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Last updated: 11/17/2022

Good news!! After about 3 months, as of mid-November I have finally started to understand and treat this crazy chronic illness thing. I have a long way to go, but I think I've turned the corner.

So I'm slowly but surely righting all these wrongs here on Swap-bot! It will probably take some time for me to catch up on all the overdue swaps, ratings, and messages, but I'll do my best.

I'm sorry to everyone I've kept waiting. I've never gone through something like this before. It was so far beyond what I was capable of handling that I underwent a painful transformation.

Please know that I take your trust and efforts seriously. Always.

I really shouldn't have to say this, but since I guess I do:

  1. I have never threatened NOR harassed anyone. Period. It's just not in my vocabulary of behavior. As soon as a boundary is communicated to me, I respect it.
  2. I have never asked anyone to rate me insincerely. There are no means of "pausing" swaps, so a friend of mine arranged an ad-hoc method of doing so. I assumed it was a legit way to handle this because there's no other way to go through something that doesn't resolve quickly and still return to this site.
  3. The reason I need a pause is, as I've said, I'm going through an ongoing crisis. I absolutely can prove it, but I think if your knee-jerk response is that I must be making it up, that's a lot more telling of your character than it is of mine.
  4. My first priority is to literally live through this. My second priority is to hold onto my job. I have had short spans when I could log in and reply to a couple of messages or rate a couple of people, but I have an overwhelming amount of communication to get through. I'm chipping at it, so yes, I might technically log in, but this is a hobby of mine. I shouldn't have to explain that it's not my first priority when my life is up in flames.
  5. All I really want is the benefit of the doubt. It is incredibly hurtful to have your character assassinated within an otherwise pretty welcoming community. I haven't done anything wrong, and yet I'm afraid that one person's paranoid delusion could compromise my safety or my family's. I don't know what this person is capable of or why they're still so interested in sabotaging me. I'm just here to share art, basically.

As of 8/16/22 I'm going through an excessively bad and chaotic time. You can message me for details but please be patient with me because I'm dealing with multiple severe health conditions that have repeatedly landed me in the ER this past week.

That said, I have no intention of flaking!!! I know I have outstanding swaps and I am truly sorry. Please also know that I will finish them as soon as I can. Thanks so much for understanding!!

Please let me know if you don't receive a swap or if I didn't add enough postage! I am willing to resend or reimburse, but I can't if I don't know there's a problem, of course.

Please note that I suffer from mental health issues that make it very challenging to complete even basic tasks sometimes, so I might not get swaps sent out until the last minute or I might take a couple of days to rate you, respond to messages, etc. Just know that I am committed to following through as soon as possible. You can always drop me a line if you're concerned that I'm running late and I'll do my best to communicate.

I've now created a group called Assuming the Best. If you're interested in an open-minded community of swappers, feel free to join!

Hi, my name is Allison!

I'm 27 and I live in Minnesota.

Right now, I work as a freelance writer. I really like my job because I get to do something I'm good at and constantly be researching and learning new things.

I have a BS in applied math and an MA in English literature, so I have a pretty wide variety of interests. I'm considering going back to school for a doctorate in philosophy, but that's down the road.

I love all kinds of artsy things! So many of the swaps I join are centered around deco books, zines, ATCs, or the like. I'm also interested in writing, reading, philosophy, psychology, music, video games, etc.

I especially like modern twists on traditional things, so for instance, I like snarky and/or modern cross stitch, modern artistic quilts, and mostly contemporary music ('90s or newer).

I also have a math/science/technology interest, so when I can combine that with something artsy, I especially love it!

My favorite colors are the cool colors: blue, green, and purple. I also really like the combination of blue and yellow.

Always open to a private swap! PM me. :)

Favorite Music

I'm all over the place on music, but I most often listen to alternative stuff (whatever that means!)

I'll try to list some artists by genre:

Alternative: Paramore, Wallows, Eels, Modest Mouse, Vampire Weekend, The Strokes, Tigers Jaw, Cold War Kids, Arctic Monkeys, Frank Ocean

Hip-hop/rap: Childish Gambino, J Cole, Twenty One Pilots, Macklemore, Chance the Rapper

Classical: Max Richter, Philip Glass, [insert most minimalist composers]

Current favorite crafts

Graphic design, collage art, friendship bracelets, ATCs, watercolor (just learning!), deco books, zines, cross stitch, digital photography (newbie)

Other current interests

Reading, writing, ASMR, DBT, graphic design in Canva, found poetry, The Sims 4 and custom content for it, Zentangle, collecting postage stamps, collecting playing cards

Other things I love

Dogs, sunshine, chocolate, coffee, weighted blankets, Etsy, Pinterest, playing guitar, singing, fractal geometry, plants (esp. succulents), office/school supplies, cool colors, modern lettering, stickers, small papers for collaging, washi tape... I'll try to add to this from time to time!

Things I do not love

I try not to focus on the negative, but these are some things that actively bother me:

Anime/manga art styles, heavy metal, country, conservative politics, relentless negativity, toxic positivity, childish or kid-related stuff, the color red, anything religious or patriotic, patchouli or anything else strong-smelling, smoke

Favorite Books

This one is hard for me because I pretty much exclusively read nonfiction, and I read whatever looks new and interesting at the library. Lol.

I guess I do have an extra strong interest in crafty books or math/science/tech books. But also self-help and psychology and philosophy.... Right now I'll say a recent favorite is The Comfort Book by Matt Haig.

I have a hard time committing to novels at the moment, so if you recommend or swap me one, it'll probably be a while before I read it.

Collecting/looking for

-ATCs! and materials to make them (esp. thin cardboard for backing)
-playing cards (for making APCs, so ideally regular-sized 2.5x3.5")
-book or magazine pages
-already clipped interesting words/pictures for collaging
-postage stamps (real or fake, unused or canceled; my favorite ones tend to be bright and colorful)
-worsted weight yarn for crochet
-embroidery floss
-deco books
-brads (especially fun/pretty ones!)

I'm also not super hard to please because I like to collage with bits of anything! :)

ATC/art style

I'm still kind of figuring out my style, but I really enjoy mixed media that's both smoothly blended (as in, lots of mixed paints, painting with my fingers, etc) and has strong accents (think black Sharpie or magazine cutouts).

I tend to alternate between collaging paper and keeping it totally flat and hand-painted/hand-drawn. Not sure why I tend not to combine them, but it just depends on my mood.

I often get inspired by some abstract concept I find in an old National Geographic magazine and go from there.

It's pretty common for me to have some kind of humor incorporated in my art, whether it's just a sense of irony, full-on sarcasm, or some silliness. I try to mostly keep a positive attitude in the words I pick out, but sometimes I'm feeling down and it comes out in my art.

As far as what I appreciate in other people's art, it's often stuff I can't do, like really detailed painting or drawing. I still lean much more toward modern/weird styles rather than vintage or traditional, however.


Some of my favorite types of postcards:
-art (especially modern or weird art, or Van Gogh)
-dogs! always
-geometric/mathematical (think Golden Ratio)
-writing/text used as decoration
-anything homemade, especially if collaged or intricately drawn/painted
-Minnesota-themed (this is funny because I live here, but don't go to local stores very often)

I'm not as big of a fan of touristy PCs, but I don't hate them. Especially if you're not from the US!


hazelwitch3 rated for SPCP: August Photos 2022 on Nov 26, 2022
Comment: I'm sorry you're having such a tough time at the moment. I'll be happy to change the rating once you're able to send the swap. 18 November. Thanks for sharing your pictures. I particularly like the outdoor shot -- it's lovely.
jeka396 rated for CPG Aug ‘22 Move a US Deco - US on Nov 25, 2022
Comment: Hi Allison. I know you’ve been going through some health issues, and I hope things will get better for you soon. I’m rating this as a 1 for now since you haven’t yet sent and I haven’t received any updates in a couple weeks. Will update to a 3 if/when I receive. Update 11/25/22: thanks for sending me the botanical illustration deco to make up this swap!! So glad to hear that you’re doing better, and I hope it continues!
user6937 rated for SPCP: August Photos 2022 on Nov 17, 2022
Comment: So glad you're feeling better and expect to feel even better in the new year!
Comment: I haven't got anything. I will re-rate when I get something.
Comment: Thank you for your swap.
Comment: Hi this swap was angeled by @DreamCloud thank you Eleanor!! But I did not receive the swap from Softawoo.
NatashaJane rated for Email - My Life According To ... on Sep 23, 2022
Comment: Have definitely heard of Paramore and some songs. Im not big on music anymore but my partner is so might need to get him to save that amazing playlist you made. Heart for that extra effort girl
karlindarlin rated for PROFILE BASED POSTCARD SWAP on Sep 18, 2022
Comment: I’m sorry to do this but the moderators are asking me to rate you this way even though you were in the hospital. If you send the deco I’d be so happy to change the rating.
Response: No worries, Amy. I understand! I will do my best to get this sent to you when I'm able to make art again. Thanks for your patience!
MuggleMom rated for CPG Move Any Deco 16 - Global on Aug 29, 2022
Comment: No msg or communication to me about being late so I will rerate if swap is fulfilled. I hope all is well.
Response: Hey, Toni. I'm sorry about this. I keep thinking I'm about to make a triumphant return to making art and I just haven't been able to. I don't know when things will return to "normal" but hopefully soon!
Millia rated for ESG: My Favorite Photo - July on Aug 26, 2022
Comment: Thank you for the photos! 🐟🐚
Obstminkerl rated for ILL - 5 Lists July 2022 on Aug 23, 2022
Comment: Thank you for your lists. I really enjoyed reading them ♥
Comment: What a perfect letter!! The topic was interesting and spot on for me. I think I'm going to order the book you mentioned too. It sounds like we have very similar experiences. Sending you big hugs!
CookieMomster78 rated for Friendly Art Journaling on Aug 17, 2022
Comment: Take Care of yourself, beautiful! Hugs 🤗 ~ Harmony
Rrush19 rated for ATC Bag #111 (USA) on Aug 14, 2022
Comment: Thank you so much Allison, I was able to get my 2 ATCs and I'm ready for next step. Not really sure what you call fractal art. I will have to research it. But I would be willing to give it a try. BtW, I loved the book page. Which language is that? Thansk, Renata
9O96O rated for CPG: ICM Deco Booklets - Global on Aug 12, 2022
Comment: Just got home today and picked up my mail. Yours was the first I opened. Got straight to work on filling my pages. Finished both of your ICMs. Thanks for the lovely new decos Softawoo - Haunted Mansion and Geometry themes. Yes, I like what you did with the note by adding washi edges. And thanks for the well wishes. I'm doing quite well.
swapwithyi rated for Mini Art Journal Go-Round #2 on Aug 12, 2022
Comment: it is exciting to add something to your journal ,i will keep it moving ,i love the postcard <3
kelliegirl6 rated for Email - My Life According To ... on Aug 10, 2022
Comment: My daughter has loved Paramore her whole life! Thanks for sharing; this was fun!
Comment: Thanks for the read, it was quite fun indeed!
Comment: Thanks so much!

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Sonya on Aug 31, 2022:

I'm so sorry to hear you are dealing with this crisis. Wishing you greatly improved health in the near future. My swap can wait! Take care, Sonya <3

9O96O on Aug 18, 2022:

Thank you for your meditative art postcard for the Handmade Postcard tag. It spurred me on to look up more meditative art techniques. Abstract work is great for mindfulness drawing and painting. I heard you're not doing well right now. I wish you a speedy recovery and I hope you're back into swapping soon. Maybe some mindfulness postcard making will help you heal. :) - Rome

teejlc on Aug 12, 2022:

Thank you so much for returning this adorable puppy deco to me! Every page is just so cute. I was delighted to find it in my mailbox. I'm making a thank you book for you so hopefully it will arrive in your mailbox someday soon!

circularlogic on Aug 7, 2022:

thank you for the vintage stationery! it is perfect! I appreciate your thoughtfulness for my birthday last month! all the best,

OrigamiGrace on Jul 11, 2022:

Love the zeen you sent for Zeen tag!! And thank you for the fun extra pcs - extra special of you!!

MuggleMom on May 23, 2022:

Got my "at the movies" deco today and I absolutely love all the artwork!! Thank you for sending it home to inspire me!! I love your "some experiences can't be downloaded" what a great quote!!



ensigncelery on Apr 4, 2022:

Since my polaroid was so blurry, I wanted to show you my partner's cross stitch project here ♥

The image~

Disco BG

The stitch progress~

Wife Stitch

HausOfImps on Mar 25, 2022:

Let's Neural Blend! AI Generated Art Profile Deco

Please delete the other comment, I formatted wrong! Ugh, sorry!

Image #1: fractal origami for the blue and yellow dogs


Image #2: the snarky philosophy of minimalist composers


Image #3: there's mathematics in my coffee but all i can do is write


Hope you like these! :) I'll be sending to you for the art challenge swap soon, and notice we have a lot of similar interests -- so lemme know if you ever want to private swap!

TeacupsandCandlesticks on Mar 25, 2022:

Let's Neural Blend! AI Generated Art Profile Deco

Hello again! I hope you like the prompts. This was fun.

1 Cross Stitch Bob's Burgers Family Portrait

This came out terrifying. XD It's one of Tina's Horror stories.

2 When Office Supplies Attack

3 Origami Rap song

feverfawn on Mar 24, 2022:

Let's Neural Blend! AI Generated Art Profile Deco

Prompt 1: Fractal quilt

Prompt 2: Dogs walking in the sunshine

Prompt 3: Succulent collage

I hope you like the images & thank you for joining my swap! :)

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