cultures, Guinea pigs

H ~ Harry Potter Books

I ~ Ice and snow, Insects (just watching them, especially bees, ants, wasps)

J ~ Jokes, Jupiter (planet)

K ~ Kookaburra, Kaninchen (German for rabbit)

L ~ Languages, Letters

M ~ Mars! (planet), Mercury (planet), Microbiology, Maths

N ~ Neptun (Planet), NASA

O ~ Ocean, Orangutan

P ~ Planets (and their interesting moons), Postcards, Pigs, Physics

Q ~ Quokkas

R ~ Reading, Ravens (and corvids)

S ~ Sea, Sewing, Saturn (planet), Sherlock Holmes, Space agencies, Sunny weather

T ~ Tea (mostly green, fruit and interestingly/unusually flavoured tea, but I like anything :)), Titan (Moon of Saturn), Tourist postcards

U ~ Uranus (planet)

V ~ Venus (planet), Vampires

W ~ Writing

X ~ Xylitol

Y ~ Yoga

Z ~ Zootopia

There is hardly anything I dislike maybe except for cruelty/intolerance/discrimination/hatred/violence, peas and spiders (because of arachnophobia, I still find they are interesting creatures and like reading about them :) )

Favorite Books

Too many to make a complete list with the book titles, as I'm a bookworm (bookworm in German is Bücherwurm, so that's why I have that username ;) ).

Kind of books that I like:

~ non-fiction books about social, science, nature, animal, history topics

~ science fiction books! Especially those that don't invent too much futuristic technology, but more realistic ones

~ crime fiction (if not too violent and with interesting/unusual plots)

~ historical, rather realistic, novels

~ interesting plots/unusual stories/interesting biographies

~ fairy tales from all over the world and fantasy books

I, however, also read other books when they interest me :) (=when they happen to lie around somewhere long enough for me to grab it and start reading the first sentences of it...) The more details and pages the book has, the better ;) Actually the only books I ever read that I found "satisfyingly detailed" are the Game of Thrones books, however with such many details I would prefer the series to be longer and I anyway stopped reading after the second book as I didn't like the violence/cruelty there. But there are many books with an acceptable amount of details for me fortunately :D

Some of my all time favourite novels:

  • "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley
  • "The Physicists" and "The Visit" by Friedrich Dürrenmatt
  • "Flowers for Algernon" by Daniel Keyes
  • "The Martian" by Andy Weir
  • "Every Day" by David Levithan
  • "The Physician" by Noah Gordon
  • "Der Schwarm" (The Swarm) by Frank Schätzing
  • Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle
  • all books by Andreas Eschbach (science fiction novels, near future, rather realistic)
  • many books by Agatha Christie
  • many books by Jodi Picoult
  • many books by Sebastian Fitzek
  • some books by Robin Cook
  • some books by Michael Crichton
  • Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling
  • Chrestomanci series by Diana Wynne Jones
  • Bartimaeus series by Jonathan Stroud
  • Eragon series by Christopher Paolini
  • The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins

I created a goodreads account now, so you can look there to see which books I read/liked :) However, especially most crime fiction books I haven't added there yet, they always seem to be kind of similar to me, so I find it hard to remember which I have read and which I haven't :D I have for example read several books by Lee Child, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, Tess Gerritsen, Karin Slaughter, Joy Fielding, Mary Higgins-Clark, Mo Hayder, John Grisham, James Patterson, Simon Beckett, John Katzenbach,... I usually I find all of them entertaining/nice, but not good enough to memorize them well :D I anyway only get them from the library, so it doesn't matter if I pick one I already read.

I always love book recommendations or your opinion about a book you read :) I absolutely don't mind spoilers for long enough books, the opposite :D Spoilers usually increase my interest in a book (maybe except for very short stories under 100 pages and some crime novels, for example Sebastian Fitzek's books). Sometimes I read the wikipedia plot summary of a book before reading it, to enjoy it more while reading, to not be disturbed by the suspense.

Favorite Music

I like quite different music, but especially Irish music, middle age music, rock music, metal (especially symphonic and similar), classic music.

But I am open to any genre, these are just the genres where I like songs from most probable. It's unprobable that I like songs that are usually played in the radio, but there are exceptions.

Bands I like:

  • ASP
  • die Ärzte
  • Los Hermanos
  • Biquini Cavadão
  • Nightwish
  • Blind Guardian
  • Saltatio Mortis
  • Corvus Corax
  • Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
  • Subway to Sally


FavoriteMovies/TV series

I don't watch movies/tv series very often, I prefer reading, but I like comedies, science fiction, some dramas, historical movies, documentaries, ...

I like: Fantastic Beasts and where to find them (a pity it isn't a real 1000 pages book. If it makes such a great movie, it would be an even better book), The Martian, Crash, Eureka, Sherlock, Dr. Who, Fringe, Vampire Diaries, Wuthering Heights (1992), Czech fairy tale movies, Der Tatortreiniger, About a Boy, Orphan, Coraline, Cidade de Deus, Amélie... and more :D I have recently started to watch Star Trek, so far I like it.

Favorite Crafts

I especially like to sew. I always liked it, but I just started to sew more since I got a sewing machine recently. I like to crochet, but I just started doing that. I sometimes like to draw, but I have to be in the right mood for that. And I love to write and send postcards and decorate them :) I like washi tape, stickers and choosing nice stamps.

Postcard Preferences

I write this section, as I suppose I'll mostly do postcard/letter swaps, as I love writing/sending written mail/reading it!

I always like to receive postcards, even those that don't look so nice to me, because I just love mail with notes on it.

For me the most important part of a postcard is the text: I like anything that's more than just "Greetings from..." or more than one sentence. I love lots of text! :)

Don't worry too much about the picture on the front side of the postcard, really anything is quite ok to me, but if you have a variety of postcards to choose from anyway/easy access to postcard shops, here are the types of postcards I especially like:

  • animals, rather wild (maybe from where you live?) than pets, but I like cute pet postcards too (most dogs and guinea pigs :) ), especially the animals mentioned above in the ABC

  • tourist postcards, especially if you can tell a personal story (for example that you liked visiting this museum, because ...or you tell where your city on a map of the region is, ...), as I would love to read experiences in other cities, that's almost like travelling :)

  • nature/plant postcards with nature from your region/country/holiday country

  • old postcards: anything older than some years, maybe 20 or 30 years or even older? A postcard you found somewhere and that was forgotten for years or from an old collection. Really any front side/kind is fine, nature, animals, ad cards, political campaign cards, ...

  • black & white postcards, especially old city views, old everyday photos of normal people, but just pretty ones and those with just one object coloured are nice, too

  • space postcards: especially with planets or moons, science fiction or real ones

  • interesting ad cards: local, regional ad cards, maybe from libraries, museums, restaurants (if it's a chain, please not from a big one!), local (grocery?) stores, local projects, local political campaigns (please comment neutral in that case, just descriptively on the backside :) ), but please rather NOT ad cards from international companies/for international products!

  • postcards from local artists/with local art

  • funny/unusual/unique/handmade postcards

  • beautiful postcards :) Interestingly people on postcrossing who request just "beautiful postcards" actually get mostly "beautiful postcards" in my opinion, so a "beautiful postcard", seems to mean a very similar kind of postcard to most people :D

  • colourful postcards with bright colours

  • Peanuts, my boyfriend likes them :)

  • just any postcard you want to sent: I'm sure you don't really buy/make postcards that you think are ugly, so it's not super probable that I would dislike them. Surprise me :)

I like all Christmas cards around Christmas time, send what you like :) (if you by chance have a snowman card though, I'd love to receive it, but I'm looking forward to any card you choose!) I would love to get to know your Christmas traditions :)


I'm just not super fond of receiving quote postcards (on the front side, quotes on the back side are ok), of course that depends on the postcard, some I like, others not, but I rather don't like the majority of them so much. So, if you have another card you think I could like, just please rather send that one and save the quote postcard for another swapper :) Except for that, everything is welcome :)

Anyway: Although I certainly love a nice front side/pretty postcard backsides, that's not a must, just a wonderful bonus to the text.

I prefer postcards without an envelope, but if you think an envelope would be better to protect it (especially for handmade/unusual postcards that might get severely damaged in the mail)/pay lower postage (if it's an unusual shape)/want to write more on the backside/the swap requires it/..., you can also send it with an envelope, that's totally ok, too :)

I don't really collect stamps, I just like that I can also decorate the space where the stamps are, by choosing nicer than the standard ones ;D For me stamps are just an extra sticker on the postcard. If you're from the USA: I would really love the Mars, Earth, Mercury and Venus stamps :)

My address: It's written correctly here on Swap-Bot and there does not appear the word post in it.

Text suggestions

If you don't know what to write, don't worry, I love to read really anything, no matter how random.

You could for example write about

  • what is most important to you
  • what you would choose if you had three wishes (except for more wishes :D)
  • what you see when you look out of your window
  • what you have eaten today
  • what you've planned for today
  • introduce you
  • which term you'd use to/how would you describe your ethical values
  • what Christmas/other holidays family traditions you have
  • if you have a religious belief (if it's not too personal I'd love to know, if yes why, if no why not :))
  • what you hope humanity will be like in 500 years (and how you think it could be made possible)
  • what are your favourite dishes
  • what you always wanted as a child and maybe if you still want it
  • what is your profession and if you like it
  • if you would go to a one-way-mission to Mars and under which circumstances you would change your opinion
  • where/how you found this postcard
  • something about your family's history (where they where 100 years ago or anything you want to share)

I love to read really anything :)

I always love to get to know reasons, like for example why is it your favourite dish :) And I rather like details than general information. (That's why I love spoilers, then I already know the general information and can concentrate on the details.). You might have noticed, I love hypothetical answers to hypothetical questions, feel free to be creative when inventing a question :D

I also love to get to know different recipes with all ingredients except peas (or not so many peas at least :D). Especially family recipes, typical recipes from your region and vegetarian/vegan main dish recipes would be great :)

Feel free to write to me in English, German or Portuguese and maybe Spanish (you can try Spanish, I'd love that, but I can't promise to understand it completely :D). Or in any other language you know (but in that case with a translation please :)). I love to read different languages :)


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Comment: Thanks a lot for your card!
ambwilcox rated for Science Fiction PC Swap #15 on Sep 4, 2017
Comment: Thanks for the card! I have never seen an episode of Dr. Who, although in high school I was required to dress like one for thespian initiation. A long, brown trench and long multicolored scarf. I remember it was soooooo hot that day! And whenever anyone asked me why I was dressed like that, I had to say, "I'm Dr. Who, traveler of space and time. Would you like a tic-tac?" Pro-tip: theater people are pretty odd!
LegacyHardware rated for B&W PCs week 33 on Sep 3, 2017
Comment: Hi Ina, love your card of a Garden house in an allotment garden. The story of the back ground you wrote, really gives context, and makes the photo so much more meaningful. We can imagine we are really there, back in 1962. Thanks!
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Comment: Thank you for the great postcard and the birthday wishes!! :) Have a nice day! Shelley
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Comment: Vielen dank
Response: Thank you for your rating :)
Comment: Yaaaay!!!! I'm soooo happy!!!! Thank you sooooo very much!! I literally cannot thank you enough ^_^ Everything is quite lovely!! I adore the stickers, and that cherry blossom washi tape is my favorite thing ever right now!! I'm super excited to try all these candy goodies! A million hearts your way, this package made my day, and made my week!!! I certainly hope you'll love your package just as much!! <3
Response: I'm happy that you liked the package so much! ^_^ I hope you have fun using the stickers and washi! Let me know how you like the candies! :) I certainly loved the package you sent at least (!) as much :D Thank you for your rating and your lovely package as well :)
Sissi rated for Multi Multiview PC Swap #15 on May 21, 2017
Comment: Thank you very much for your wonderful card from Muenster and your long and nice message. Vielen lieben Dank!!
Response: I'm happy you liked it :) Dankeschön für dein Rating!
Comment: LOVE this postcard!!! Love the Deutsche word for mushroom!!! Fun-guy!!! (Bad American English pronunciation!!!). Thanks for a lovely swap.
Response: I'm happy that you like the postcard so much! :) Pizzas with mushrooms are often called pizza funghi here, because the many Italian restaurants here call it like this. For other dishes mushrooms are called "Pilze" (spoken: ""pill-ts-a", a like the indefinite article) :) Thank you for your rating, I loved doing the swap :)
ToujoursMoi rated for B&W PCs week 20 on May 17, 2017
Comment: Vielen Dank für die tolle Karte mit Charlie Chaplin und tatsächlich fast der gleiche Städtename. Allerdings machen die kleinen Punkte einen wahnsinnig großen kulturellen Unterschied aus. Um den Verlag von Felix, dem Hasen und dessen Werksverkauf beneide ich Dich sehr. Liebste Grüße aus der Heide und Danke für den tollen Swap
Response: Freut mich, dass sie dir gefallen hat! Die Geschichten mit Felix (besonders wegen der Briefe im Buch) fand ich als Kind immer interessant, vielleicht hat das auch geholfen, dass ich jetzt auch Postkarten und Briefe schreiben interessant finde :) Hoffentlich kannst du heute auch das schöne Wetter genießen. Danke für dein Rating! :)
Comment: Thank you for the PC! I love that brand of chocolate and miss it! I lived in Iceland and it was easy to buy there. The space stamps are great!! I like to carve stamps, but am not good enough to sell them! 😀 Happy Swapping
Response: I'm happy you liked it :) I can imagine that, they have many deliciopus types of chocolates. Living in Iceland sounds cool, it seems to be a really interesting country :) Carving stamps seems fun, maybe I'll try that sometime as well :D Happy swapping and thank you for your rating!
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Comment: I LOVE the postcard; thank you!
Response: I'm happy you liked it :) Thank you for your rating!
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Response: I'm glad you liked it :) Thank you for your rating!
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Comment: I LOVE this card! Thank you.
Response: I'm happy you love the card :) Thank you for your rating!
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Comment: Thank you for interesting card. And, informative note. We like each other's country. A good thing! 50 degrees here today!
Response: I'm happy you liked it! :) Similar temperatures here, finally not super cold anymore :D Thank you for your rating!
Typicalfemale rated for 2 tea bags & PC - private swap on Mar 30, 2017
Comment: I have recieved your tea and postcard. thanks so much. the blueberry smells so nice. my mom says she couldn't drink something that smelled so good. she took it to her bed room I'm sure she sniffed the flavor right out of it. thanks so much
Response: I'm happy you liked the tea :) I also like that blueberry tea a lot! :D Thank you for your rating!
chaari rated for ESG: Let me recommend a book #20 on Mar 12, 2017
Comment: Danke dir Ina für deine mail! Ich finds ja super süß, dass du dir die Mühe gemacht hast extra für mich eine Mail auf deutsch zu schreiben ♥ Ich hab tatsächlich noch nie ein Buch von Jodi Picoult gelesen (zu meiner Schande muss ich außerdem gestehen, dass mir der Name absolut gar nichts sagt^^) Aber die Synopsis klingt superinteressant, ich denke ich werd mir das vielleicht mal aus der Bücherei holen :-) Die anderen Bücher die du empfohlen hast, kenne ich - ich liebe Terry Pratchett ♥♥ Danke dir!
Response: Danke für dein Rating! Freut mich, dass ich dir vielleicht was empfehlen konnte :) Jodi Picoult ist für mich eine von den Autoren, die am besten gut nachvollziehbare Charaktere beschreibt, die Motivationen/Gedanken/Gefühle finde ich immer sehr glaubhaft und detailliert dargestellt. Die Geschichten selbst finde ich ok bis sehr gut, daher finde ich die Bücher eigentlich immer lohnenswert zu lesen :D Ich hoffe, dir gefällt das Buch :) Ja, Terry Pratchett Bücher sind einfach genial. Auf so etwas zu schreiben würde ich nie kommen, das macht es für mich sehr interessant zu lesen :D
Comment: Thank you, Ina, for so many great recommendations! I haven't read any of those. I heard about "The Physician" before, but about its movie adaptation. Have you seen it? Anyway, thank you again, and I'll be on the look for these books :D
Response: Thank you for your rating! I'm happy I could recommend you books you didn't know yet :) Yes, I saw the movie and I really liked it, but the book is even better :) I would recommend reading the book first. The journey part of the book is almost left out in the movie and the time in Persia is described shorter than in the book, too. But, it nevertheless is a good movie and rather close to the book in several aspects ;)
smartin85 rated for ESG: Let me recommend a book #20 on Mar 10, 2017
Response: Thank you for your rating!
Minivandreams rated for Outer Space PC Swap on Feb 8, 2017
Comment: I love the postcard! That museum sounds awesome!
Response: I'm happy you like it :) Yes, I loved the museum :D Thank you for your rating!
Mia8871 rated for Different language Christmas Cards on Jan 26, 2017
Comment: Thanks for nice card. I like the fabric too. But words are a bit blur😅may be absorb ink in fabric already. Hahaha
Response: I'm happy you like it :) Oh, thank you for telling me, I hadn't thought about that, I'll be more careful when sending fabrics in the future :) Thank you for your rating!

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We hope everything is going well and that you're fine.


Andrea and Serena

Knitsicle on Mar 18, 2017:

Hiya! I got your awesome card today! Thank you so much, I do like the Children's art stamp. :)

WayUpInAlaska on Jan 23, 2017:

Hi Ina! :) wanted to thank you for the awesome hedgehog postcard :) what cute little guys :)

HannahEnilk on Jan 12, 2017:

Hi Ina! Thank you for your thoughtfulness in sending me this postcard! I appreciate your detailed explanation of this unusual (to me) German phrase. And I confess I have never spent so much time thinking about sausages, haha! I hope our swapping paths cross again soon! Happy 2017!

Knitsicle on Dec 12, 2016:

Glad you got your first card! I'm sending the second today :)

chaari on Sep 25, 2016:

Herzlich Willkommen in der electronic swaps group! Hoffentlich gefallen dir die swaps ^^ Yay! german power :D

EmilyT on Sep 16, 2016:

Hi, do you ever go down to Koln for the Amphi Festival? Corvus Corax has played there before. They are unique! Not quite my thibg, my husband might have watched their whole ser. We've been going for 8 or 9 years now as a side trip from visiting my in-laws and husband's friends in Belgium. We already bought our Festival tickets for next year and they've arrived; even though we have yet to buy our airplane tickets. But that gives a long time to search for a sale!

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