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Country: United States

About Me

I live in a small house in a fairly small touristy town with my amazing hubby and our sweet rescued shy dachshund mix Oliver (LOVE dogs!) and our new addition, a very sweet and VERY skittish rescued wheaton wirehaired dachshund, Rusty. (PLEASE share if you had a skittish dog and they overcame it--what did you do?!) I work full time at the 100 year-old community hospital. Mom to a son who is an adult now; empty nest works for me! (And during COVID---I'm EXTRA thankful my parenting to a child is over!)

I'm a🐶🐶 dog-lover, animal lover, recycler, energy-conscious, almost-vegetarian who loves to thrift shop and find a good bargain but despises clutter and has no collections. (Except pens, those don't count as a collection because I USE them, right? :) I tend to enjoy animals more than people. :) I am an introvert (ISFJ) and HSP.

I love:

👍God (my #1!)

👍clean/fresh outdoor air

👍sounds of birds singing, nature, trees, flowers

👍learning or thinking of something in a new way


👍quiet time

I love to find new ways to use things that are otherwise "done" with use. Example: You can make an old calendar page/picture into an envelope!! Cut them up! Make ephemera or envelopes, or whatever you can think of! But PLEASE recycle at least..I think of a LANDFILL every time I throw something in the trash....do we really need to add that?🥴

🚭******* PLEASE NOTE*********🚭

NO SMOKE SMELL; It causes a reaction🤢


THIS INCLUDES GLITTER PENS! (Metallic ink is great; it doesn't come off on everything like glitter pens do)


Hobbies: 🐶 Lovin' on dogs!! (mine or anyone else's!), paper crafts, walking and enjoying nature, time with my hubby, reading good books (Suspense is #1), kayaking/swimming in clean pure natural water, home remedies/essential oils, avoiding toxic products of all kinds, supporting companies that are CRUELTY FREE, nature, animals, fresh air, bargain hunting, bird watching/feeding/observing, lists, envelope decor, etc.

I changed over to natural and 100% cruelty free products...They are no longer so expensive or hard to find! FINALLY!!! I've waited 25 years!

I like quiet and I like clean and simple and do not like commercialization, consumerism, or clutter.

I love anything that looks like "sparkle" (but doesn't come off!); sun rays or starburst or firework for crafting; stencils, masks, stamps, papers, etc. (But as much as I LOVE creating the "fireworks" on paper, I do NOT like real fireworks going off---causing animals to fret and sometimes to the point of harming themselves, causing nature to be disturbed, causing pollution in the air, etc)

I'm one of the few who is not a fan of stickers in general; they're just not worth it to me. One use, expensive when you think about what minimal "use" they get. Ephemera + glue stick =STICKERS for less and that's recycling.👍

Related to Swap bot...

Things I like to see in the mailbox:💌 long letters from friends who communicate like a CONVERSATION. Replying to what was received, asking questions that would come up in context of a conversation, sharing thoughts/perspectives, etc. (Not lists of questions, not generic questions, or questions about "favorite" this or that, unless it's in conversation) I'm not looking for things, I'm looking for THOUGHTS.

I'm trying my hand at hand lettering (just a beginner so I love examples!) Snoopy/Peanuts is the only "character" or "cartoon" that I like.

I'm not likely to be in a swap other than for 💌letters. So I'm not going to list that I like this kind of sock, or that kind of tea, or whatever nail polish (which can be toxic if you're not careful about which kind you wear and remember to select CRUELTY FREE so you're not supporting the testing on the poor lab animals!!) or etc. I'm totally uninterested in "things". (Minimalist)

🧡ephemera in general

🧡cling stamps





🧡inspirational quotes 🔉

🧡flowers 🌺

🧡hearts💖 🧡

Let me know if you have ideas for "masking" or "stencils" (recycling again!); example: flower shaped silicone coasters make great textures!

My style is not cutesy or perfect, it's messy and mixed media style. I leave my perfectionism at work, there is no place for it in my craft room. 😜

Favorite Books

I love suspense. I love a twist. I love books. Real paper books. My most edge-of-my-seat book is An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen. If you write and have read it and have recommendations for that style of book, please share!

I read a lot of books that I don't remember......

Favorite Crafts

Crafts: I❤ love to make something with paper crafts. 🌈 I don't like anything raised from the paper such as buttons, ribbons, etc. I keep it simple, it's just my style. Stamps, inks, stencils, texture, etc.

I make cards and donate them (DOROT, lovefortheelderly website, FB From the Heart, etc) instead of swapping items; I feel for the elderly in nursing homes or home alone and lonely.

I like to listen to podcasts while I craft....I like Crime Junkies, Marriage is...Funny....I like the content and I like their voices....I'm sensitive to certain voices and even if I'm interested in a subject, if I can't stand the voice, I can't listen to the podcast. If you enjoy podcasts that have a deeper voice that isn't obnoxious and doesn't swear a lot, let me know.

TYPES of Pals/Swaps

Since joining, I have found that most penpal swaps just do not match with my style of pen paling. I have made a few AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL friends from here so I will press on, hopeful to find more, but please know that not every swap will result in an ongoing pen pal friendship🤷‍♀️. It's nothing personal, just a difference in pen pal style. If letters feel like it's from an actual friend who KNOWS ME and is writing specifically to ME when they are writing a letter (seems like a no brainer but...), then I'll be interested in responding. If it feels more like just someone writing a letter, that's okay for the swap, but it's not for continuing. 🌺 (If you feel like we're totally on the same page on this pen pal style, feel free to reach out even if we're not matched up for a swap! I'll always consider quality pals and have made some of the best that way!)


Comment: Hi, Your envelope is the happiest I've ever seen !! with washi tape on it and stickers inside, the two things you rarely use, thank you. I love all the extras, especially the PC of Grand Haven, aerial view with the important spots labeled, ships fascinate me. I've been going through a long dry spell with my mailbox being empty day after day, now, I have two beautiful, fun, long letters from you ! ! ! Keep up the good swaps.
Response: ❤❤❤❤❤
Comment: Loved the letter thank you !!!
Comment: Thank you for the lovely letter and ATC coin - beautiful. I will write back shortly!
swolverton rated for Let's Talk Dogs! (email swap)🐕 on Aug 18, 2020
Comment: Loved your pictures!!!!
Comment: Thank you for the amazing email! Loved the picture! :)
Petaltea rated for Let's Talk Dogs! (email swap)🐕 on Aug 15, 2020
Comment: You are NOT that far from me!!! I have been to your little quaint city and LOVED it there! Stayed about 15 miles away!!!! You will FOR SURE be getting a letter back!!!!!!
Response: I'm so glad to hear you're writing back!! And, sooo cool that you've been here!
Comment: I really enjoyed reading your letter--looks like we have a lot in common! The painted envie is so pretty!Love the atc with the bird! Yes, I would love to write back to you.
Response: YAY! I'll look forward to it!
Comment: Thank you for the letter and little envelope of goodies. I will write soon!
dorcii rated for E-mail Swap: Picture of your pet(s) + on Jul 23, 2020
Comment: Thanks a lot for your email with the picture of your dogs! :) I'm sorry for my delayed rating - my left hand started to hurt very badly, therefore I tried to avoid using computer. Now I came up, as today is the last day of this swap, and I don't want to be late. I'll reply back to your email for sure when my hand gets better! :)
Comment: Thank you for your letter about your Oliver. My Toby is a quirky little dog too. I'm sure he remembers how much it hurt when he lost his leg so he won't let us trim his nails (or brush his teeth). He has a warning sign on his vet record since he's so feisty. He is not a fan of other dogs so I'm forbidden from adding any fur siblings. I volunteer at our local shelter walking dogs so I get to love on other rescues then.
Comment: I was responding to your letter when the swap letter came, how fun :) And what a coincidence, I was drawing you a map of our condo when I opened your map - great. I'm not familiar with a barberry but if it brings cardinals, orioles and gold finches for breakfast I like 'em. Thank you for the tiny envelopes and washi and the acorn is very appropriate as we're having a terrible problem with squirrels right now.
Comment: Thank you for sharing your thoughts, asking great questions, and surprising me with a couple 7-of-❤️‘s playing cards! I really like this one of the map of MI!
Response: So glad you enjoyed the cards! I love those Michigan cards for sure....one of my best thrift store finds! :)
mejulia rated for 📬Pen Pal Swap age 50+😁 on Apr 17, 2020
Comment: I loved your letter. It is in my pile of letters to answer.
Comment: Thank you so very much for another beautiful letter. I just didn’t have the time yet to answer you but it is still on my list. Be a little bit patient with me, and this crazy times I need a little longer to reply. But I will, promise!
Response: I'd much rather it take longer for a good letter like yours vs. having letters right away that are short or non-conversational! No worries at all!!
Comment: Tracy! Loved the letter as always:) another on its way to you my friend!
Comment: Your art piece is so loved by me. Thank-you and happy milestone birthday!
BeHappyToday rated for 📬 Turning 50 in 2020! on Jan 24, 2020
Comment: I really enjoyed your letter and getting to learn about you. Was fun reading! Thank you for sharing Tracy! 🤗

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gingerbee on Sep 15, 2020:

Thank you for the letter! I will write back to you shortly! :)

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OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CraftyMommaonaBUDGET on Apr 25, 2018:

Hello here is the link to the next letter swap


I hope it works

ttbishop on Feb 10, 2018:

Got your letter! THANKS!! SO HAPPY! Will write you back immediately. :-)

kweandee on Jul 5, 2017:

In case your interested ;)

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GuchamusGirl on May 19, 2017:

Good morning!

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