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Almost three years on swapbot – time for a new profile!

About me – almost 44 years young - married – 2 cats (one grey, one black, both rescues) – SAHM to my miracle baby after many years of “waiting” (yeah she’s the one that keeps me young lol!). German expat and US citizen since Dec ’17. Located on Michigan's LP where we tend to our suburban Homestead, enjoying the outdoors, spend time in the garden and at the local library, maintain our own Little Free Library, craft, create, make, read, sew, preserve food,write letters, postcards, journal , try to pursue a simple and zer-wast/no plastic life...

Likes – reading, writing, penpalling/snailmail, swapping, volunteering, listening to music, making music, cooking, baking,fermenting, gardening, crafting, needleworks. Interested in urban homesteading, permaculture, backyard animals (if only the city could be convinced … ), plastic free living, natural and attachment parenting, Montessori and a little of Waldorf teachings, interesting discussions, spending time outdoors, farmers markets, making my own herbal teas and remedies and such, making my own food, reusing, repurposing, recycling ….

In general…

I always rate and as soon as possible. No rating usually means not received yet. If I’m late send, I will email you. Often use recycled packaging. Mostly wrap my gift swaps in tissue paper / holiday neutral wrappings. Please email, if a swap was not received, mail can get lost…I’m happy to resend, also please use my address exactly as shown in the address window, thank you! Mailman said it makes it safer to arrive. We have some street confusion here (locally). For the holiday/gifts swaps I don’t care/mind how the giftwrap looks like – just to mention it, as I was asked about it. No must of course, but ideally I’d love plastic free wrapping or even noneat all, if you write the swap name on the envelope and I’m just going to keep the whole thing closed until the holidays. One of the swaps I received in 2018 was one wrapped in cloth tissue, which I thought was really cool :)


Anything handmade by you from my wishlist.

Anything for my daughter will mostly give you a heart, especially if it’s swaps for the holidays ,since we have almost no family and holidays can be a bit lonely.

Natural /vegan cosmetics (unscented is mostly best, since I have a problem to smell certain things, or check my etsy favorites).

Supplies to make my own natural cosmetics (beeswax, cocoa butter etc)

Essential oils especially tee trea, orange, peppermint, lavender

Anything that supports plastic free life. (examples fabric tote bags, unpaper items etc,you can check etsy for ideas)

Pretty letter opener

Nice looking/pretty - cooking spoon rests - sponge rests - pot rest (homemade lovely :) in different colors or shapes...

Fridge Magnets – we ONLY collect/interested in fridge magnets with a “real photography” of your place, city, state, country with a name of the place, city, state, country on it. Also state map magnets (but I have Michigan, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connectictut, Illinois already) Not interested in non-descriptive ones, religious themed ones …. I have more than enough fridge magnets from Prague and Israel, so please no more thank you!! I dont have for example magnets at all from these states - Delaware, Minnesota, Alaska, Hawaii, Washington State, New Mexico, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Utah, Nevada.

Touristy Postcards for me and/or my daughter – city view, flora, fauna, nature, landscape only. -- we also have no TV, so she does not know Comic characters yet and I prefer PC's for her that show something to learn about the world.

US mint/new stamps, worldwide used stamps or other philatelic items (FDCs, Mini Sheets, commemorative Panels) mostly flora, fauna, landscape, nature themed.

Anything from my etsy /amazon wishlist or inspired by it.

(used) Fountain pens and supplies (ink, ink samples, FP suitable envies/notecards/lettersheets, Goulet Pens giftcard etc...)

Typewriter supplies

Chocolate, flavored coffee, cacao, herbal tea (but I use mainly from my own garden) - all food/beverages must be kosher, pls check my comment on food/beverages

Supplies to make herbal remedies (ex. Echinacea root).

Seeds – (update 8/20/19) happy to receive seeds for the 2020 season! My etsy has some examples for me or my daughter, non-GMO/open-pollinated, perennial, flowers, vegetables, greens etc - we love beans, corn, tomatoes, winter and summer squash etc. I also really love to see homegrown seeds of your garden/homestead! :)

Cat treats (no meat-milk mix) or toys.

Sewing supplies – thread, cute (wood) buttons, bias tape etc (please NO fabric currently , no fat quarters etc, I have way too many right now thanks to swap bot! :)

(wood or bamboo) Spork (not 2ndhand)

Add to our collection of frogs (toy, not real ones! :)

Address Labels.


plastic free Laundry Stain Stick, Soap Nuts

PLEASE DONT SEND -NO – I can’t use – I currently have too much of:

No Holidays – no Xmas, no Halloween, no St Patricks, no Valentines, no Thanksgiving (mostly), no Easter … we (mostly) don’t celebrate all of these (except Thanksgiving) and I have no use for any items related to any of these holidays. I also don’t have anyone to pass it on to. So basically, it is completely useless to me/us . on the other hand - I also don’t need or expect items related to our holidays (Hanukka etc) since we have enough decoration and also going to need some space to craft our own with my daughter :) (General/ really neutral seasonal items are welcome)

No religious stuff in general.

No plastic whenever possible :) Especially for kids items. Especially no single use plastic items, no pens etc I'm even happy to receive the stocking stuffer swaps without wrapping :)

I NEVER ask from anyone to send food or beverages to me. ONLY send food/beverages if you really (really, really!) know what “kosher” means. Otherwise I won’t be able to eat it and can’t pass it on either. I have enough other items to choose from to send to me. I do love certain food or snacks, and you're welcome to ask, but overall I guess I rather pass on.

No clothing including socks. No hair accesories either, since I can’t use them. My daughter lovem them though ;-)

Not into planners.

Not into calendars (unless it has Jewish holidays on).

Cookbooks/baking books/recipe collections etc usually don’t work for me.

No scent, fragrance, fragrance candles. I can’t smell certain fragrances. It gives me a headache.

No jewelry, it’s too difficult to explain what I can wear.

right now prefer not to receive cross stitch kits, I have too many to still finish lo, it will last me some years :)

We don’t collect figurines, angels, elves, mermaids etc.

Not into keychains and also not most of the souvenirs aside from fridge magnets, postcards and philatelic items. Currently also not (much?) into coins or currency especially not from certain countries like countries of the EU, Israel, India, I have a lot.

Thanks to swapbot I'm currently good with the following items, so PLEASE NO: Notecards, washi, lettersets/stationery, notebooks, paperclips, bookmarks, tea towels/oven mitt, recipe cards, stickers. Scrapbook items/paper, Fabric square , notepads, sticky notes. No pens!! It might change in the future, but I don’t need any of these right now :) thanks to swapbot I have a huge supply ;-)

Kid’s Swaps/ My daughter – she will turn 3 in May 2020 (she loves to unwrap the gifts!:)

  • budding sticker and washi tape fan... lol (profile based please)

  • totally budding "Die Maus" fan (from the german kids tv)

Postcards for her - also flora, fauna, nature, landscape, cityview etc non-religious themed, no conic characters as we have no TV and she does not know them. Some fun facts are appreciated (ABOUT THE CARD ITSELF - the place on the card) empty cards are sad! Please write in German, if you are German speaking.

Anything from her etsy list /amazon items.

Needle felted animals / felted play food (homemade/gently used welcome)

Flamingos! she's fascinated. animals in general. Cats of course :)

Books in German language, right now mostly looking for Astrid Lindgren books (so far already have "Als Klein-Ida auch mal Unfug machen wollte" "Na klar, Lotta kann Radfahren""Wir Kinder aus Bullerbue" "Die Kinder aus der Krachmacherstrasse")

Also the Pixi/Mini Books, but maybe email me before sending, as we have a lot by now, to avoid doubles. "Sendung mit der Maus", "Loewenzahn", "Wieso, weshalb, warum" (also have some by now, so please email before sending), Petterson and Findus. Used ones more than fine and welcome!

CD with German songs or plays for kid’s (Astrid Lindgren again for example) gently used more than welcome

Your Granny Square/s – still need a few more to complete her blanket. ay! we are almost done thanks to you on swap-bot!! :-) Only need 1 more in 6x6 and 2 more in 12x 12” :)

Touristy postcard package to use for postcrossing Postcards writing (preferably from the US or Michigan as we live there and most people want to receive cards from where we live...any type of cards suitable for Postcrossing is fine of course...used/vintage welcome but obviously nothing written on the back)

Postcard stamps/ stamps to use for Postcrossing - writing Postcards.

(thrifted) Scarves, hats and such for dress up / pretend play

Mini Play Silk

ATC made for her (birthday? :)

Natural / vegan toothpaste, soap, creme etc.

Anything homemade /knitted (socks etc) right now 2-3T she;s petite

Clothing or accesories for her Dolls (they are all Ragdolls or Waldorf) sized 18” and 9”

Any type of wooden / felted toys (used more then welcome, homemade of course).

Anything from nature / for her nature table (Waldorf) feathers, leaves, stones, shells, wood…. Please add a little explanation to learn from :) Seasonal neutral crafts for the nature table (ex. Snowflake in winter).

Thick paper, colored paper, paperscraps, wool scraps, felt scraps ... for first art and crafts projects

Coloring books

Seeds or items for a children’s garden / fairy garden. (would appreciate if not very small items thank you)

Items for a fairy garden (except fairy figurines) child appropriate gardening decorations

Needle felting supplies. (wool, roving, batting...)

Age appropriate puzzles 2-4 years, especially wood, Ravensburger would be lovely (used more then welcome)

Please no Plastic! :) Whenever possible. We have no TV, so all kind of comic figures don’t mean anything to her yet. Only slowly starting with some kids DVD now (examples above)


Nassenheider rated for Touristy Postcard swap #12 on Feb 11, 2020
Comment: Hallo bluesky, Vielen Dank für deine schöne Karte. So was Historisches finde ich immer gut... neu kann jeder! Grüße aus dem stürmischen Land Brandenburg!
Markybay rated for Kid's Fill my stocking January on Feb 5, 2020
Comment: Thank you! I’m putting the gift up until Christmas :)
Nicollcia rated for CULTURE swap for children on Jan 20, 2020
Comment: Thank you for the letter, my sister loved it all! Sending greeting to your daughter from her ^^
kfaye rated for Eight Nights of Hanukka on Dec 12, 2019
Comment: Thank you for the card and gifts, and for hosting so many nice swaps this year 💙 Happy Holidays to you and your family.
Comment: thanks for the nice swap♥♥
pattiairel rated for Send a Profile surprise on Dec 11, 2019
Comment: thanks for the nice swap Happy Holidays, ♥♥
Comment: I love the lip balms, thank you so much! Have a wonderful Christmas!
brooklynbunch rated for Holly Jolly Christmas on Dec 1, 2019
Comment: Wow! I'm going to wait until Christmas to open the gifts, but thanks so much. I'll have fun opening them all. Susan (brooklynbunch) You really chose the gifts well. The day I opened the package I was making curried chicken, so I'm glad to get the tandoori seasoning. Love the truffles and the cookie cutters. The route 66 postcards are amazing. And the bird cat toy is a hit. A super swap! Thanks so much!
Comment: It's going to be SO hard to wait to open these but I'm going to try really hard! Thanks so much! Happy Holidays < Edit: Okay, I'm worse than a child - I couldn't wait! Lol Thank you so much for everything that you sent! The books are great and I haven't read any of them yet! I loved all the postcards and stickers and stamps and the bookmarks are greatly appreciated - I have a bad habit of losing mine! My pupper thanks you for the goodies, too - that was so kind. And I love the magnet - it gives me such fond memories of Notre Dame. Thank you for a truly wonderful swap! Take care :)
snailmailer1 rated for Advent Calendar 1-6 on Nov 30, 2019
Comment: Thank you
Emmylou rated for Little gifts! on Nov 29, 2019
Comment: Thought I would rate so that you know I have received your little gift and can’t wait to open on Christmas will wait to see what it it to give a heart if that’s ok looking forward to it Omg I absolutely love my gift sorry I opened it before Xmas as I won’t be home for Xmas this year thank u for the book of butterflies stickers love it
WJThomas rated for Christmas Surprise Gift Swap on Nov 23, 2019
Comment: I received my gift today but waiting to open it. The card is super adorable though. Thank you very much. Update: opened the gift and love it. Big hit in my house. Thank you so very much. .
Comment: Thank you so much for the lovely stickers. The owls and birds are my favorites! I have not seen the flowers before and I adore them. Thanks again!
Comment: LOVE those seeds you sent for my friendship garden. I will save them for our new home in Pennsylvania. Moving sometime in 2020. Placed my wrapped present in my stocking till December. Thank you so very much for putting a smile on my face. Passing along blessings of peace. --Hugs-- Updated 12-6. Thank you for the face masks. I definitely need them during this winter season.
Comment: Thanks for the great calendar! I can't believe it's almost a new year and new decade too.
JazD rated for Private stocking stuffer Oct/Nov/dec on Nov 17, 2019
Comment: Thank you for doing these swaps with us :)
Comment: Your letter arrived yesterday thank you so much it was lovely to hear from you! Thank you for the stickers and the postcards I really like them a lot. I'll write back soon xxx
Response: I'm happy it arrived this time! 😀 Thank you for the heart!
Comment: Thank you! Cant wait till christmas!! Also thanks for the extras!
Comment: Thank you so much! I'm so excited to open them! Have a great day! Hugs, Diane
Kirkdebb rated for Kid's Fill my Stocking Sept-Oct-Nov on Oct 28, 2019
Comment: This swap was a lot of fun! I am excited to put your presents in my kids stockings! I hope you daughter has a wonderful Hanukkah!

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