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4/17/2015: Currently at home in Texas but will be out of town starting tomorrow for a long trip. So, I'll be cutting down on swaps except in my Q&P, CAS and personals.

Last week...I found out my gram has been diagnosed with Breast cancer... Please everyone send your positivity our way. I really love her like a second mother and this is devastating news. I'm trying to stay strong for our family. Life is feeling a bit like a soap opera in the worst way lately.

Also, I've now decided to restart on my all vegetarian diet. This is not for my health concerns, but for our beloved animals and planet. So, please be mindful in foodie swaps. If ever in doubt, just message me, I never mind a question.

The Big Screen

I studied Film in College for a year or so, so I really connect with my favorites :). If I had a lot of money to throw at it, I'd be happily studying cinematography at the New York art institute :/ but oh well. The universe has bigger and better plans for me it seems. So here's my list of favorites that I can think of for now, in no particular order(well Blade Runner is Number 1!):

Blade Runner (Director's Cut), Howl's Moving Castle, Ponyo, Kiki's Delivery Service, Spirited Away, anything by Kurosawa, the Breakfast Club, the Craft, 101 Dalmations, Halloween and Christmas classics, Noir films, Audrey Hepburn films, Harry Potter 1-6, SLC Punk, interesting nature documentaries, White Oleander, Short Stories

Favorite Crafts

Paper-crafting, sewing, journaling, hand drawn and painted ATCs, cross-stitching, drawing, oil pastels, jewelry making, scrapbooking, filling up my recipe card box, trying out new DIY kits.

Just started crochet!

Shows and Music

I 'watch' a lot of t.v. as I don't like silence I almost always have it on in the background- even while I sleep!

Charmed, Call the Midwives, Orange is the New Black, Better Call Saul, Nurse Jackie, Bomb Girls, Land Girls, An Idiot Abroad, House, Doctor Who, XxxHolic, My Strange Addiction, Pingu, Cutthroat Kitchen, Project Runway, Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, Meerkat Manor, Chimp Eden, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sex in the City, Supernatural

I love great music and when I'm in the right mood I play guitar on my Ibanez acoustic. Here's some of my faves: Death Cab for Cutie, fun., Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Taking Back Sunday, the Used, Ed Sheeran, Mike Posner, the Band Perry, Drake, Enya, Of Monsters and Men, Frank Sinatra, the Ramones, the Postal service...so basically a lot of alternative rock with a few surprises.

About Me

I'm a busy stay at home mom with an even busier toddler boy who keeps my life exciting and exhausting. I'm in my mid-twenties and my son is almost 3 years old. I have chronic migraines, most days are headaches, some days I have to lay in bed for hours, and sometimes I need to visit my emergency room. It's not fun but it's something I'm learning to adjust to. I don't have scent sensitivity so send away :) noises set me off. No surprise blow horns please! lol

I'm going back to college! I've had almost 2 years off now- not really by choice. I'm majoring in Social Work and I think I'll end up in the field of Psychology. I love the human brain! I'm very much an INFP if you're interested :)

I've been to a few countries and hope to see as many as I can in my lifetime. We just made a big move to Texas. I enjoy reading, baking, crafting, trying new recipes, science, watching t.v. and learning. I'm a bit of a nerd and sometimes eccentric. I love animals (of all kinds) more than humans- for the most part.

I am spiritual but not specific to a religion. I am beginning my renewed path of spirituality, through digging deep into my roots I am searching for my true path and looking for my place in the universe. I've found some really great friendships here lately through our Quills and Parchment group

#Favorites and Not

I'd love to get anything handmade by you in a swap! I really like crocheted and knitted flowers. My mom sent a collection in the mail and we have been finding all sorts of uses for them! Plus I have no idea how to make them myself :)

Planner: I have a black Day-Timer 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 inch size and love all accessories and pages for it.

Some things that make life more fun for me: 1920's through 70's And handmade stuff in my bright and colorful kitchen, Making recipe cards, Trying new recipes, Creating new games and toys for my toddler, Bargain-hunting, Kawaii "Things in a Corner," Mamegoma, Sanrio, especially Cinnamoroll :3

 Things I'd like to receive:
  • Scents: lavendar, vanilla, chamomile, coconut, peach, most things except too perfumey or candy sweet. Love candles, herbs, soaps, things that smell nice. I live in a house of boys. It smells funny sometimes. -_-

  • Chocolate! It's finally cool enough here for chocolate :D I love it all but my favorites are European like Rittersport, any from Sweden, Norway, and Cadbury: esp. Flakes!, also love Japanese candy :). The only thing I don't like involving chocolate/sweets is marzipan and fruit. :P I love trying new foods so don't be scared to send me fun weird local stuff.

  • Pretty non-plastic beads, metal charms, chains, and findings, for jewelry and other artistic endeavors

  • Recipes and cookbook stuff: I love it all except seafood. I really enjoy Italian and Mexican cuisine. Pasta/sauces are used frequently and spicy anything is my favorite. Mmmm jalapeños!

  • Sewing: patterns. Easy ones that aren't for clothing. I'd love to make bags of all kinds or anything useful like aprons. Fabric: all patterns or plain except Americana, Shabby Chic, or Disney print. I also have very little in terms of supplies so all little things like zippers and thread are great.

  • Favorite number is 3! Yes 3 :) I love things with this number on it.

  • Punchinella, vellum paper, and chipboard

  • blank (on both sides) postcards. I want to start doing my own but can't find the blanks anywhere.

  • I don't really have a favorite color but If we are in a swap that needs a choice, I do really like ocean blues and autumn oranges. And I like the combo of gray and yellow. Jewel tones are nice too. I promise though, I won't be offended by any color.

  • Kawaii stuff- San-x, Sanrio, Rilakuma, etc.- please no more hello kitty though unless it's weird :) I probably have it all! I love memo sheets, sticker flakes, stationery, cabochons, plushies, I love it all!

  • Maps, postcards, any things specific to your area (I'm in love with Europe, Tokyo, and Australia) like that. I would realllllly like German things like little chocolates or tiny toys or stickers. I grew up there and have nothing to show for it.

  • journaling equipment! #I love pens!!!# I have a large collection and I write A LOT. My favorites for now are Sharpie's pens, prismacolor 005, and papermate Flair, and gelly roll. I also love really smooth gel pens. If you love a particular type and have an extra, send it my way please!

  • I collect notebooks and journals- all shapes and sizes. From tiny to huge, unlined for drawing and painting to lined composition book and spiral bounds and memos. My favorites are the types with different paper, like bamboo, recycled, or any kind of textured, floral is great!

  • handmade paper!

  • washi/deco tapes in fun prints

  • glue dots, double-sided tape, die cuts, pieces of cool yarns and fabrics (for altered artworks/junk journals)

  • stationery sets or just the sheets

  • postage stamps. I collect them. I really like the ones with animals/space scenes/landmarks/art. And international ones are extra fun. (I don't mind whether the paper is on or off).

  • themes of: fairies (not Disney, please), angels, birds, woodland animals like bunnies, foxes, hedgehogs, wild animals like sloths and koalas

  • Favorite Birds: Magpies, Seagulls, hummingbirds, Painted Buntings, Flamingos, quails (I'm a sucker for a feather hat!), the mythical Phoenix, and Blue Herons

  • Witchy stuff: Tarot, Oracle cards, runes, candles, reference books, BOS pages, incense holder, spells, dried flowers, amulets, and crystals. I especially love Citrine and Lapis Lazuli. I'd really like any crystal sent to me. I'm a magpie and believe they're good for the soul.

  • Michael's drawing things and dollar section stuff like fun stamps (rubber or clear) and notecards and things. There is no Michael's out here :(

  • my little toddler loves ducks, penguins, owls, all birds actually, Elmo, Mickey Mouse, Coloring books, crayons, Color Wonder stuff, crocheted and knitted flowers, matchbox/hot wheels cars and stickers.

Please don't send

  • Cinnamon or its cousins. It makes my tongue swell up and I couldn't taste anything for a week last time I accidentally ate some... Oops.

  • Seafood recipes. I have always had a huge aversion to all things coming out of the water and onto my plate.

  • plain post-it notes. Have more than any human should.

  • Diddl, Girly Disney, peace signs

  • zombie, apocalypse, anti-religious anything

Artists and art

I love Salvador Dali and the general category of surrealism. I can stare at his masterpieces for hours and never get bored. The works of Thomas Kinkade give me a sense of calm coziness when I'm stressed. Hokusai's prints are beautiful. I do not enjoy the styles of Picasso and Frida Kahlo, though I tend to find interest in any piece of art.

Favorite Books

What I'm reading lately:

Just started the Discworld series! Saw on lots of my favorite swappers' pages so thought I'd check it out. It's so AMAZING! :) The Jane Madison Series, anything by Michio Kaku, the Harry Potter Series, the Joy Luck Club, Divergent series, non-fiction especially science-related astronomy, science fiction.

 All-time Favorites of Childhood

The Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Konigsburg, A Cricket in Times Square, The Giver, Beatrix Potter's works, The Giving Tree, Maurice Sendak's Stories, Dr. Seuss, Richard Scary books, Madeline, Little golden books


I'm very allergic to cinnamon. I don't know which kind, so to be safe, nothing cinnamon or scented cinnamon please. Thank you. Also, I'm pretty allergic to cats. But I love them so cat images are good :3 just no piles of fur ( I understand sometimes it gets in there).

Don't forget!



Artistic rated for Writer Birthday Party 2015 (USA) on Mar 1, 2016
Comment: Thank you.
emilyjane rated for SWL ~ handmade smash/junk book #3 on Aug 21, 2015
Comment: I'm really sorry to have to rate a 1, I've been away from swap-bot since mid June, and in that time didn't receive a re-send for the missing smashbook, and I've gone through all my messages and haven't had any correspondence or emails from you since we last messaged each other about the swap not arriving. I hope you're okay, and as always, I am happy to amend my rating when a swap is made up. Emily x
BennysMumma rated for LBoE - Jar of Hearts on Jul 15, 2015
Comment: It makes me very sad to give out a 1, but I still haven't received anything for this swap and it's been over 4 months now. I will gladly rerate when I receive the swap from you, but until then I have to drop you from the group too. Hope all is well with you.
Comment: Jan 17 2016 - Going through swaps and still nothing. August 26th, 2015 - Still nothing. August 5th, 2015 - was contacted and Cara says the letter will be out soon. :) I tried messaging you, letting you know I haven't gotten anything as of today, July 15th, 2015. I HATE doing this, and will rerate you if I get anything. I hope you're ok.
Response: Thanks lovely <3
Comment: Both the host and I have tried contacting Cara, but neither of us have gotten any response. The host sent me a lovely angel package for this swap. I will be happy to re-rate if I ever receive anything from Cara.
junemoon rated for Writer Birthday Party 2015 (USA) on Jun 15, 2015
Comment: Thank you very much for the beautfiul blank book. I'm not a collector except of quilting material and really pretty blank books -- love them! and I really did need new pens.
AmookIslandCreations rated for BL#1 SUPER BIRD SWAP on Jun 5, 2015
Comment: This swap was very late! It was due to be sent out on 14 Feb 2015, but I rec'd it on 4 Jun 2015. The items were lovely and the envie was wonderful. Thank you. Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Response: I apologize again for the late late send. Life got crazy. Thanks for the rating. Hope life is good in Alaska!
merlainne rated for Writer Birthday Party 2015 (USA) on May 15, 2015
Comment: Thanks for making the effort to send a swap during troubled times. Love that you chose a writing item from Amazon. Blessings to you and your family.
starrycat rated for Writer Birthday Party 2015 (USA) on May 9, 2015
Comment: The package arrived on Thursday! Thanks for the Cute Mochi plushie from Etsy! Its fantastic.
Comment: Thank you so much for the awesome Snoopy profile comment =D. It was so thoughtful of you to read my profile and find out I am in love with this little guy =S
Comment: Thank you so much! Everything is so cool...even the scented wax - the combination description is fantastic! Though, I am going to save it to gift to someone else because it will give me the sneezes!
Aquamarine3733 rated for An Ostara Garden~ on Apr 9, 2015
Comment: Thanks so much for all the cool Ostara goodies... I had to make spring cookies the moment I received the bunny cookie cutter and I can't wait to try the flower seeds. Thanks!
smilesalot7 rated for Craft stick art on Apr 7, 2015
Comment: Thank you :)
wyrdfae rated for Craft stick art on Apr 4, 2015
Comment: I love love the city one. Thank you for all of them.
Response: :) you're welcome!! They were really fun to make and recieve for my collection.
erzsebet rated for M/L/FT-Goddess Series-Ostara on Mar 30, 2015
Comment: CARA WOW! I love it! I cannot wait to start coloring the coloring book. And you way outdid yourself with the book!! It's an AMAZING addition to my collection of witchy books. I love everything! <3 <3 <3 <3
Response: Oh my gosh. :D I am so so happy you like it this much <3 I put a lot of time and attention into it. I actually mailed the research page seperate with the ATC card so you should be getting those soon as well. Sorry I forgot to add a note. I was just happy to get to a post office before closing!
Juliagolia87 rated for Gilmore Girls in a Mini Bag on Mar 24, 2015
Comment: LOVE IT ALL!! The mug is MASSIVE! I can't wait to watch willy wonka either! Thanks so much!
Response: You're so welcome! Had tons of fun making this swap for you :)
sebastian122 rated for AtJ: Sakura postcard on Mar 20, 2015
Comment: What a cute card. =D Thanks for sharing it with me.
Response: Thanks! And you're welcome. Fun swap!
erzsebet rated for Ostara/Spring Equinox Card Swap on Mar 20, 2015
Comment: I got your lovely card! Thank you thank you! The little bookmark and the seed blessing were such cute touches. ^_^ I love getting swaps from you!
Response: :) you're welcome!!!

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smadronia on Oct 13, 2015:

You ok?

KuriPie on Jul 15, 2015:

I hope everything's okay, Cara <3

njstauter on Apr 25, 2015:

Glad to read that magick works in both our lives! Still holding the flame here for your family.

erzsebet on Apr 24, 2015:

I've been watching a lot of supernatural lately so here's a happy Dean xD

alt text

erzsebet on Apr 24, 2015:

alt text

erzsebet on Apr 24, 2015:

Hi Cara! Hope you're doing well. I hope it's actually spring where you are right now (here in Michigan it SNOWED this week!!! ugh!! xD ). Here are some pics to bring springtime to your profile! Happy Beltane! alt text

miablancs on Apr 20, 2015:

Hi there I am your partner for the swap CAS: COMMENT DECORATIONS #2 SPRINGTIME. I hope you are enjoying spring with your little son as spring is always fun with toddlers. I want you to know that after reading your profile I am praying for you and your Grandmother =D. Happy Spring

njstauter on Apr 17, 2015:

I will be the Strega candlekeeper for the next two weeks (one of the Strega Sis is moving so I am standing in for her), and will keep your intentions in the flame. Whenever you need to draw positive energy, just either imagine the candle flame or light one and join energy with me. Standing with you through your family transition. Blessed be thee.

XFoxgloveX on Feb 27, 2015:

Glad you liked it!! <3

smadronia on Feb 22, 2015:

Thank you for the super cute mermaid Hello Kitty! I have a cotton candy one, and this gal will fit nicely beside her :)

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