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Just Randomness Giveaway #7

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Just Randomness Giveaway #7
Swap Coordinator:institches (contact)
Swap categories: Random Items 
Number of people in swap:73
Location:Regional - USA
Type:Type 1: Electronic
Last day to signup/drop:January 26, 2020
Date items must be sent by:January 30, 2020
Number of swap partners:1

Thanks to @myancey for the idea and allowing me to do a variation of her swap!

PLEASE READ ENTIRE DESCRIPTION as I've change it from the last one.

This swap is USA only due to my postage budget.

I have too much "stuff". Bits and pieces I've saved for Decos and random journaling. Stuff could be used for smash books and junk journals. Alot of slightly used /some new stuff that’s either been sent to me that I can’t use or it’s time to move on. It’s a small box that had cards in it. I'll be adding until the box is stuffed full.

The lucky winner will be whoever is my partner after I hit the “assign partners” button. I will post the winner in the comment section below.

TO ENTER: Tell me your goals for 2020. Post in the comment section below AT THE TIME YOU SIGN UP. Any posts after I post the winner's name do not count and can receive a lower rating.

HERE IS THE REQUIREMENT: When your partner is assigned, check in the comments section below to see if your partner did indeed post a goal(s) comment in the comment section. If yes, they get a 5 rating. A comment but not the required prompt? Then that's a 3. No comment at all? A big fat 1 is what they get. REMINDER-any comment after the winning post is subject to a lower rating.


I'm putting this as a Type 1 swap as everyone will be reading and rating and I am the only one mailing.

I'm going to allow new, unrated swappers in the USA this time. But you MUST have a well filled profile to participate. I consider a well filled profile one that I have to scroll down the page to read. If no filled profile, you will be removed from the swap.

I'll be hosting this swap again (as money allows)


institches 01/10/2020 #

My goal is to get my computer/craft room cleaned and organized. I've been trying for 2 years and it has not been going well.

Suggestions or encouragement is greatly appreciated...lol!

myancey 01/10/2020 #

My goals for2020 are to get more organized and try to clear out some things I have accumulated that I no longer need

parakeetmails 01/10/2020 #

My goals for 2020 is to -actually- find a career I enjoy. I've recently discovered I honestly dont enjoy ticket agenting, and hotel managment but that I am interested in massage therapy and home medical studies :] I would also LOVE to travel more, and get to see my fiancé more!

kclicquot 01/10/2020 #

Like @instiches I really want to organize my "office". I only do crafts and I have lots of equipment. I want to up my game on Etsy, I do papercrafts and beaded jewelry. I figure the best way to start that is to GET ORGANIZED. Today I organized (by color and/or subject matter my UNused postage stamps. I've been wanting to do that for months. It's a start!!!!!

JJcrafty 01/10/2020 #

My goals for this year are to get my real estate license. To lose weight and to make it thru my son leaving for college.

kristyrogers 01/10/2020 #

My goals this year are many. The ones I'm working on the most so far are getting situated in our new home and helping the homeless through sunflower harbor homeless outreach. A hard goal I have is to help 12 people go from homeless to permanent housing by December 1.

Hyshu 01/10/2020 #

I have a goal to declutter all my swap stuff, my house and my garage!! I know I do not need everything all around me so I just need to declutter. I would say "organizing" but I am assuming as I declutter I would be organizing!

BLUR 01/10/2020 #

First on the goals list: un-decorate Christmas ;D

  1. Reduce the clothes in our house by half through donations.

  2. Schedule and prioritize "me time"

(Thanks for the fun swap!)

sherig47 01/10/2020 #

Thanks for hosting this swap. It’s fun to get random things. My gial for 2020. Is to be a better helper, listener and talk less. Expect less if others and more of my self.

AZmom875 01/10/2020 #

I don't have goal for the new year, but a goal I set last year to lose 21 pounds. I lost 16 and have gained back 6 since November. So still working on that goal.

My husband and I have a goal to be able to hike, at Antelope Canyon in May. So we are walking the dogs longer and farther at night to build up our endurance.

tcornell 01/10/2020 #

I don't make New Year's Resolutions per se, but I do wish to get our finances in better order, lose weight, and get more organized (especially in my craft room) this year!

Momskii 01/11/2020 #

My goals for 2020 are the same as in the past. I really need to organize my craft room (I actually have a room), lose weight for my granddaughter's wedding in October, save some money, and love myself.

Taedybear 01/12/2020 #

My goals for the year 2020: * Ever since I started a regular job, I plan to spend less on unnecessary things and budget my spendings better. * I plan to “renew” my personality in order to become a better person. * I also strive to be out more than being at work and inside the house. * I want to serve more full time in the ministry. * I also want to lose 10 lbs. at least. * I will try my best to be closer to friends and family and get to know them better. *Find a job that I enjoy doing and gives me more time to have a “personal/family day” * Help out my family financially * Journal more

Luckbealady 01/13/2020 #

One of my biggest goals for 2020 is to be able to make a significant impact in the lives of who ever I come in contact with whether it be my family, friends, acquaintances, or just people I run into on the street. I also want to be able to help people and spread as much joy and happiness as I can. I also want to be able to grow and strengthen in my relationship with the Lord because He truly is my everything.

ovenbernt 01/13/2020 #

probably my biggest goal for 2020 is to read more books. In 2019 it felt like I never read, something I used to love to do! I've already crushed 600 pages of an 800 page book. My "quantifiable" part of the goal is at least one book a month. I know, not THAT much, but it's still a lot more than last year. As long as I always have a book on hand, I think I will get this done. My other goal is to spend less money (via 'no spending' days) and to improve my handwriting. Come at me 2020!

SatisHuman 01/13/2020 #

My goal for 2020 is to organize my apartment. It may sound trite, but if you saw the condition of my place you would understand. I really need to destash and declutter my belongings so I'm better organized and have more space. Not to mention it would just look better overall. And I'm sure the cats would need happier, as well as me.

Nevi2018 01/14/2020 #

My Goals for 2020 include Obtaining My Disability, Adopting a Child through the Foster Care System. and Making a Happy life for me, my husband, and our dog. Oh and our future child tooo. LOL!!

Poohtat 01/14/2020 #

My goal this year is to continue improving my health. I started this goal last summer then had a surgery and then a fall/fracture and it all got put on hold. I am determined this year to really work on my health.

carol 01/14/2020 #

I love this idea! My goal for 2020 is to get healthy again. 2019 was a tough year. I had lots of pain in my legs caused by back issues. I had surgery on 12/30 and I'm already feeling less pain! Yippee! Now I just need to get going and be active again.

ablev92 01/14/2020 #

My goal for this year is to fully organize my craft room and destash items I really don't need or rarely use. My second goal is to have a more set workout out routine and to shed a few pounds

Cindymt 01/14/2020 #

My goal is to get straight A's, be more on top of pen paling, be organized and lose weight! ALso to work on my mental health!

ChickenSoup 01/14/2020 #

Goal this year is to gracefully or at least attempt to gracefully move all my stuff into the new house without spending an arm and leg in moving and new furniture.

bck 01/14/2020 #

My goal for the new year is to exercise more! 🏃‍♀️

KathyB 01/14/2020 #

My goals for 2020 are eating healthier, cutting out soda (I drink a lot of it), less sweets and getting more organized. I hope you everyone has a wonderful year!!

yvonne401 01/14/2020 #

My goals for 2020 include getting more organized, catching up on my pen pal letters and getting the pain in my arm resolved. Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year!

shesallboundup 01/14/2020 #

My goal for 2020 is to go from full-time to part-time. I am looking for to growing my eBay business & hopefully become self-employed. I would also like to do more swapping & crafting.

dalbright 01/14/2020 #

My Goals for 2020 consist of

  1. Surviving! I have Irish twins along with a 3 & 6 year old and I mother them while homeschooling and running my hopping Airbnb. Despite the craziness I want to give them the happiest 2020 I can whatever comes our way.

  2. Pairing down our home as w prepare for our move to Peru!

  3. Make more consistent efforts to date my husband of 11 years!

  4. Growing into a more Godly humble individual and growing in my communication skills.

  5. Begin learning Spanish....

  6. Finalizing adoption of our “Irish twins” from foster care.

Thanks for reading! 💕Debbie, Iowa USA 🇺🇸

silexelis 01/14/2020 #

My goals for 2020:

Have more happy days Run with my dog Schedule more hikes (than last year) Focus on the positive side of things and people too Declutter!! And plan for some professional development

03Scarlett 01/15/2020 #

My 2020 goals are ...

  1. Lose 1 pound a week this year (total loss = 52 pounds by 12/31/20)

  2. Declutter and get rid of the things that I don't need

  3. To cut way down on smoking (already have cut it by half) - won't say quit though because whenever I have, it just made me want to smoke more.

  4. To read my bible more regularly

  5. To get organized so I can actually find things when I need them!

lynnpinkdaisy 01/15/2020 #

My goals for 2020 are to minimize my wardrobe including shoes and accessories, reorganize my kitchen and donate things I'm no longer using, finish writing my book that I've been working on for several years, develop 2 new friendships with some ladies from my church and begin a good Bible study with them, and learn to love my husband better than ever!

Prettyexpressions 01/15/2020 #

Go to church more! I FINALLY talked preacher into going over Revelations! (Never met one that would go over it!)

Live each day as it were my last

Do more RAKs this year... Like pay for the car behind mes food

Donate more

Prettyexpressions 01/15/2020 #

Oh yeah and go fishing more!

jasdeepk 01/15/2020 #

Hey All! My main goal for 2020 is to get my life organized! I just got a puppy while being in the midst of nursing school and working 2 jobs as well as ALWAYS wanting to be crafting. So I have a goal of planning ahead and organizing my schedule, when to take the pup out, when to study, and when to craft all around when i work and have class.
I also have a goal of getting healthier this year. Not only working out more often but eating healthier and planning things to get me out of the house like hikes, and visits to parks!

csksml 01/15/2020 #

Hey everyone! Hope your 2020 is great so far :)

I have two goals for 2020. The main one is to be more productive with my time. I want to stop procrastinating on the things I need to do, especially in grad school. My other goal is to audition and (hopefully get into!!) the Boston Symphony Orchestra or the Brockton Symphony Orchestra. Both have horn spaces open, and my pieces are picked out. I just have to learn . Wish me luck :)

Wingy 01/17/2020 #

My goals for 2020;; It’s been since Jan 1: no sodas for me. Yep I am giving up sodas. My main goal; to work in my garden again and keep weeding the veggies I am also in between the food groups of Eat like a Bear or maybe the Keto.... I am trying whatever it takes to keep me healthy.

threelittlebirds411 01/17/2020 #

My goal for 2020 is to get things done with my business and try not to procrastinate as much. Things like product photography, listing new items, etc. I'd also like to lose weight, but that will be a secondary goal. ^_^

Nevi2018 01/18/2020 #

My goal is to achieve disability and go through some of the motoins to adopt through Foster Care . I also want to deep clean my house for my home study.

robyn 01/18/2020 #

My goal for 2020 is simple- create every single day. Can be big or small as long as it is something that allows my mind and hands to wander.

mailsbyjah 01/18/2020 #

My goal for 2020 is to be more creative and be free in doing arts and crafts! I feel like for the previous year I always have been stuck at looking at other people's work and disregard what my heart says to me. Another is to be more organized when it comes to my stationaries and to commit of using all my current stationaries before I would buy new ones! Also, my goal is to read more!!

I hope I'll be able to do these! <3

MCGalaxy 01/18/2020 #

My goals for 2020 are: 1. To get my health in control 2. To get my apartment organized 3. To get down to 180lbs

deboraht 01/19/2020 #

My 2020 goals are- Get and keep my A1C in an optimal range by diet and exercise. Increase my inventory in my Etsy shop to increase sales. Travel as much as possible! Already got that part started. Thank you for arranging this generous swap♡♡

slaidlow 01/19/2020 #

My goals for 2020 are to organize my crafting supplies. Right now there is no rhyme or reason to where anything is. When I can't find something I need, I end up buying it again, only to find what I needed later. 😆

shalvorsen 01/19/2020 #

My goals in 2020 are to continue recovering from my knee replacement surgery, work on my mental health, read more books and watch less tv, get more organized at work and at home.

CrankDatDesigns 01/19/2020 #

My Goals for 2020... Well #1 every year is cleaning my Craftroom. I moved to PA in July 2018 and it still hasn't been cleaned out totally.

I play Roller Derby and I play for the #8 best team in the World Philly Roller Derby, and I plan to work hard to make a solid roster spot. You can look me up Crank Dat :P

And last is Spending more quality time with the kids, playign board games and just hanging out.

brooklynboo 01/19/2020 #

my goal for 2020 is to get my full time job as a CNA back just have to stop breastfeeding first.

Leekoba 01/19/2020 #

Thanks for hosting! My goal for this year is to be healthy, physically and mentally, and be at my goal weight, by slowly adapting a healthier lifestyle.

captkristi 01/20/2020 #

Hey all!! I wonder if it's a "crafter thing" that we start collecting and then need to organize and de-clutter. I see that on a lot of goals...and it's one of mine as well. I have been working since summer to slowly purge things in my house I don't need. I just feel like there's so much crap building up!! I also have been, and want to continue, no purchases through Amazon until I have thought it out. No impulse buys I guess I mean to say. I also want to grow my mental health agency and do more outreach in the rural communities that are in need of providers.

StargazerLil 01/20/2020 #

My goals for 2020 are to work on my time management skills, work on my etsy store/depop store, and work out whether or not I'm going back to school- and if so, which ones. Oh, and if I'm taking an internship on a farm. This is less '2020' and more 'oh god I gotta do this rn in January 2020'.

jaz1yn 01/21/2020 #

My main goal for this year is to work on my art at least once a week. Others include looking for group or solo art show opportunities (especially in September/October/November) and making significant progress on decluttering my house. I would also like to push myself to drive to new places occasionally... I only got my license last year and drive very rarely; I tend to stick to close by areas I’m familiar with.

ChelseaStarleen 01/21/2020 #

My main goal for this year is to actually be more organized, and have my craft room in working order- so i can put my crafting hoarde to good use. I have so many bits and baubles around I need to find a use or a home for. I have a needle point project i need to finish by Feb. and some painted artwork I'd like to eventually get matted and hung.

Furie 01/21/2020 #

A few of my goals for this year are to stick with jumping rope for better health, lose 15 pounds (I"m three down, so far), and cooking more rather than eating out (both for health reasons and budget reasons).

Aalicia 01/21/2020 #

My ways to be a better person society,a better mom and quit smoking I'm a very nice person right now but everybody can use room for improvement

sweetgypsy 01/21/2020 #

My goal for 2020 is to be more organized and create more art for myself in my art/junk journals to build my skills.

mizutama 01/21/2020 #

My goal for 2020 is to finish my thesis, get my master's degree, and get a job! Hopefully I'll be able to accomplish these all before May...

Onehotmess 01/21/2020 #

This year I am trying to be more mindful of my time. I want to get my home in better order, have things more clean and organized. I’m hoping to get my kids into a routine to help us all function better! I think I would like to try to have a baby this year, but that’s a big MAYBE as my health is complicated. Whatever this year brings, I hope that it is a good one for us al! ❤️

Earlgurl 01/22/2020 #

Hello. First thing I wanted to say is this is REALLY sweet of you, and thank you for giving us an easy rating. Okay, so my goals for 2020 are: 1. To lose weight. I have lost 2 of my sisters in the past 3 years to cancer and a very tragic situation and I was NOT overweight before I lost them. In fact, I've always been SUPER SKINNY my entire life until losing my first sister. I thought I'd be able to pull myself out of the depression and would get back to being a healthy weight, but the losses kept coming. Goal 2: To get MY LIFE BACK from depression surrounding these losses. I used to be VERY social and now I don't like being around more than a couple of people. I know these goals aren't like most, but they are VERY important to me and I'm looking SO FORWARD to getting back the Happy Go Lucky Whitney!!! Happy New Year everyone!!! <3

kittyfun 01/22/2020 #

My goals for 2020 are to: 1. drink more water/less soda 2. exercise 3x per week 3. be a better friend 4. get at least 300 members at work 5. make 300% of what I made last year working 6. move to Mexico I hope we all achieve our goals for the year!

cperren1998 01/22/2020 #

My goals for 2020 are to spend more time in the library at school, do more crafts and drink less caffeinated beverages! I also want to attend therapy regularly and make more quality friends.

Burger1girl 01/22/2020 #

My goals this year are severaL. i am a very "sensitive" person, I take things personally. I need to learn peoples opinion and remarks are not who I am. I want to learn who I am and what I need to make myself a better person. I am a Christian, thus I rely on my faith mostly but many times I felt I have failed. I fear if I grow a thick skin I will lose my caring heart...and that I will not allow to happen, that IS a part of who I am I know for certain. Thank you for this giveaway!!

StarExplorer 01/22/2020 #

My goals for 2020 are to get a good job (hopefully working with kids) and eventually get a car that doesn't leak. I also want to work on eating healthier, which will help my immune system get stronger.

paperlover 01/22/2020 #

My goal for 2020 is to clean out my computer room. I can barely walk in there to get to my computer. It's really bad. I love organizing, I just don't have the time to get in there and do it. I need to just jump in and get started.

Rosa1 01/23/2020 #

My 2020 goals include decluttering or as the new term is "de-stashing" my entire home. This sounds huge, but I think if I do a bit every day, it's do-able in the year to come. I've decided my life is too brief (everyone's is, by the way!) to be living in any fashion that doesn't suit me! This means I'll do the best I can to bring my living space in alignment wit my style. Pretty sure it won't be Martha Stewart pretty, but it will be very very comfortable for me! Oh, and thanks for this swap! and Happy New Year everyone :)

Hoxiedove 01/23/2020 #

2020 goals In no particular order.... Read more books Make junk journals to sell Start my own Etsy Lose weight Go on a hiking trip alone Sell stuff made with my Cricut.

Thanks for the chance to win and thanks for reading! :) I love lists :)

wanderluster 01/23/2020 #

My goal for 2020 is to dive into something that is fulfilling to me that I won’t need to return to alcohol or drugs as a means of coping. I want to pursue art, and travel, and all creative things to fill this void that substances has left in my psyche this past year. I want to connect with other people who share the same endeavor, instead of being afraid of social contact or judgement by others. In 2020, I want to be OKAY. And I want to unabashedly share that feeling of okayjess with other creative people who will accept and accompany my path going forward. :D

wanderluster 01/23/2020 #


Tricia22 01/23/2020 #

My goal for 2020 Is to be more healthy, so eating better and exercise more

EchoElmo 01/23/2020 #

I just had a beautiful baby girl my 2020 goal is to be a great mom an stay up with my art/crafting.

zurdoswifey 01/23/2020 #

My goal this year is to lose the last 40lbs and be off my blood pressure meds by end of April...this requires me to be extremely strict with my foods and my exercise routine ...pushing myself out of my comfort zone and pushing my limits in many ways

bananakiwi 01/25/2020 #

My goals for 2020 is to find a really amazing job and make some new friends!! I also would love to further advance in swapbot and the community!! 2020 is going to be an amazing year for me, and all of us. I just know it !!

MissPaula 01/25/2020 #

I have recently lost both my parents and have 2 large storage units full of their stuff. I also have to sell my dads place. My goal is to sort, donate, sell, and decide what is really important for me to keep. I also need to organize my own home (artsy,crafty,excess). I need to accept help from friends and family and pace myself due to health issues. After I deal with the 'stuff'' my focus will be being present, and healthy living in body, soul and spirit.

BrandiAlexander 01/25/2020 #

My goals for 2020 are to clean and organize my craft room and KEEP it that way. I want to find time to do a lot more crafting. I also want to work on improving my over all health, mostly by diet and exercise.

CANNEKCUL 01/25/2020 #

My goals are to thin out my closets and narrow wardrobe to 15 outfits per season. Consistently eating healthier but allowing guilt-free special treats on occasion. Lol. Make time to read one book every two months. Reach my daily goal of at least 10,000 steps. Be in bed between 9-10 on weekdays.

ScorpioRising29 01/26/2020 #

My goal for this year is to get back on shape and start vending my crocheted art at farmers markets in town

mamarochat 01/26/2020 #

My goal for 2020 is to hike the Bay Circuit Trail in Massachusetts. I will be hiking it in sections as it is 230 miles through 37 towns. I feel I am off to a good start. I have already hiked 27 miles.

ATea 01/26/2020 #

My goal for 2020 is to be more mindful and aware. I want to be more conscious of my internal self, more self-productive, self-caring, and not only mindful of myself, but of others as well. This includes incorporating meditation into my daily routine, reading, and exercising after I awake, and making sure to show my gratitude throughout the day and before going to sleep.

amanda1334 01/26/2020 #

My goals for 2020 are to read my bible more, eat healthier, and organize!

vontakk 01/26/2020 #

Goals for 2020: have my camper turned into a tiny house by April 1st, get to goal weight, give more or myself to my pets and my volunteer work, work on all my relationships.

Ace330660 01/26/2020 #

My number one goal for this year is to organize my craft room !

StargazerHM 01/26/2020 #

My goals for 2020.

Read 100 books Do 100 swaps Remodel basement Get a new fence Paint outside of house.

institches 01/28/2020 #

I had computer problems and they have me totally flustered. I keep posting the wrong person as the winner, grrr.

The correct winner is


Box will go postal Wednesday.

I'm off to have lunch and calm down!

BrandiAlexander 01/28/2020 #

Thats awesome, i never win anything. So excited. Thank You!

Burger1girl 01/29/2020 #

Congrats BrandiALexander!! How fun was this?!?! Thanks institches!

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