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This my first time hosting a swap so I hope I do it right.

REVISION: Hopefully this revised description will make things more clear. I'm just learning.

I have too much "shtuff." I'm trying to destash and I don't want to just give it to Goodwill, so... Would you like a medium destash box? In the comments I'd like to know how you came about your user name! I find them so intriguing. . Sound fun? I have two boxes to give away ASAP. Newbies are fine.

When partners are assigned, just check to see your partner's username's description. Once you've checked it out, rate your partner a five. The two swappers I'm assigned will receive a medium sized box of my destash.

I hope that makes better sense! I can't wait to get these boxes out of my way!


captkristi 11/19/2019 #

What a wonderful idea!!! My username is a hold over from my longstanding email - captsocialjustice. I am a social worker and believe that social justice is something that should get more attention and education/understanding. So, I had to make a new email for some reason I can't remember and shortened it to captkristi - now that's just my go-to name.

pianoheart 11/19/2019 #

My user name has two meanings. I love to play the piano and, in Italian, piano means "soft," so I play the piano with a soft heart.

rarjones 11/20/2019 #

my user name is probably boring but it is my initials. I have used it forever and so it seemed right to continue when I joined swap-bot. I guess there is a bit of mystery in it but only i would see that- i used the initial of my birth last name and not my adopted name. This is very sweet and generous of you to do.

aligurl75 11/20/2019 #

This is a great idea, I may have to do this myself in the future. I have so many crafty things that I have totes full that I don't use.

My user name is a combination of my nickname and the year I was born. The G-U-R-L instead of G-I-R-L is because when I first created my email the girl was taken so I had to use gurl. Not everything revolves around it. My blog, my YouTube channel, my second email address all have GURL in it. hahahaha

Funny thing, no one calls me Ali anymore. I actually hate that nickname and get annoyed when someone calls me it. :P But I still like the username.

aligurl75 11/20/2019 #

^ Now everything revolves... (I accidentally typed Not)

Hyshu 11/20/2019 #

My user ID is pronounced "high shoe". It means White tiger in an ancient language. The spelling I came up with myself. It is even my license plate number!

purple24 11/20/2019 #

Purple is my favorite color and 24 is my favorite number.

Do we have to join the swap? If so, what do we send our partner?

Germanbaby77 11/20/2019 #

What a fun idea! My user name originated because I was born to US parents while they were stationed in Germany in 1977. I began using this name when I first moved to the states at the young age of 16. I was upset at having to leave a place I loved living for so long...

AliCrafter 11/20/2019 #

@purple24 hmm, I thought it automatically set it up with the join option.. I'll have to figure out what I missed. But yes, you join and when partners are assigned whoever I'm paired with wins!

noname13 11/20/2019 #

This is not a swap but a RAK. How can people get rated when they don't send anything? To me this is cheating the system.

Chromia 11/20/2019 #

My username, Chromia, is a female transformer that is much like me... A bit abrasive on the outside, but fiercely loyal and protective of the ones she loves. And her bio says "beware—she might "arrange" an exit out of an overwhelming interpersonal situation with a quietly-placed detonator" which the introvert in me can totally relate to ;)

Luvslife3 11/20/2019 #

How very generous of you!! Thank you for the opportunity! My name came about when we took over raising our 14 month old Granddaughter...there was then 3 of us and I was luv-ing life!!!

MCGalaxy 11/20/2019 #

My name is MCGalaxy The MC is my initials and the Galaxy is just because back when I started using this login for things 20+ years ago I was into astronomy and fractals

JuneRosebud 11/20/2019 #

Wow! What a generous person u r!! My birthday is in June. My parents were avid gardeners & one of their favorite things 2 grow were roses. JuneRose didn't sound polished enough 2 me so I used Rosebud. Both of my parents r gone now so it was kind of like a tribute 2 them....

chocolatesandPandas 11/20/2019 #

Such a cool idea! When I was signing up I couldnt think of anything, but I was munching on some sweets (chocolate hehe) and my fave animal is a Panda. So it's my Go-to for whatever username I have, I try to include panda in it lol

Prettyexpressions 11/20/2019 #

I come up with my username when I used to have an etsy store! I used to make custom paper crafts and still make flip books! I love all things pretty, and love to express myself thru them!!! God bless you for offering this great giveaway! I need to do one myself!!!

xthemasonsx 11/20/2019 #

Wait so are we sending our partners anything?

SatisHuman 11/20/2019 #

Sati is my oldest cat, ergo I am Sati's Human. I also have Gravy Boat, Peta, Elliot, and Isis. I belong to them too.

bluecrayons 11/20/2019 #

for ones who keep asking what do they send there partners. its in the description "When partners are assigned, just check to see your partner's username's description. Once you've checked it out, rate your partner a five."

such a awesome swap alicrafter.

LilysMama 11/20/2019 #

Such fun! I have a dog named Lily and no kids, so I'm Lily's Mama ♥️

auntiejo 11/20/2019 #

I was in large animal rescue (off track thoroughbreds mainly) for over 12 years and my adopters would send me updates and let Auntie Jo (me) know how their babies (horses) were doing. I retired due to severe illness a couple years ago and I still get updates (got one last week from Miss Daisy's mom) ...fast forward a bit...

I decide to go to the fun side of animal welfare and instead of rescuing 20 and 10 dead on scene. I'm caring for pets that are truly loved

Hence Auntie Jo's Cuddly Critters Pet Sitting and my name...Auntie Jo. I answer the phone and start videos with

..Auntie.Jo here...loll...seems to have stuck for all these years:'l

Awesome swap idea!!

AliCrafter 11/20/2019 #

@blue crayons. Don't forget to put in your user name explanation!

juliewasson 11/21/2019 #

@juliewasson My username is just my first and last name. I thought it would be easier for people to remember.

Dinkyde 11/21/2019 #

Dinky is my childhood nickname. When I tried to get it as my email address way back in the 90's, the closest I could get was dinkyde, so it stuck.

MissNyx 11/21/2019 #

When I was in high school I was very into fantasy fiction and Greek mythology. MissNyx is a reference to the Greek goddess of the night. She was mother to the likes of Hypnos (Sleep) and her consort was Erebus (Darkness). She was an older deity than Zeus and was feared by him. I was a huge night owl and loved to go running in the middle of the night underneath the stars. The goddess of the night seemed like the very personification of the time that I loved best. So it became my reoccurring username. Because it's unusual, it is usually available on most sites.

isandie 11/21/2019 #

when Yahoo started giving out free email accounts (like a bazillion years ago!) I made isandie up...my thinking at the time is that my internet address would be different that my work address, so i ended up with "I" (for internet) sandie! LOL! little did i know apple would totally rip me off!!! ;) ;) ;)

isandie 11/21/2019 #

i should have included: 1...my name is sandie...and 2...i use this username for EVERYTHING since then!

eileensariot 11/22/2019 #

my name is eileen. in high school this was my aim name. haha. It just kind of stuck with me and is always available for a username.

kfaye 11/22/2019 #

My first initial is K (For Kimberly) & my middle name is Faye. My brother started calling me Kfaye when we were little and the nickname just stuck.

Jewelss2 11/22/2019 #

My name is Julie, and close friends often call me Juls, Jul, Jules. I chose jewels i long ago, as a user name for something or another, , but it was taken, so I added an extra "s" and a "2" on the end. 😊

PrettyAlice 11/23/2019 #

I came up with my user name at least several years before discovering FB swap bot and used it on Instagram. I chose to use Alice because that’s my middle name and because I love Alice in wonderland. I then added Pretty onto it because it sounded good to me. So when I signed up for swap bot I used the same username as IG because it was easier that way. It has caused lots of people to think Alice is my first name though.

KathyB 11/23/2019 #

My username is my name Kathy and the first letter of my last name. It was easy for me to come up with.

Jsereg001 11/23/2019 #

The story behind my username is actually pretty boring (lol!). Sereg is my last name and the “001” is just random numbers that I chose to put behind it. Also, when I chose this as my username the main reason was because I had been using this as my username on most other things so I thought it would be easier to remember if I kept it as my “go-to” username. I’m sorry my story wasn’t more interesting! I have seen some awesome usernames on here! Good luck to everyone and thank you for you generous giveaway!!

Jafferty 11/23/2019 #

My user name is kind of a combination of my first and last names - Jackie Flaherty = Jafferty. I use this for a lot of my user names online.

Thanks for the opportunity to share your goodies!Fingers crossed!

yvonne401 11/23/2019 #

My username is yvonne401. Obviously my name is Yvonne and 401 is my birthday, April 1st.

cloudjun 11/23/2019 #

My name is Janie, so I just spelled it differently for a username (jeiknee) and thats how it became!

Zefaniya 11/23/2019 #

I changed the spelling of a book in the bible 'Zephaniah' to Zefaniya :D

Peachyturtle 11/23/2019 #

This is such a cool idea! My username "Peachyturtle" sounds pretty ordinary but it actually means a lot to me! My partner/his family own a fruit block and on our first date, he gave me a bag of peaches! And I've spent my whole life trying to care for turtles, I have only one of my own but I've housed many and sadly here in Australia we have a breed called the "5 cent turtle" or more formally the "Murray river" turtle as, it is bred so much, you can get it for 5 cents on the streets. And when they lay eggs in the wild, I try my best to look after them, make sure no predators get to the eggs!

milkycloud 11/23/2019 #

One of my favorite things to do is sit at my desk and journal while looking out my window; I can see all of the fluffy white "milky" clouds! This username came from the happiness I get when I'm alone and relaxed, just journaling away. :)

Leekoba 11/23/2019 #

Lovely idea <3 My username is a mixture of nicknames that was given to me in Middle School, and has stuck around ever since. Not very exciting, haha!

Akanksha23 11/23/2019 #

What a great way to Destash.. thank u!! My username is simplest and I really didn’t give any thought while I was making my account.. it’s my first name and my birth date! Lol!!

mistowls 11/24/2019 #

My username comes from an anime, as silly as it sounds. I’ve been using it since I was 13 haha. The anime is Katekyo Hitman Reborn, and my favourite character is the guardian of mist. Her “assigned animal” in the one season is an owl. If you put the two together you get mistowls, which I thought sounded cool enough!

JudalineZ 11/24/2019 #

Mine is just boring my first name and first letter of my last name

Thank you for hosting

MissBrenda 11/24/2019 #

My username is pretty self-explanatory and boring. I am not married and my first name. I tried using Ms, but it was taken, so I went with Miss.

I should do this type of swap in the future, well, maybe. Thanks for doing it!

BeHappyToday 11/24/2019 #

This is really a sweet & most generous swap idea! Kudos to you!!! Well, I have a few chronic medical issues that affect my body & short term memory. I’ve decided to try to live and enjoy each & every day .. thus my user name came to be.

jilliansmith202 11/24/2019 #

My username is my email address. I used to have the email handle of softbalgal202 that I made when I was in middle school. When I started applying to colleges, I decided that I needed a more "adult" email address and created my current email handle. I kept the 202 from my old email because at the time, 20 was favorite number and 202 has 20 in it twice (20 and 02 is twenty backwards).

lilmermaid 11/24/2019 #

I decided to go with lilmermaid because little mermaid is one of my favorite Disney movies. Plus I really want to be a real live mermaid one day. I love the feeling of salt water from the ocean., it's thicker than normal water so it feels very comforting to me. I spend a lot of time in my "Jacuzzi bathtub" aka mermaid zone soaking it helps my chronic hives which make me feel like a mermaid! lol

bluecrayons 11/24/2019 #

thanks for a spectacular giveaway.

i got bluecrayons because blue is my favorite color and i love crayons. i know pretty cheesy but it has stuck with me for 13 years.

snailmailbella 11/25/2019 #

Thank you so much for hosting this! My username is pretty generic. I just took snail mail and added it to my name (Bella)! I think it’s pretty nifty/unique though because of how the username is pronounced (sounds like sneo meow beo(la))! A little generic but I’ve grown to love it!

jinxspinx 11/25/2019 #

What a cool idea! I have read over everyone elses name meanings and learned a little about some of the swappers I see a lot on here :)

My username is from highschool 12 years ago. My close friends would call me Jinx, because I always was so clumsy and also because we would say the same thing at the same time sometimes. (Think "Jinx, you owe me a coke!" lol)

When I started playing PC video games around 17 or 18 I needed a gamer username and Jinx was taken. So I chose "spinx" because it rhymed. Thinking back, I was probably trying to spell "sphynx". lol

AZmom875 11/25/2019 #

My name here is AZmom875. I live in AZ and was parenting 8 kids. One moved out, so 7 then in 2007 the oldest two boys were graduating from High school and should also move out. One was graduating a year early and one a year late, so only they were both graduating in May of 2007. So then I would only have 5 kids at home.

Before this name I was 8izenuff. or a version of that.

I now have 2 adult children living at home. One is 31 and his sister will turn 21 in Feb. I want the sister to move out YESTERDAY. The 31 year old just moved back in for the 3rd time in October. He has medical issues. kidney failure and home dialysis daily, so he needs our shelter and compassion.

AZmom875 11/25/2019 #

Only should have been ODDLY

AZmom875 11/25/2019 #

My name here is AZmom875. I live in AZ and was parenting 8 kids. One moved out, so 7 then in 2007 the oldest two boys were graduating from High school and should also move out. One was graduating a year early and one a year late, so ODDLY, enough, they were both graduating in May of 2007. So then I would only have 5 kids at home.

Before this name I was 8izenuff. or a version of that.

I now have 2 adult children living at home. One is 31 and his sister will turn 21 in Feb. I want the sister to move out YESTERDAY. The 31 year old just moved back in for the 3rd time in October. He has medical issues. kidney failure and home dialysis daily, so he needs our shelter and compassion.

wolfeagle 11/25/2019 #

I love animals in general. But Wolves and Eagles hold a special place in my heart.

GirlMomToTwo 11/25/2019 #

What a cool swap idea, how nice of you!!

My username is me--- a mom to two girls! <3

Ace330660 11/25/2019 #

My username is a combination of my nickname and my area code. Thanks for the giveaway !

soccer8s 11/25/2019 #

My username is easy...soccer - I played for years....but haven't in forever

8 was my number

S is for my name - Stephanie

Some people think it means Socrates - so there's also that :)

Mimosagirl 11/25/2019 #

My user name came from a sister Swap botter I met in person. She suggested I join. I told her I couldn't think of an id to use. I had just finished telling her about a mimosa tree in my front yard being so huge and that my son, now 33, planted it when it was a mere twig. I used it right away and have since had to explain to several partners that in this case it has nothing to do with orange juice and champagne...LOL

Rosa1 11/25/2019 #

What a fun swap & love reading these! Mine is pretty boring ~ I'm old now, but a hundred years ago in college, I had a Spanish professor who refused to call me Rosa and insisted on calling me Rosita! For some reason this always annoyed me so much that now today, I am always Rosa :) The 1 is because there was another Rosa here first!

ovenbernt 11/25/2019 #

my username is pretty strange I believe. It is from a few years ago when I was trying to come up with a new username for a website where my usual choices were taken. I was sitting in my kitchen and I saw my oven across the room, and I thought "Hey! I burn stuff all the time! Oven Burnt! But then "ovenburnt" was ALSO taken, so I just changed the 'u' to an 'e' to make this quirky name that people usually refer to as "oveRbUrnt" --- I guess it must be hard to read at first glance? And that's that.

Kierstenyoung 11/25/2019 #

My username is just my name. My name means follower of Christ

Wingy 11/25/2019 #

My email and most social websites I use WingsPawsNMagick Well on a local book club site a member started calling me Wingy for a short version. I enjoy that as it is easier.

zurdoswifey 11/25/2019 #

Mine was a total brain fart moment haha ...my husbands nickname on his soccer teams was zurdo (Spanish for left footed or handed or kicks with left...something like that haha) ...and he called me wifey 🤷🏻‍♀️

So I couldn’t think of a good one I liked enough so just went with that basic nonsense haha

JJcrafty 11/26/2019 #

My user name is JJcrafty :because I love to make junk journals and crafts....so I just combined the two.

AliCrafter 11/26/2019 #

I neglected to add my own usename origins, though it seems rather predictable! My name is Alissyn and I have always been crafty so musing on what my username should be I sort of just connected the dots and I became AliCrafter. I think it has a nice rhythm to it. :)

Kierstenyoung 11/26/2019 #

How do I find out who to send the box to???

theoriginalbrooke 11/26/2019 #

I came about my username just trying to think of something creative. I wanted something kind of hipster-y and this is kind of what I came up with hehe :) Sorry it's not a cool or funny story. Just "original" ;)

cynaemon 11/27/2019 #

My swap name is Cynaemon, which is an anagram of all of my names: Cynthia Nathalie Ellen Milliken Bagasao Caoagdan. It is a name I have used since I was in college.

Jenny19 11/27/2019 #

My name is just my name >.< Sorry I'm not too creative but nothing was coming to my head. The number is because of my age when I made the account.

Nalahall88 12/ 7/2019 #

My user name is nalahall88 because when I met my now husband his nickname was already Simba and everyone called him Simba and once we got married people started calling me Nala so we was then Simba and Nala Hall and I was born 1988 so the 88 comes from there. This is my first time doing this and im kinda confused on how it all works still but im learning

luvmesum20 12/ 7/2019 #

I never got my partner to send to?

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