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Date Joined: October 2, 2014
Last Online: March 3, 2021
Birthday: March 13
Country: United States
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About Me

**Recent News: **February 2021 Texas is getting so much snow and sub-zero temps, which it really doesnt know how to handle! I love the snow and have spent a lot of time in Pennsylvania and Iceland, so this isnt new to me, however it is knew to everyone around me! We have only 1 snow-plow in my town and everything (including post offices) is shut down, so mail may be slow going out or delayed a few days. I have contacted any partners this may affect, but please get in contact with me if you have any concerns or issues. Fingers crossed this is cleared soon and I can get to the post office in the next few days!

**Some things I really love (above all else): * Teekanne brand teas from Germany (especially the winter ones.) Also, always looking from this praline tea from Curtis thats Eastern European

  • I'm also a huge fan of 7 day croissants, the Milka chocolate bars that are as big as your head (especially the one with little candies in it) and Lach Gummi. I miss these things so much now that I cant travel due to Covid restrictions.

  • I ADORE Moomin! Give me all the Moomin! Moomin tea from Nordqvist is also much desired!

A little about me

  • A natural redhead
  • Pagan
  • Currently in the States living in Texas
  • Born in New Mexico, lived in Pennsylvania on a rural farmland that's been in my family since the 1700s (still own a house there), moved to Texas, moved to Siena, Italy after highschool and dreaming of moving back to Europe or the pacific north-west
  • 30 years old
  • Moved back home in November 2020 due to Covid and trying to figure out what the heck Im doing with my life
  • I have 1 cat (Toulouse) and a pembroke welsh corgi named Poppy
  • I love to garden, write, read, paint, create, drink tea, bake, cook, travel, play Switch (video games), brew kombucha, relax in a bubble bath, take my dog on long walks and take very long naps!
  • I love love love to travel and have been to 17 countries thus far. I was last in the UK a few months before COVID hit and plan on making a big move to the UK in a few years.

Ratings/Hearts/and other info

I love receiving a Star for a swap I put together. I generally do very time-intensive swaps and it takes a lot to host them. If something bothers you about a swap I do, please let me know!

The same goes for hearts. If I didn't receive one I feel I've let you down and would like the chance to make it up to you

When I mark it as "sent" it means it is sitting in the mailbox at the post office. Sometimes this happens after the mail goes out or on the weekend, but sent means it is officially out of my hands and on its way to you!

If you haven't received something from me please contact me before rating so we can resolve the issue and resend your swap. I try to be accommodating and understanding and I always ask the same of my partners.

if something arrives postage due PLEASE contact me so I can refund your money. I sometimes just throw stamps on a letter without weighing it and always worry about something arriving postage due. It hasn't happened yet, although I have received a few that showed up that way. Its always a weird feeling when you have to go to the post office and pay to receive your letter

I archive swaps I haven't received yet, but I don't keep track of who hasn't rated/received. Please contact me if you don't receive someone from me BEFORE rating. I always send my swaps, so it is lost if you haven't received it and I want to fix the situation immediately.

*I will rate each swap the day I receive it, if I haven't rated you I haven't received it *

I will give you a good amount of time for something to arrive. I understand that during Covid we are all just trying to do our best. If I notice a bunch of 1's stacking up on your profile, then I will go ahead and rate (if my swap hasn't arrived in a timely fashion) but I generally try to give you space for it to arrive (especially internationally! I'll give these months.) If for some reason something comes up, please just contact me! I am chronically ill and understand if stuff is going to be late. I am also willing to re-rate if you speak to me about whats going on. I'll give everyone a second chance, but I wont give many 3rd or 4th chances. Communication is key. Just let me know!

I am also chronically ill and sometimes my swaps will go out in the post a day or two after the send-by date. I promise to always message you if this happens and let you know its probably due to a bad pain day where I couldn't get to the post-office on a Saturday before it closed. I generally prepare all my swaps on Sundays and have them out in Monday/tuesday mail. I do them early in case of a bad pain day so I am not waiting until the last day of a swap to get stuff done.

AMAZING angels

These are people who have gone the extra mile and angeled for something I was flaked on! 

@JennaZ who hosted the "Christmas for the Dogs" swap and angeled when my partner flaked on me twice in a row. My pup loved all the toys she sent (she sent quite a package of goodies for her!)

@Minxy1964 angeled me the Random Acts Of Happiness #3 swap :) thank you so much, dear

@Artistic was the swap host for the Writers Year and sent me a huge Angel package to make up for my partner flaking! She went above and beyond the swap requirements and sent a really lovely package! Thank you so much!

@queenelisheba for angeling the winter solstice swap

@Tiffaknee for angeling the "cup of tea for you and me" swap. A+ friend and swapper ❤️❤️

@CariahCreates sent Poppy a sweet Valentine's gift from her pup Toby, since Poppy was flaked out of a Christmas present for the "dogs of Christmas" swap. It warms my heart how kind some people are! I was angeled twice for this swap (from @JennaZ first.)

@SabbySteg angeled one of the Lush Boxing Day swaps I was flaked on. Such a very sweet package and sentiment, thank you dear!

@henjomaani for angeling AND resending the Tea for Tealovers swap and sending me a big envelope of tea

@sal410cat for angeling the BoS swap AND an Autumn swap I was flaked on last year. Thank you so much :)

@schaefchen87 for angeling the "not my country" food swap! So many delicious treats :) thank you!

The following swaps I have been flaked on and haven't been angeled for:

  • Sweets and chocolate swap- 8$ of candy from your country (this has NOT been angeled so far, despite the comment on my profile. The comment is from someone who flaked on another swap with me, so I'm not holding my breath.)
  • Private Lush Boxing Day Swap- was the host of this swap in my Lushaholics group. I was supposed to receive 10-15$ of holiday products (which included the bogo sale extras), I was flaked on by @mailboxqueen30 and it was not the first flake, but the most expensive since I sent her a nice box of lush surprises in exchange.

Tea likes and dislikes

I will never rate someone poorly if they send me something from my dislike list..but I definitely give hearts and raves for giving me teas from my "likes"

I dislike: rooibos (African honeybush) and Lipton tea

Love: earl grey, fruity teas especially ones with actual dried fruit in them , loose leaf tea (I enjoy receiving these as long as you mark what they are on the baggie), Matcha, sleepy teas, Clipper brand and anything exotic like strawberry chocolate or praline

Brands I absolutely adore: 1. There was this Praline tea from Russia with the brand name of Curtis. 2. I LOVE Strawberry tea/ Erdbeeren Tee! 3. I love dessert teas that have fancy flavors like cake/cookie/pastries 4. I also adore a good evening tea thats caffeine-free for bedtime. especially if its something unique and out of the ordinary to the normal "sleepy time" herbal tea 5. Please PLEASE send Moomin tea! I love it :) and Nordqvist! 6. Teekann Winter teas from Germany such as Winterzeit!

Food Swaps

Things I especially love for Food Swaps

  • Crisps, especially spicy ones or paprika ones
  • Teekanne winter flavors like Winterzeit and the Marzipan/orange flavor!
  • Chocolate! Milka, German chocolate, Kinder, hazelnut chocolate, you name it!
  • 7 Days Croissants (You get automatic hearts for sending me 7 days croissants. I adore these!!!!)
  • Gummy candies (such as gummy bears/worms/similar fruity candies ESPECIALLY the ones from Germany like Lach Gummi)
  • Lingonberry
  • Blackcurrant
  • Eis Tee (Especially the watermelon flavor!!)
  • Junk food from around the world
  • Tea and hot chocolate
  • Noodles!
  • Cute foods that are shaped like animals (i'm a child at heart!)
  • I have a big sweet-tooth, so pastries or other sweets are much appreciated :)
  • ANYTHING from Iceland as long as it doesnt smell or isnt Licorice flavour. I miss Iceland so much! *

Pagan/Witchy Swaps

** Pagan/Witchy swap ideas**

Path: An eclectic mix of: Norse (Asatru), Celtic, and Hedgewitchery

Goddess: Persephone, Baba Yaga

God: Cernunnos, Odin, Anubis, Dionyssos

Astrological Sign: Pisces (water)

Rising: Scorpio (more water!)

Moon sign: Libra

Totem Animals: Fox, Stag, Bat, Opossum

Tarot: Wildwood; Starseed; Oracle cards; Affirmation cards. I love feminist/goddess theme or woodland/celtic theme. Love stuff that has to do with the moon as well.

Incense: Nag Champa, Bergamot

Herbs: Lemongrass, Pennyroyal, Clove, Orange, Frankincense, Black Pepper, Pine, Fir, Mugwort, Cinnamon

Other Plants: Belladonna, Foxglove, Datura, Palo santo

Crystals/Stones: Amber, Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, Quartz, Carnelian

Loves: Handmade dolls/poppets, sea glass, hag stones, witch balls, gods eyes, corn dolls, bells, handmade, bones, toadstools, gnomes, elves, feathers, wax melts, candles,besoms, cauldrons, archaeology, mythology, black cats, halloween,burial/death rituals, Santa Muerte, Found objects like seed pods and beautiful stones or feathers, tarot decks, plants, God/Goddess imagery especially of Cernunnos, bones, antlers, coffin nails, homemade oil blends, homemade potions/salves, herbal remedies, herbal tea blends and smoke blends, natural stone jewelry (especially necklaces, rings and earrings), mirrors, antique items, chalices, Athames and ornate knives, fossils.


I Dislike:

  • Foods with meat/mushrooms (I'm vegetarian)
  • Glitter and confetti
  • Black Licorice (fruity twizzler flavours are ok though.)
  • Marzipan
  • Vanilla and candy/cake scents
  • Roller stamps
  • Christian items. I'm cool with Jewish/Muslim, just no Christianity please.


DreamCloud rated for March 2021 Card Reading on Mar 3, 2021
Comment: Mallory, thank you so much for the incredibly detailed multi-deck card reading with runes and crystals. The Polaroid of the spread is incredibly helpful. The new month is off to a good start with your reading! ❤️
megan1230 rated for Seed Packet Swap to 2 Partners on Mar 2, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for the seeds and the goodies!
Comment: Hi Mallory! Thanks for the beautifully decorated birthday card & envelope. I really like the blue & purple butterfly and tags you enclosed along with the tiny post-it notes. Take care & Be safe! Judy
Comment: TYSM, Mallory! For some reason, it didn't click this one was for this swap, so I ended up opening today instead of saving, although I have saved the card to open next month! The extras are great. Over and above, ty. (I think those JA postcards came from me, originally, but I don't think I sent them to you! LOL It's funny how some things make the rounds.)
debbiespoms rated for CS:letter,Tea,Seeds(1) on Feb 25, 2021
Comment: Thank you for your Valentine card note, tea, & 2 pkgs. of seeds. Enjoyed all !
Comment: What a beautiful birthday card envelope I have received! The postmark was even pink, haven't seen that before. I couldn't wait until the 7th to open it ~ I tried! Thank you so much for the awesome Jane Austen post cards and the cute stickers!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday on the 13th!! Lots of hearts for your amazing swap!💖💕💖
Honeyloveart rated for SWAS: Spring Altar on Feb 16, 2021
Comment: So exciting to get the exact tarot deck I've been drooling over! Thank you so much!!!
mandigutterrose rated for SOTM: Element Pcs on Feb 13, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much for joining my swap, I was positively thrilled with what you sent and the extras! (I will be frami9the October one to hang in my daughter's room.) Blessed be.
Comment: thanks i know i will use these and i really like them
Comment: Thank you for the birthday card and all the fabulous extras!
Catt007 rated for Magic herb on Feb 4, 2021
Comment: If I could give more than 1 heart I would. Thank you for a truly lovely and thoughtful swap and your help and advice so I could get through the nightmare that is Brexit and get mine to my swap partner without problems. If the swap they receive is half as nice as mine then I'll be happy that I sent a great swap. Thank you. Blessed Be. 😀
Comment: Thank you SO much for the witchy goodness! I LOVE everything you sent to me! It will all go to great use in my journals!! there's so much fun here! Thanks bunches!!! xx Gabi
AislingKanoni rated for SWAS: Imbolc Greetings on Jan 30, 2021
Comment: Thank you so much. Love it all. Can't wait to try the soup.
kfaye rated for TSP: Altar Box Surprise! #3 on Jan 29, 2021
Comment: This was a fun swap. I love that you chose Imbolc as the theme. This year it means more than ever to me! Thank you so much for the book and crystal grid off of my list. That was very sweet :) Happy Imbolc to you!
ajmay rated for Imbolc Greetings on Jan 19, 2021
Comment: Thank you for the cunning fox card and the beautiful note and recipe. I love all the goodies! I can't wait to sow those seeds!
nycphotog rated for Tea time on Oct 25, 2017
Comment: thanks for sending, the swap smelled so good when i opened it! i'm excited about that chamomile, my favorite.
mindles rated for Tea time on Oct 19, 2017
BeaAndtheBigBlueSea rated for week of tea nr.27 on Oct 14, 2017
Comment: You sent so many teas. I can't wait to try them all.
Comment: Thank you so much for all the wonderful items in this swap. I absolutely love everything. I am wearing the necklace right now.
ladybugluvsstuff rated for A cup a day--March on Feb 21, 2017
Comment: awesome selection /variety of teas!! the red felt envie is amazing!!! thank you for making my day😊

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reauk on Feb 19, 2021:

Sending virtual hugs 🤗take care stay safe Andrea 😀

CurlyTea on Mar 13, 2019:

Happy Birthday!

CurlyTea on Mar 13, 2018:

Happy Birthday!

njstauter on Feb 5, 2018:

Be the love you seek in the world

Bhindblueeyes on May 4, 2017:

Because I loved this .gif so much, I just have to leave it for all of the HFF members :)

JudalineZ on Feb 20, 2017:

Thank you for the collection of healing crystals for Jan ALW WTA I love them.

njstauter on Jan 22, 2017:

I am using the "Nevermore' soap. It was a slice, however, the quality of it is extraordinary and will out last other bars. I have the lotion at the ready as soon as the one I have that is almost spent is finished. I can hardly wait to open it...says it is a Lotion for Starry Nights. Holi Ka you find the most interesting items!

njstauter on Jan 21, 2017:

Thank you for the GWE WTA package. I love the scents! What a wonderful surprise in today's mail. You are an amazing SB Sister

njstauter on Jan 7, 2017:

I am honestly delighted that you were open to receive the mug and like it. I'd love for you to let me know how your doc appointment went and how you are doing.

njstauter on Dec 27, 2016:

Hope your flare doesn't last too long and is mild. I can identify with them, so hope you take good care of yourself. Your travel dreams look wonderful!!!

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