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Date Joined: May 23, 2018
Last Online: January 12, 2021
Birthday: December 5
Country: Germany
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About Me

Hello :)
My name is Marina and I live in the north of Germany.

I work in a laboratory at an institute for geoscience. My main tasks are the analysis of salt and water samples from Germany and several other countries of the world.

I love sending and receiving postcards - so you will find me mostly in postcard swaps. ;)
Although I recently noticed a little addiction to Washi Tapes.


I speak German, English and a little French - feel free to write in one of those languages :)

Some other interests:

I love reading - unfortunately I don't have enough time to read all the books I would like to read, so there is a huge pile of unread books on my bedside cabinet.

I'm a crazy cat lady without cats.
During my childhood and youth I always had at least one cat. In 2018 I moved to the city and was not allowed to have a cat in my flat. My cats stayed with my parents (I visited them nearly every weekend), but died short after.
I also like big cats very much.

Other favourite animals are horses, I took several riding lessons during my youth. After moving to the city I had to quit the lessons due to lack of time and money.

I love listening to music, and also playing some instruments.
I learned to play the violin as a child, but I haven't played any in years. About 10 years ago I taught myself to play the piano a little.

As much as I fail at knitting, I have fun crocheting.
The main things I crochet are postcards (you can find some examples here).

I also like to work with paper and like to draw / paint - although I'm not really good at it.

Recently I started a travel journal, but unfortunately I haven't gotten very far yet. I'd love to get some crafting supplies on the subject of travel.

Random Things I like

  • Postcards

    • ... that fit into my collections (see below)
    • ... that fit my favorite topics
    • touristy postcards
  • Harry Potter

    • Ravenclaw (my House at Hogwarts)
    • Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape, Remus Lupin, Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood, ...
  • Lord of the Rings (books and movies)

  • Doctor Who

    • the TARDIS!
    • 10, 11, 12, Donna, Martha, River Song, the Ponds, Daleks
  • The Lion King

  • Mulan

  • BBC Sherlock

  • Star Trek

    • TOS, TNG, VOY
    • USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D, Galaxy-class), USS Voyager (NCC-74656, Intrepid-class)
    • Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, Picard, Riker, Data, La Forge, Worf, Kira Nerys, Jadzia Dax, Odo, Bashir, O'Brien, Janeway, Paris, Torres, The Doctor (EMH), Seven of Nine, and all the characters I forgot to mention
    • The Wrath of Khan, The Voyage Home, The Undiscovered Country, First Contact, Insurrection
  • Marvel (MCU)

  • Game of Thrones

  • Star Wars

  • Crime Series (like Bones or CSI)

  • Crime novels (like Agatha Christie)

  • Crocheting

  • Crafting Supplies

    • Washi Tapes
    • Stickers
    • Journal and Scrapbooking Items (travel theme)
  • Flowers: cornflower, poppy, lavender, lily of the valley, narcissus, snowdrop, delphinium

  • Trees and bushes: oak, walnut, cherry blossom, magnolia, lilac, hibiscus

  • the colour blue in all shades, dark green

  • Animals: all kinds of small and big cats, horses, dogs, foxes, owls, raven and crows

  • Music

    • Sheet music
    • Instruments: violin, piano
    • Soundtracks, 70s, 80s, Rock, classical music
  • (Old) Sailing Ships

  • Space and Astronomy

  • Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics (yeah, I really like that)

  • Aurora Borealis

  • Water: geysers, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, sea

  • Landscapes: forests, fog, water (see above), flower fields, mountains, vulcanoes

  • books and libraries

  • History, especially ancient Egypt, ancient Roman and Greek history

  • Old buildings

    • castles and palaces
    • churches, cathedrals, temples
  • UK, Ireland


Postcard Preferences:

I prefer my cards written and stamped with a nice message on it.
Could you write the date on the card?
If your native language is one that I don't speak, would you please write a sentence with an English or German translation in it?
Thank you!


  • Spiders
  • bell pepper
  • cigarette smoke (I get headaches and migraine of it)
  • most kitschy and glittering things

Sending and Rating:

If you'll send late, please message me. I know that things can happen in life that have a higher priority than sending stuff to strangers.
So far I've always sent in time, but if I see that I should not make it, I will write a message too (even if I forgot to mark the swap as sent).

If you don't receive anything from me, please write a message before rating a one and I will resend.
But please consider that I live in Germany - sending swaps abroad may take more than two weeks.
Postcard Collections Please also send a message if you have sent something but have not yet received a rating before you resend it.
I always try to rate as soon as I get the swap, but it has happened that I forgot.

Thank you and happy swapping! :)

Updates / News / ...

October 04, 2020
And again I am rewriting my profile text...

July 2020
After a break, I started swapping again.
Hope you are all staying healthy and safe during these times!

August 08, 2018
I'm not at home from 09.08.2018 to 12.08.2018, so please be patient - I won't be able to rate you.
Thank you! :)

July 29, 2018
I'm rewriting my Profile texts - please don't be irritated if my preferences don't look the same after you send something (probably a postcard) to me. I am happy with (nearly) everything I get :)

May 23, 2018
Today I found this site via a Postcrossing profile and thought lets give it a try ;)


xninolax rated for Snow Postcard on Jan 12, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for the cute cat in the snow postcard! I am actually longing for some snow this year, while we are in lockdown anyway. No luck yet :) Happy winter time!!
Comment: Oh vielen lieben Dank für Deine grandiose Espresso Karte! Geburtstage sind etwas Feines, vor allem wenn es der eigene ist. Wünsche Dir und Deiner Familie eine glanzvolle Zeit.
Inger71 rated for Butterfly Postcard on Nov 25, 2020
Comment: Thank you for your beautiful card 🥰
geologist rated for Ugly PC Swap #18 on Nov 17, 2020
Comment: Marina, thank you!
Comment: TYVM for swapping with me. I loved the PC! Take care!
Comment: Received your postcard today. Thank you so much for sending it. It is among my favorites. I hope you are well. Smokey
CaseyErin rated for WIYM: Anything Goes Postcard on Nov 4, 2020
Comment: Great card— thank you!
jeka396 rated for WIYM: Impromptu postcard on Oct 28, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely cat PC! Amazing that you even found a stamp to go with it!
Comment: Liebe Marina Vielen Dank für die tollen Sachen! Ich hatte bis jetzt noch keine Washitapes aber ich denke du hast mich süchtig gemacht. :))) Es hat mir alles sehr gefallen!
Newlybird17 rated for Email: 15 Minute Challenge on Oct 15, 2020
Comment: Thanks for your email! Congratulations, you had a productive week! It's great to have a prompt and the right type of motivation. Moving is always such a challenge, Good Luck in your new home!
efjellro rated for PIE: Monthly swap - October on Oct 13, 2020
Comment: Thank you very much for your postcard, and for writing in German :) My German is not so good that I am able to write without a translator, but I can read more and more every time :)
howdyholly rated for World Postcard Day on Oct 5, 2020
Comment: I love the cat postcard. Thank you. How do you crochet postcards? I would love to try that!
Comment: Thanks for the pics! She's one of my favorite characters too!
Comment: Thank you very much for the images, I loved them! One of my favourites is also "I always wanted to use that spell." Hope you are well <3
mcall rated for My Vacation Postcard on Sep 29, 2020
Comment: Thank you, looks like fun
mailfromjo rated for World Postcard Day on Sep 25, 2020
Comment: Thank you so much for this card!! I loved it🥰🥰❤️
AmaranthSpirit rated for World Postcard Day on Sep 24, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the fab GoT postcard, good old Hodor... that was such an upsetting episode! I am not surprised that you didn't want to watch the end! I hope you stay safe too!
HippieChick rated for Sender's Choice PC September on Sep 23, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the lovely PC. I also love the way walking through a forest is so calming/grounding. :)
ladymcgingerton rated for WIYM: HARRY POTTER PC on Sep 19, 2020
Comment: Hi Marina! Thank you so much for the wonderful HP PC! I was about the same age when I was introduced to the HP books, but it took me a while to get through them. However, once I got to Deathly Hallows it only took me a week to finish it. Lol! I'm a Slytherin, so I completely;y understand you and there's nothing wrong with having an inner Slytherin haha. We're not all evil. I hope you have such a lovely day and thanks again! -Virginia <3
Sternenfee rated for PIE: Profile based postcard on Sep 18, 2020
Comment: Vielen Dank für die schöne Karte. Ich habe als "crazy cat lady" gerade wieder zugeschlagen und unsere Familie um einen kleinen Kater erweitert :-) Liebe Grüße!

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traceyj on Oct 3, 2020:

Hallo Marina!

This owl looks so fluffy!

Minerva with owl

🦉 ❤️ 🦉 ❤️ 🦉 ❤️ 🦉

McGonagall vs. Snape:

Minerva vs. Severus

⚡ ❤️ ⚡ ❤️ ⚡ ❤️ ⚡

Minerva McGonagall in her animagus cat form:


🐈 ❤️ 🐈 ❤️ 🐈 ❤️ 🐈

Professor Minerva McGonagall in her human form again:

the professor in green

Thanks for swapping!

(Professor McGonagall's Birthday - profile e-swap)

itsnobody on Oct 3, 2020:

Professor McGonagall's Birthday - profile e-swap

Happy birthday to this amazing professor
Here you go~







Nachtauge on Oct 15, 2018:

I can smell autumn dancing in the breeze, the sweet chill of pumpkin and crisp sun burnt leaves.

hello fall

Profile Love - October

Emro on Oct 8, 2018:

Profile Love - October:

Ich bin auch eine crazy cat lady ohne Katze. Aber bei der Arbeit gibt es seit Kurzem 3 neue Kätzchen. <3 Obwohl sie in meiner Wohnung auch nicht erlaubt wären, überlege ich immer noch sie einfach in meiner Handtasche hier her zu schmuggeln. :D

Kennst du schon die Flüsse von London Bücher? Wenn du Harry Potter und Fantasy magst, kann ich sie nur wärmstens empfehlen.

Der erste Film, den ich damals als Kind im Kino gesehen habe, war auch von Disney. Allerdings war es bei mir 101 Dalmatiner. Daraufhin habe ich unsere ersten Hunde auch Pongo und Perdita genannt (keiner davon war ein Dalmatiner). :'D

SAHCatMom on Oct 6, 2018:

tabbycat Marina-I’m a cat lady with cats! This tabby looks like my cat Olive. Sahcatmom for Profile Love

yvonne401 on Jun 16, 2018:

Welcome to Cold Hands Warm Hearts! It's great to have you here!



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