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Date Joined: December 19, 2016
Last Online: December 9, 2018
Birthday: April 22
Country: United States

About Me

YAYYY - thank you to all who had the patience and kindness to allow me to catch things up.

Update 11/13/18 I'm catching up on all swaps now. The 2 Index Cards a Day are the last 2 - the medium is drying. Will get those out by Friday. I think I have notified everyone, and I GREATLY appreciate your grace and understanding. WOOOHOO!

*Update 10/27/18 - Unfortunately I had a pneumonia relapse, and was hospitalized. I completely understand being suspended, and will make all right in the next week. My deepest apologies to all.

Update 10/;7/18 I have been very ill with bacterial pneumonia. Luckily am home now, and have recovered for the most part. I'm still using a daily inhaler with steroids, but am thankful to have come thru things. I am going to be reaching out to all of my partners today to let them know where I have been and to catch up on everything. The internet was not something I was on at all during this illness, and for that I greatly apologize.

I am the divorced mom of a wonderful son. I love to read mystery books, paint, craft cards, Art Decos and photography. Swapbot has been a ton of fun because who doesn't love snail mail! Such a treat to get something other than bills. I work as an Administrative Assistant for the Director of Tech, and it's one of the coolest jobs I've had. The people I work with are hilarious, dysfunctional and a second family. I live to laugh, and am thankful for the many blessings in my life. I also love ALL things Irish!! Stickers, stationary, torn pages from books..the sky is the limit :)

Favorite Books

Oh my Lord where do I start?! I'm all over the place with books. I find I can't help but buy Stephen King immediately upon release, read a lot of teen fiction at the advice of my kiddo...mystery. ..quirky like Christopher Moore...Max Lucado. Find myself gravitating to Bible studies, but have so many now I don't know where to start! My son is ADHD and has Aspergers so I read up on that as well. My library card and Goodwill serve me well. Piles of books are at my house.

Favorite Music

I tend to be all over the place with music. The only kind that I can't latch onto so far is country and rap. Artists ranging from Zeppelin to Dan Mangan to metallica. Just depends on where and what I'm doing.

Favorite Crafts

I love to paint, scrapbook, make cards, photography, and Art Decos. I'm always open to new things, and enjoy the creative process. It's wonderfully relaxing. I bought myself a journal as well to create pages of things you all send that really speak to me. I'm trying out ATC cards now, but am far from a pro, so be kind. LOL

Coffee over tea please

I received a great suggestion. I love coffee and super dark brew tea. I tend to not enjoy lighter teas, although I've discovered they are good cold, so I'm more open to those. Please no peppermint, just can't wrap my brain around the taste. I'm pretty worthless without my caffeine, so the stronger the better.

About me A-Z...a work in progr

A - Animals - love them

B - Blue is my favorite color

C - Camping is one of my happy places

D - Dogs (and Cats!) have a special place in my heart

E - Everything Doctor Who, Star Wars, CS Lewis, Sci-Fi in General!! Star Trek..blah blah blah

F - Family is number one in my book

G - God has blessed me and given me trials to learn. He is my rock.

H - Hiking is one of my fav. past-times

I - I would like to learn more about journaling

J - Joker - I love to make people laugh

K - Keep chickens - have 16 right now

L - Loving the Lord :)

M - music lover (except for old school rap/country)

N - nature embracer

O - Outside is my haven

P - painting/hiding/finding rocks

Q - quirky in some ways (I don't like my feet touched, so pedicures don't happen.)

R - My son's name starts with this letter

S - Single Mom

T - Theater buff (both television, movies and stage)

U - Unicorns are so cute!

V - Very open minded/accepting and enjoy hearing what others have to say/believe/brings them joy

W - Worthless without my coffee or dark tea

X - "Xperiencing" Life is a great joy

Y - Young at heart

Z - Zealous for Anything you create

Painting and Hiding rocks

I am a member of a Facebook group called Battle Ground Rocks. We paint and hide rocks for others to find with messages, pictures. ..the works. The idea is to spread joy and smiles when you randomly find one. I'm always on the look out for painting pens, and gel pens. It's a blast, and if you are interested in starting one in your community let me know. :)

No Thanks You's

This is a short list of no thank you's, because I'm pretty open to most things and love experiencing what others enjoy.

  1. Please no pornography-type images

  2. Please no Teacher/Award stickers

  3. Please don't attack my faith. I am WIDE open to others sharing there's (and am quite accepting of everyone with faith or not), as long as we all roll with each other in a positive way.

  4. Please don't be rude, mean or judgmental of me, what I make or what I send. If I have made a mistake in a swap, please allow me to right it by messaging me in a considerate and respectful way and you can bet your bottom dollar I'll do my best to make it right. Life is to short to allow these negative things into my life, and I won't put it into yours. I promise you, I'm doing my best.

That's it - told ya it was short!


  1. Anything Irish

  2. Anything that can be used for Decos (ribbon, brads, charms, borders, diecuts, etc.)

  3. Steampunk RAWKS - old watch parts, cogs, metal pieces, images

  4. Stamped images to use in my Decos - on paper, on ribbon...whatever you can imagine

  5. Torn pages from books/dictionaries, Bibles, train tickets, maps, ATC's, stickers, Washi, Ribbon

  6. Interesting found images

  7. Flat Rubber stamps you no longer want/use

  8. Stickers (not Teacher/reward please

  9. ANYTHING Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, CS Lewis, Alice in Wonderland, Sci-FI ANYTHING

  10. Handmade envelopes

  11. Postcards - vintage, used, gallery, interesting images, free ad cards..any postcards :) I use them in my crafting and art

  12. Emphemera

  13. Old photographs - people, animals, historic buildings - whatever you may come across.

  14. Interesting papers (Scraps are fine as long as they aren't teeeeeny tiny)

  15. Foreign newspapers or book pages

  16. Washi

  17. Lace or ribbon

  18. ATC sized paper

  19. Tim Holtz or Dylusions anything

About Me

I rate. I promise. No exceptions to that. I think it's super important so folks know I received their goodies, and appreciate them. If you have swapped with me, and I don't rate for some unknown reason, call me on it PLEASE and I will get 'er done.

Also, if you EVER receive something from me that has postage due, message me. I'll just want to see a picture of the receipt that you had to pay and I'm ON IT. I know people make mistakes, and although 99.9% of the time I go to the post office to have things weighed, one could get through. I don't expect you, nor do I WANT you to pay for something I'm sending you.

I promise I WILL NOT FLAKE. EVER. PERIOD. If you do not receive something from me in a timely manner, please message me and I'm ON IT. If I need to pay for tracking on that puppy, I will do it. That way we both know you are getting what I promised you by signing up to swap.


SeleneW rated for CPG Move Your Deco Bks - US Only on Dec 8, 2018
Comment: Thank you for all the nice add ins. I think I might try adding to this Deco book. It looks fun :) <3
Response: Yay! You are so welcome! I'm glad you like the Deco and will try your hand at it. And I'm glad you enjoyed the extra goodies, too. Thank you for the rating and heart, I appreciate it a ton!
AZmom875 rated for ATC Bag #55 (USA) on Dec 6, 2018
Comment: Denise this arrived and in great shape.
Response: 12/7/18 - EXCELLENT!! I'm so glad it finally arrived. Thank you for letting me know, and the rating, I so appreciate it! I'll not resend the other we talked about then. Merry Christmas! 12/3 - Hi sweety, did you get my resend? I'll IM as well. Hi Sweety, Thank you for letting me know you didn't receive. I have enveloped up and will take to the PO tomorrow for weighing to be sure its got the right postage on it. I SO SO SO appreciate everyone's understanding on catching up. This double illness really kicked my hinder, but I'm so glad to be back in the saddle again XoXo Dina DSweeny
shellbede rated for Deco through the Alphabet - K on Dec 5, 2018
Comment: Hey it finally arrived!
Response: WOOOHOO!!!! Thank you for the rating and I'm SO glad it showed up!
SannyBunny rated for WIYM: ATC with a Napkin on it on Dec 4, 2018
Comment: Thank you very much for the pretty card. <3
Response: You are so welcome! I'm glad you liked it. Thank YOU for the rating and heart :)
Comment: thank you for the resend. I had a pile of ratings to do that got knocked aside. Merry Christmas
Response: WOOOOHOO!!! Thank you thank you for updating the rating and your patience. Merry Christmas to you too :) 12/3 - Hi Ellie - did you get my resend? I'll IM you as well. Hmm ..Ok this one is weird. I know I did it before things went sideways. I"ll look it up (I did it on my computer, and get it out again to you. xoxo
user2148 rated for YTPC: Index-Card-A-Day: Day 16 on Dec 1, 2018
Comment: Beautiful card! Thanks for sending!!
Response: Yayy!! You are so welcome, thank you so much for your patience and understanding.
mle rated for WIYM: Packing Tape Transfer Images on Nov 23, 2018
Comment: Those are great images! I'm glad you are on the mend.
Response: AWESOME!!! So glad you like them. They are so fun to make, aren't they? Thank you for the rating and heart, I greatly appreciate your patience
Comment: All great choices, thank you! Glad you are feeling better.
Response: Sent you a PM as well. This will be heading out tomorrow once I get it weighed. This double really kicked my hinder, but I'm so happy to be back in the fun again! XoXo Dina
FiveAcres rated for CPG ~ Send any Deco Book ~ USA on Nov 17, 2018
Comment: I loved the bird deco. I am so glad you are feeling better now.
Response: WOOOHOO!!! I'm so glad it got there, and I LOVE that I'm back in the fun. Thank you so much for the rating and your patience. Happy Thanksgiving!
ChrisAnne rated for DBL ~ Quick, Move 2 or 3 ~ USA #7 on Oct 24, 2018
Comment: Thank you!
Response: You are SO welcome! Thank you so much for the rating and the heart :) Merry Christmas!
TeaP rated for Time to Move Those Deco Books! #6 on Sep 24, 2018
Comment: Thank you.
Response: You are so welcome :) Thank you for the rating and heart!
Comment: Got the resend, original never made an appearance. Welcome to the boonies. Anyway, thank you so much for being a great swapper, and sending a lot of cute things. I particularly liked the black and white animals that looked a little bit like Misfits. You rock.
Response: WOOOHOOO! Glad this one made it safe and sound. Thank you for the chance to resend it, and for letting me know it got there ok. And you my dear, ROCK as well. Thank you for the rating and heart.
Comment: Thank you for the postcard and extras!
Response: You are so welcome! :) This is a fun swap! Thank you for the rating and heart sweety!
joppagirl rated for Deco through the Alphabet - J on Sep 17, 2018
Comment: Thanks for the nice deco!
Response: Yay! You are very welcome, I'm glad you liked it. Have fun! Thank you for the rating and heart!
WestTexasPenny rated for WIYM: Stickers in September on Sep 16, 2018
Comment: I loved the stickers!! I am ready to start using them on my swaps! Thank you!
Response: You are so welcome! Glad you liked them :) Thank you for the rating and the heart!
karenc5079 rated for WIYM: Postcard Train #9 - USA on Sep 12, 2018
Comment: All Smiles
Response: Yayy!!! Thank you so much for the rating and heart - Glad you joined in the fun
laterdayze rated for Two Deco Books, One Partner #6 on Sep 6, 2018
Comment: Hi Dina, thanks so much for the decos and the coloring postcards :D
Response: You are welcome again! lol I giggled when I got your name twice. Enjoy! Thank you for the rating and the heart!
Comment: Hi Dina, thanks for the deco!
Response: You are very welcome sweety! Thank you for the rating and heart :)
Jenicat rated for YTPC: Index-Card-A-Day #13 on Sep 4, 2018
Comment: Thank you for the beautiful card. It has all my favorite colors in it. Love it 💜
Response: You are so welcome! I'm glad it has your fav colors in it, was so so fun to make. Thank you so much for the kind words, rating and heart.
AZmom875 rated for ATC Bag #54 (USA) on Sep 4, 2018
Comment: Well done, I will join the next round and pass it along. I left the 2 holiday cards, and too the ballerina and cacti.
Response: Yay! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm having alot of fun with these exchanges :) Thank you for the rating and heart!

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FiveAcres on Dec 9, 2018:

I'm glad you resolved on your non-fives and that you are feeling better. I hated having to leave a one when you were obviously a reliable swapper until your illness.

shellbede on Oct 15, 2018:

Hope You Feel Better Cats Kitten Snuggles GIF from Hopeyoufeelbettercats GIFs

EmilyT on Aug 21, 2018:

P.S. I missed the last one again, it was in my watchlist, hoping to join #10 as I have trains to pass on from past rounds.

EmilyT on Aug 21, 2018:

Thanks for adding to my postcard train envelope!

Hell0Z0mbie on Aug 18, 2018:

Thank you so much for sending my decos back to me! Really appreciate it! :)

Aladyjackson on Jul 11, 2018:

Hi Dina! Thanks for the love on my profile! Love you back! 🤗

stiffneck78 on Jun 20, 2018:

Hi there.

zurdoswifey on Jun 4, 2018:

Im so sorry...I just found the envie with the bags you sent to me for the RAK...Thank you so much and I appreciate you sending them my way

Have a lovely week =)

MNJoviGirl on May 3, 2018:

Thanks for joining my swap and for the wishes (Lovely Swappers R Us) Jodie

CurlyTea on Apr 24, 2018:

Happy Birthday!

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