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11/7/18 - I changed my profile. Not ALL of it, but updated. I have enough green stuff, and other interesting things.

Note: I was apparently an original member. Never did a swap, but here: http://www.swap-bot.com/user:user744 if you have questions about my membership status. Rachel suspended that one so I could use this one, not realizing I had already had one.

About Me

I Pledge to Rate

I'm 47. I like many types of art, and have gone through phases in life, always creating. Some phases I've been through.

  • cross stitch
  • knitting
  • crochet
  • quilting
  • mod podge madness
  • painting with acrylics
  • sketching
  • zentangles
  • inchies (my new budding fave)
  • stamping and card making (Stampin' Up)
  • And then, no matter what else I may be doing art-wise, I'm always a writer.
  • There have been more, no doubt, but who can remember it all?

I am not good at painting, so don't worry about finding a picture in there, but I like mixing pretty colors in pretty ways.

I'm fanatically obsessed with.

  • the color green
  • but also all the other colors, too!
  • Benedict Cumberbatch
  • David Tennant
  • dogs
  • songbirds
  • Harry Potter (Ravenclaw)
  • and mainly, the color GREEN. My daughter can't wait to move out cuz "I'm sick of living in a lime!"
  • but I also love ALL the colors, too!

Other things I like, in no particular order.

  • abstract paintings
  • all things Irish
  • birds
  • having all adult children!!!!
  • being on my OWN for the first time in my LIFE
  • photography (but the kind with the $200 camera or my iPhone 7+),not the $1500 camera--

As for who I am.

  • I am an ultra liberal
  • Atheist (a bit agnostic), which means
  • I love people very much and
  • Appreciate life now cuz I believe it's all I've got and
  • I don't hate religious people who don't hate others.
  • I have a kid who's gay. Have been a vocal supporter of gay rights since Matthew Shepard (I'll bet half of you youngsters don't even know who that is--if not, you really should look up his story. Heartbreaking.)
  • All 3 of my kids are mixed race (white/black)
  • I had 4 grandkids, but
  • One died of SIDS at age 4 months and 5 days.

  • I'm from Minnesota born and raised

  • I had my first kid at 17
  • So now at 47,
  • I'm "free" for the first time in my entire life.
  • Not married, kids grown and heading out.
  • I'm in a stage where I am seeking ME.
  • Part of that is I've started painting.

  • I mostly stay at home and

  • Am now medicated and recovered more or less from agoraphobia.
  • But I'm still a homebody

Grandkids are the very reason for having kids. They are so awesome!!!

My dad died 3 years ago, and I still miss him every single day of my life, and my ex (children's father) died 2 years ago, and I miss him more and more. I thought time was supposed to heal! I'm patient...

  • I love history.
  • I am and have always been a writer. I journal a LOT and write fiction a LOT. Please don't ask me what I've published. I'll let you know if I ever have something to answer that question with! Well, blog articles, which I do for work.
  • I think people and their stories are super interesting, so...
  • If we end up in a swap together, I'd love for you to tell me your story! You know, those anecdotes that are hilarious or sentimental that the rest of your friends and family are sick of hearing. I haven't heard them yet! Tell me! I would honestly prefer that to physical extras.
  • Also, I'll 99.99999% of the time include at least a page, likely more, with any swap. If not, though, there was a time crunch, and I'll have at LEAST a quick note. If it's a letter swap, don't worry about having to measure how many pages - mine will be WELL OVER the requirement cuz I LOVE to write letters.

What I Like to Receive

This was going to be a list, but I realized what I'd like to receive is something you put your heart into. If it's a postcard, it can be either something you are super interested in, or something that matches stuff I've written here. Just please no bible verses. I don't like that. If you want to pray for my soul, feel free, just don't tell me about it. :D I have realized that as far as postcards go, I mainly look at the side you have written on. Sometimes I forget to look at the "front" for days. So it's your words that mean the most to me.

ATCs - People here are at all different levels, and as long as I can tell you put your best into it, I love it! I truly love each one best. I mean, think about it. You are sitting down, spending time, sometimes a lot of time, creating a piece of art for me. Of course I love it!

Notecards - Again, as far as what it looks like, whatever floats your boat, or mine. It's your words I care about. Share a piece of you, and I love it.

Letters - The longer, the better, baby. That's all I'm saying. Also, PLEASE legible, because I hate when I try to read it and can't! So if you're writing a really looooong letter and your hand gets tired, set it aside for the next day or something, so I can definitely read it. I'll do the same for you.

Hearts - I have literally not given a heart to one person who I gave a 5, because I could tell no effort had been put in. Otherwise, I always give hearts.

Extras - Welcomed, but not required. I give hearts for people who put effort in. Who am I kidding? I basically give everyone hearts. So I do love when I see extras, but I do not feel "disappointed" when I don't see them. All I want is my swap, and if you are thinking of making it a little extra special, as I mentioned above, tell me a story. Tell me a funny thing that happened today, or a funny kid story everyone who you know IRL is sick of hearing. Even funny pet story. I would love a page or two much more than a few extra things. But I totally appreciate when you do send extra things, too, and I can make use of them. What I'm saying is, I get mail that's not a bill, I'm thrilled with it already!

Favorite Books

I sometimes read more than 200 books annually, so I have a list of favorite authors, which includes, first and foremost, Stephen King. Then in no particular order.

1 Stephen King

  • JK Rowling
  • Amy Tan
  • Louise Erdrich (home grown)
  • Bryce Courtenay
  • Carlos Ruiz Zafon
  • Charles Dickens
  • Anne Rice
  • Alexander McCall Smith
  • Zadie Smith
  • Brandon Sanderson
  • Anchee Minh
  • Ursula K Leguin
  • Joe Hill
  • Owen King
  • Margaret Atwood (long before the Hulu show came out)
  • Gregory Maguire
  • William Kent Krueger (home grown)
  • NK Jemisin
  • Charlaine Harris (guilty pleasure)
  • Diana Gabaldon
  • Lisa See
  • GRR Martin
  • JRR Tolkien
  • Octavia Butler
  • Ian McEwan
  • Amitav Ghosh
  • David McCullough
  • Dominic Murray (a friend!)
  • Sherman Alexie
  • Tony Hillerman
  • Margaret Cole
  • John D. McDonald
  • Lemony Snicket
  • Walter Mosley

Okay, there are so many more. But you get the idea. I like books.

Favorite Television

I watch way too much TV. The top three, in the order I became a fan of them, are

1 The West Wing, BBC's Sherlock, and Doctor Who

2 Then all the Law & Orders (I will always love Jerry Orbach), Firefly (robbed!), Grey's Anatomy.

And in no particular order

  • ER
  • Buffy
  • Castle
  • Criminal Minds
  • Supernatural
  • The Walking Dead
  • Being Human (UK)
  • Star Trek (all)
  • LA Law
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Big Bang Theory
  • Young Sheldon
  • Modern Family
  • Blackish
  • Life in Pieces

Much to my shame, there are many more. I'll leave it at that, though.

Favorite Music

I mostly listen to books and NPR, but in the last couple years, Pandora and I have been working out my fave music. So here's some of my fave artists.

  • Maroon 5!
  • Mumford & Sons!
  • The Fray
  • Milky Chance
  • Bastille
  • Of Monsters & Men
  • The Lumineers
  • Peter Bjorn and John
  • The Arctic Monkeys
  • The Script
  • Twenty One Pilots
  • AWOL Nation
  • Fallout Boy
  • The White Stripes
  • Ed Sheeran
  • Foster the People

So that, whatever that is called.

Favorite Movies

1 Shawshank Redemption

  • Lord of the Rings Trilogy
  • Dirty Dancing
  • Tombstone (the only Western on the list cuz - not a fan of Westerns - but the Wyatt Earp/ Doc Holliday relationship in this gets me every time).
  • Harry Potter movies
  • Meet the Parents
  • Schindler's List
  • Dead Again
  • Fallen
  • Star Trek movies

I don't watch a lot of movies. But this is a selection of ones I have liked.


  • Prejudice
  • Racism
  • Monotheism
  • Bible verses
  • Thoughts & Prayers
  • Insincerity
  • Pessimism
  • Large crowds
  • Small crowds if they are too noisy
  • Trying to have a conversation when I can hear another conversation or radio or TV
  • Loud Noises
  • Ticks
  • Pickles
  • Bagless Vacuums
  • Cleaning (though I love having a clean home, so...)
  • Cats (but only because I am so allergic to them that if I'm around them too long I might actually die, otherwise they are cool)


LisaLisa3 rated for Just Because PC Swap #28 on Feb 20, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the adorable postcard!! I love it. : )
Comment: Thank you for the awesome zine!
Response: You're very welcome, and see you in March! I have a question - did you like the simpler style I did for Feb better than the kind of cluttery January one? You can respond here or in PM - or not at all if you want haha! Thanks so much for the rating and heart!
SeleneW rated for QUICK Notecard with a Prompt #3 on Feb 17, 2019
Comment: I love your card! Its soooo green! My son loves green as well but I still think you may have him beat. He would prefer to live surrounded by green. Thank you for the Zine as well. I will keep it with my little growing collection of Zines. My odd trait is cat eyes (eyes that have more than one color) closest name for it is Heterochromia but the actor Benedict Cumberbach has this trait too. My eyes can look different colors depending on what I am wearing or the type of light I am in. Btw..one of those colors is green.
Response: OMG melt melt Benedict's eyes, melt, swoon! Ahem. Dignity you grown-ass nearly 50-year old fan girl! That is an awesome trait, and one I share, I used to have these two shirts, both turquoise, but one bluer and one greener. I'd stand in front of the mirror holding one up to my body then the other, and watch my eyes change from blue to green. I was much younger, and they have settled into mostly blue, but certain things I wear, not necessarily green things, bring out the green in them. I've never heard them called cat eyes, but awesome! Haha, yes, my daughter told me in our last townhouse, "I can't wait to move out. I'm sick of living in a lime!" Thanks so much for the rating and the heart! I bet people just SWOOON over your eyes! PS - I put a pretty on your profile
Ruthless rated for SCATTS PC Swap - F - US Only on Feb 17, 2019
Comment: Thanks for the great postcard! Awesome answers!
Response: Thank you, my friend, and for the Valentine's Day card! So cute! You really love Garfield, huh? Thanks for the rating and the heart!
Fabriqueen rated for WIYM: Smiles Across the Miles on Feb 17, 2019
Comment: Thank you so much for your wonderful letter! I'm glad you were able to move in to that awesome place with your mom. I sounds so peaceful there. Thank you also for the extras! Have a great day! Hugs, Diane
Response: You've very welcome! Sounds like I made you smile, so that was my goal. Thanks so much for the rating and heart!
shinyserra rated for Questions For A Better You #6 on Feb 16, 2019
Comment: I loved reading your answers! Those embellishments are super cute. Thank you!
Response: I'm so glad you liked them! You know, that was my first one, the swirly one with the arrow. I'll send better ones once I get more practice. Thanks so much for the rating and heart!
Comment: I quite enjoyed your comments Jennifer. I think that you have made a wise decision in sticking to what you enjoy and not worrying so much about keeping up with the English majors. Life is too short to waste on books that just don't cut it. I do like Anne Rice, Stephen King, and Charles Dickens. However, I disagree about Moby-Dick. I really did like that one. :)
Response: Hmm, why do I feel I already responded to this? Did we send messages? Anyway, thank you very much for your rating, and the heart. I've been thinking I might tackle Moby Dick because I keep hearing good stuff about it. So many books, such a short life... *sigh*
cauchy81sk rated for R&W: January Book Bingo on Feb 14, 2019
Comment: Interesting reading, thanks a lot! I see that you found a book with characters drinking champagne - I couldn't think of anything, just guessing that it might happen in some Agatha Christie detective stories... of course, I couldn't remember it exactly, so it wasn't a very useful idea. And maybe not even correct, haha! So after all I went with a different line in the bingo.
Response: Shhhhh, nobody will EVER know. Honestly, I have downloaded that book, but not read it yet, but it was on my partner's list and she had recommended that book, so I figured she must know! Thanks so much for the rating and the heart!
Comment: Gorgeous zine, thank yiu!
Response: Yay, I'm glad the re-send made it! Thanks so much for the rating and heart. February will be on the way out tomorrow!
tammielynn1969 rated for Snailmail Pals Internaional on Feb 12, 2019
Response: Thanks for the rating and heart, and I look forward to hearing from you!
USAFwife rated for R&W Boho Berry Journal Challenge on Feb 12, 2019
Comment: Thanks so much for joining the swap. :) I enjoyed reading your thoughts. :) And, now I have to see what this pen is! I"m curious. :)
Response: The one I used? I have hundreds. Maybe I'll send you one. Thanks for the rating and the heart, and as always, it was a joy!
squince rated for What do you HEAR? Whatever PC on Feb 8, 2019
Comment: Glad your poor kitty made it through the cold!
Response: Yeah, it had us very worried! Thanks so much for the rating!
bluehairedmary rated for Book Themed Postcard on Feb 7, 2019
Comment: What a generous gift to your daughter! I'd love to have one for display or even to use, but not at that price! Lol! Happy swapping!
Response: Yeah, he was feeling SUPER guilty. Plus, he has tons of money. It was nice. She actually uses the typewriter, so that is really cool. She prefers it. My kid is equally up-to-date on all the latest weird slang and trends, and an old soul. Thanks so much for the rating and the heart!
vlhafer54 rated for Scatts PC Swap - E - US Only on Feb 5, 2019
Comment: Thank you for your interesting answers - my E PC was Elvis.
Response: Oh, that's a good one! I just adore this swap and hope it never ever ends. I think if happymom ever had to give it up for some reason, I'd keep it going. Thanks so much for the rating and the heart!
samsstuff rated for AAA - Rainbow Series Pink on Feb 4, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the sweet ATC!
Response: You're very welcome, It has the honor of being my last ATC for awhile, as I have burned myself out, but I wanted to make sure I didn't let that affect the amount of love and effort I put into it negatively. Thanks so much for the rating and the heart!
shinyserra rated for Random Facts Swap on Feb 4, 2019
Comment: I loved reading these! Thank you :)
Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed them! I could have gone on forever. I look up random facts on a regular basis when I'm bored, because you learn the most awesome things! I'll tell you the funniest fact I got from my partner when I write soon. Thanks so much for the rating and the heart!
cauchy81sk rated for R&W: In January I read ... on Feb 4, 2019
Comment: Thanks a lot for the detailed reviews! I also have several books which I love and I know I'll enjoy rereading them every time :-) Last year there was even a book which managed to reread two times during the year (a rather short biography). :-P
Response: Yes, re-reading a well loved book is something I like to do. Thanks for the rating and heart!
fiorellaione rated for R&W: In January I read ... on Feb 2, 2019
Comment: I'm sorry you had such an awful experience with that book.Being bound to read something that's just so unbearable takes all the joy of living out of you. I'm glad you had a confort reading right after that, to level things up. I hope you'll have nothing as bad as that first book during the rest of the year :)
Response: Yes, I have made the decision - no more making myself read stuff I don't like even if it IS so-called "the great American novel." Which I really don't know why this one was. Gatsby was much more fun! Thanks for the rating and the heart, see ya next time.
Buecherwurm rated for R&W: In January I read ... on Feb 1, 2019
Comment: Thank you very much for your so super detailed reviews! :) The first book doesn't sound so great :D I rather don't enjoy that kind of books, I don't mind if there's not a really interestisting plot or much stuff that is a bit unnecessary for it, but that random doesn't really sound fun anymore. I'm glad you read two other good books though at least :) (And swapping reading for Dr Who also isn't that bad of an idea - the series is great! :D) I can't imagine liking Lestat yet - but I wouldn't be surprised if that changed after the next book, there are so many books where I start liking characters I hated before. Also, when so many people seem to find the first book worse than the others, there might be something to it :D Best wishes!
Response: Yeah, it was--from now on, no forcing myself to read books I don't like. I've decided not to try and read "If on a Winter's Night a Traveler" again anytime soon, either. I'm greatly enjoying Doctor Who, though. I skipped Dr 12 so these are all new to me, fun. Thanks for the rating and heart!
RooBaRoo rated for AAP - Washi Tape letter (Int) on Feb 1, 2019
Comment: Hi Jen! WHAT a fun letter! I LOVE your idea of the secret messages! Sadly, some of the washi did not come out without a fight. So, I put them in front of the mirror ... more secretiveness! I intend to reply, but it will probably be Feb end, or March starting. Thanks for participating, thanks for the ribbons & ATC sleeves, & I loved the letter :)
Response: I'm so glad you liked it! And I actually love that it ended up with an extra layer, and that you were clever enough to check in a mirror. I look forward to your reply whenever you can, and in the meantime, thanks for the rating and heart. And thanks for this fun swap!

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SeleneW on Feb 18, 2019:

Hehe I like peacocks but I sent another swapper a bunch of peacock feathers I had so she was sweet and decorated my comments with tons of peacock feathers.


SeleneW on Feb 17, 2019:

For you Jen from me Selene :)


splendorpursuit on Feb 14, 2019:

What a smart pup!! 😊 And will do. I’m sure she’ll do something weird soon...

jenmcjen on Feb 13, 2019:

My first DIY embellishment cluster. Not popping. Suggestions? I'm thinking a bit of inking on edges maybe?

splendorpursuit on Jan 22, 2019:

Stupid iPhone. you me = YOUR. Apparently.

splendorpursuit on Jan 22, 2019:

I was reading you me updated profile (Love it!) and just wanted you to know that Birdie, my chihuahua mix, just ran into the trash can. For no reason. I think she was paying attention more to me (Giver of Treats) than where she was headed but it made me laugh and laugh because she’s usually quite graceful (if a bit hyper). She’s so hilarious sometimes. I just thought I’d share that for your funny pet story of the day. 😏

RooBaRoo on Jan 20, 2019:

Hey Jen!

Thanks for sending me the story! I really liked it! Original fiction! :D I told my 7 year old the story ... (took out the lingerie part & mentioned your "roommate")... & she says "She is making up this story because she is too lazy to make the swap" :D :D :'D

theweirdsnailsmail on Jan 17, 2019:

Hello! I just came to your profile to see if you have posted a new version of the wacky holiday zine swaps and I just wanted to say I listen to the same music as you- I have seen TOP and Mumford & Sons just in the last two months! lol I have a problem :)

ericabella on Jan 3, 2019:

I hope you have a happy, healthy new year! Here's to a fabulous 2019!

smadronia on Jan 1, 2019:

alt text

May your 2019 be better than 2018, and your best year yet!


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