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For this swap I have stuff that has been sent to me that I probably won’t be able to find a use for. It will be an assortment of stickers , notecards , crafting stuff etc. all I ask is for each person to write in the comment section what have u been doing during this time? What have you been missing the most?

In turn my partner will receive an envelope of stuff. I just need to destash a little bit.it will more than likely be a bubble mailer. If you cannot use it then please pass along.

When leaving a comment just return here to see if your partner has left a comment and rate accordingly. Thanks. also for posterity sake please have at least a rating on your profile and a filled out profile. I should be able to scroll down ur page. I love reading about the people who have signed up for my swaps. If you haven’t left a comment sorry I will just remove you.

If I ban you there is prob a reason. Also if you have not completed obligations for other swaps I will prob drop u from swap as well. All I ask is for you to please return promptly and rate your partner. It’s a simple swap. For my partner Please leave me a rating promptly upon receiving my stash. Thank y’all. Have a good day!


shalvorsen 05/16/2020 #

It's always so nice to offer a swap like this when doing a de-stash. Thanks for the chance to possibly win :) . What have I been doing during the pandemic? I'm very fortunate that my job allows me to work from home. so other than NOT having a long commute and not having to wear "real" clothing, my work life hasn't changed much. I've also been doing more walking and reading, those are two positive changes. I'm just trying to see the silver linings. Oh, also more crafting, that's my medicine when I'm feeling down. thanks!

Hyshu 05/16/2020 #

I have been decluttering, buying too much stuff online and eating way too many cookies and cheetos! I am missing playing Mah jongg with a group of ladies and all my other running around each day. Being at home has not really bothered me but I am ready to get back out there.

lynnpinkdaisy 05/16/2020 #

Thank you for this giveaway! I'm a therapist and I work in a large treatment facility so I've continued to work. However, what I miss is being able to see people's faces and their lovely smiles! I miss being able to attend church and hug all my friends there. And I miss being able to go to Barnes and Noble and walk around and sit and read books.

Burger1girl 05/16/2020 #

I work in a grocery store, I too mis seeing the customers face, realizing they cant see me smile!! ANd so hard to talk through. Hard to breath in it, no way do I dare take it off!!! Swapping has been a form of therapy, I have sent the worst and the best of ppl at my job. Kindness on here is a wonderful way to cope!! Thank you

PerArduaAdAlta 05/16/2020 #

I have been going through things at home. Goodwill is going to be swamped by everyone when they reopen! And mostly I miss performing. I probably would perform one or two places a week normally, singing or playing music.

myancey 05/16/2020 #

I work in fast food and not much has changed in my life. I miss church. I miss my kid going to school. I miss seeing people I love and hug them

ablev92 05/16/2020 #

I work as a direct support professional so I'm still working full time even though most of our responsibilities have changed a little until we have the green light to fully reopen in phase two. I've been doing a lot of diamond paintings and other crafty stuff. I'm also organizing and getting ready to move. I'd have to say I miss hanging out with my friends the most but we have been video chatting alot. Thanks for the giveaway and I hope that all is well!

tcornell 05/16/2020 #

I've been cooking and cleaning more often, and doing a lot of art and paper crafts as well. My husband lost his job, and is now here with me 24/7, so, although we get along well- I still miss my "alone time" I would say the most...

Kittybob83 05/16/2020 #

Well I crafted for a good month and a half every waking hour. I signed up for swaps put lots into that. Homeschool. Then my mom got sick, so I'm now taking care of her during the day, crafting at night. I totally let my house get messy, which is unlike me. But i miss going to work, seeing my work family. I was essential but opted out to stay home with my daughter and help my mom.

FeltPrincess 05/16/2020 #

During the pandemic, I have been spending a lot of time writing articles for work, writing letters to friends, swapping on Swap-Bot, adding to my sticker collection via online shopping, taking long walks and listening to audio books.

What I miss the most is being with my boyfriend. However, we did start doing 'socially distanced' visits, and this has helped a lot. At first we thought it might be too hard, and make it worse. But it has significantly improved mental health, giving us something to look forward to every week.

laurenaraya 05/16/2020 #

Thank you so much for hosting, you’re amazing! During this time I’ve been spending a lot of time crafting and participating in extra swaps! I love sending mail it’s soothing for me. What I miss most is seeing usual customers at the Coffee shop I work at, my little store is like a family and it’s sad not seeing them everyday, I cannot wait for things to return to normal in the future!💗

yvonne401 05/16/2020 #

During this time I ordered a bunch of crafty stuff from Amazon. I am working on my first diamond painting (of a bunch of cats). I absolutely love this craft, so relaxing and stress relieving. I also ordered a bunch of yarn as I love to crochet and my stash was running low. I ordered a new needlepoint. I haven't done one of those in quite a long time. I also ordered a bunch of new adult coloring books and color by number along with crayons, gel pens, markers, colored pencils and drawing pens. I have definitely been keeping busy to help keep my stress level down.

The thing I miss the most is leaving the house. I normally mostly stay in, only going out to doctor apts. and monthly Aglow Lighthouse meetings; however those are all cancelled. I was looking forward to going out to dinner for my birthday on April 1st, but that didn't happen. I had a nice seafood dinner along with birthday cake and ice cream at home.

Looking forward to when things get back to normal however long that takes. I haven't left the house at all since this all started. Stay healthy and stay safe!

mariamichelle 05/16/2020 #

It's so nice of you to destash this way.

During this time, I've been crocheting like crazy and doing swaps. On Tuesdays I deliver food to the elderly but other than that I feel I've let my house and everything go.

Hopefully I can get it in gear soon. Can't wait to get back to something considered normal.

Hope everyone is healthy and safe!

paperlvr 05/16/2020 #

Hi, Everyone! This is such a fun giveaway! Thank you! I've been busy with laundry, dishes and container gardening! No produce yet but starting from seed takes time (and time is what we've got)! I miss big family dinners with everyone present at the table - but Face Time is helping out there! I also miss the spontaneous "Let's meet for coffee" dates! Best wishes to everyone!

institches 05/16/2020 #

My life has not changed much at all. I am a homemaker. Still doing everything I did before, taking care of our home, crafting. With the nicer weather I'm outside more. But we live on a 72 acre farm, so no neighbors to interact with.

The thing I miss the most are hugs from my grandson. We stand outside and visit, but it's not the same.

The differences in my life are: My hubby was layed off in mid-March so he's been home (though he goes back to work 5/18). I would make a weekly trip to a neighboring town to go to the PO and Thrift Store. Then on Saturday's we would go out to breakfast and do our weekly shopping. Once a month I would go to my Fairy Godmother's meeting. I miss that a lot.

I still go to my Dad's house and put his garbage out for him (he's 85 and has a hard time setting it out to the curb). He would open the window and we would chat for a few minutes, but now that it's warmer he comes outside to talk.

I don't like wearing a mask, mainly my glasses fog up so I can't see. And I can not see without them so I'm stuck. Any suggestions?

Fun giveaway. I'm doing something similar right now.

Nevi2018 05/16/2020 #

not much has changed for us. ALOT more deliveries to the house!! (we had a tornado hit our house 4/12 so repairs equal shopping mostly online) We were allowed to get haircuts now with masks!! Arkansas has the same number sick as recovered really almost!! Sooo that's good news!!! (I checked about a week ago so I dont know if things changed). I spend alot of time in the car. LOL!! My husband is still working!!! :) So normal for us!!

cloudjun 05/16/2020 #

Thank your hosting this lovely giveaway! Lately, I've been crafting, working, and relaxing. What I miss the most is getting to see my family. My boyfriend and I live together which I am very thankful for as I don't think I can go without seeing him, but my family live 3 hours away. We tend to go once a month and spend a weekend with my family, but with the whole quarantine happening, we haven't seen them last 3 months. Also, its been 6months since my last dental check-up, and I think I might have a cavity. So hopefully I will be able to get to go soon before it gets worse!

creativeseconds 05/17/2020 #

Hi! I've been scrapbooking ~ On mixbook online and also on paper. I also discovered junk journals and have been watching lot's of videos about making them. I planted tomatoes, herbs, and flowers and started making a junk journal to put all the plant tags in and record how their growing. I've been eating more chips and drinking more wine soooo I started a 30 day exercise challenge and I'm on day 24, so that's going well too! Trying to get my teenager to do schoolwork ~ that's the real challenge ~ Blessings to you!

bck 05/18/2020 #

I have made quite a dent in my yarn stash making afghans, hats and scarves for the charities I donate to. The thing I miss most is not being able to travel. At this time I should be in San Francisco visiting my daughter 😢

michlove 05/18/2020 #

I miss taking my kids to parks and playgrounds and watching them play with other kids, laughing, smiling and making believe. I miss browsing the craft section at different craft stores. My husband has been home since his work is closed down for now, that's been nice! He is able to help out during the day with the kids and we get to spend more time together at night. We are all excelling at making huge messes and having a hard time cleaning them up as the babies room is not well insulated apparently and he wakes up at the drop of a spoon or clang of a dish into the washer rack.

zibbity 05/19/2020 #

During this new and unknown season we've had A LOT of family time! From walks to pool time, trampoline to badge work, zoom calls and virtual coffee dates... We've been keeping busy, crafting a lot, and enjoying the longer days! We're a homeschooling family anyway so the school aspect hasn't changed much but having my husband home full time has been nice!

kathieross 05/19/2020 #

I have continued to work as I work at Ups! What I miss the most is going out to dinner with my husband! I also miss my mother as I can not visit her because she is in a nursing home. I was in 😢 all day Mother's Day!

Rabbitfreedom 05/19/2020 #

Thanks for hosting this swap-it's been so great to read everyone's stories! Here in NYC, the hubby and I are still under quarantine, me laid off, him working from home.

I spent the first month cleaning and organizing my home and craft area, second month was spent crafting and binge watching TV, and this past month I worked on a crystal paint by number kit which was fun but took so much time!

We rarely go out of our apartment, it's just not a safe area, very crowded conditions and people who just act like the is nothing going on. We go for short walks very early in the morning before anyone else is up. We only do grocery shopping once every 3 weeks.

This pandemic has been a curse and a blessing. It has allowed me to reconnect with family and friends I have not spoken to in ages, even though remotely, we get to chat as if years haven't past.

The things I miss most are my family in Savannah, who we should have been traveling with at the end of this month. Also family BBQs, Birthday parties, eating out in our favorite restaurants, and traveling.

Bless everyone who works the front lines-you are our heroes and we gladly cheer and pray for each and every one of you, no matter who, every evening at 7pm.

For @institches to defog my glasses I have been using shaving cream and rubbing it on the inside of my glasses with a soft towel (do not rinse off, just rub all the excess off) I find it works fairly well except if there is a drastic temperature change, such as cool, damp mornings, then nothing works.

Be safe and well everyone

Poohtat 05/19/2020 #

Thank you for the chance. Because I am retired and live in rural Maine, not a lot has changed for me. I do most of my ordering online and glove and mask when I do need to go to the grocery store. I miss our weekly dinner dates my husband and I would take, but now we get take out and eat it at home together. I am more anxious because my husband works for the USPS and my son works at a medical rehabilitation facility. Maine is opening up more now and there are a lot of the visitors arriving, so I will be staying home still.

Dibrittain 05/19/2020 #

I have been off since the end of March. I spent a lot of time making address labels by hand. I did some yard work and redid my craft room so I can get everything more organized. My book swapping sites have been more busy. I had to send out over 100 books these past few months. I have been called back to work now so I will start back on Thursday. We will only fill online orders drive up pick up only.

lilmissthrifty 05/19/2020 #

I am an essential health care worker in the ED... keeping me on my toes. I miss just randomly deciding what I want to do with my family on the weekend and having friends and family over. We love to entertain. I also think we all miss sending the kids to school. ❤ hang in there.

LavenderSprinkles 05/19/2020 #

I miss going out to eat on weekends with my family. I miss going to PT for my frozen shoulder and now it is locked up and I am in pain again. I miss being able to travel to South Asia and my husband is stuck over there until they lift the travel ban. I do not mind being in the home as it has brought our family closer together. I just miss being able to go places that we used to enjoy. I miss being able to go outside without wearing a mask. I can not breathe well in face masks.

redeemed 05/20/2020 #

Hi, Thanks for hosting this, it is so much fun! I too am considered an essential worker, in the store we have seen the kindness in people as well as the not so kind. My routine has not changed that much. I am preparing to move soon & I am looking forward to taking a leave of absence. I am indeed Blessed to still have a consistent paycheck but I am worn out. My 2 days off are when my son & I catch up on his schoolwork. Yes, the face mask is awful. 8+ hours is too long to wear them! GOD Bless doctors, nurses & healthcare workers for wearing them all the time.

kolasx 05/20/2020 #

I've been in virtual classes and working. But, with the removal of having to commute to school, I have had more time to read and pick up old crafts: sketching, crocheting, and sewing. I'm also slightly thankful for the extra time, as I also am in the middle of moving, so it alleviates a bit of stress.

zibbity 05/20/2020 #

I realize that I didn't add what I miss the most. The hardest thing for me during this time is that I miss HUGS! I'm a people person and a firm believer in the power of hugs. It will certainly be a bit awkward when we're finally able to gather together and distance isn't an issue!! Bring on all the hugs!!

AZmom875 05/20/2020 #

Lets see I have been baking bread, walking my dogs, going a tiny bit nuts, cleaning my house, planting seeds in pots outside. I miss the library and the craft store.

QtPie 05/20/2020 #

I have been keeping myself busy by de-cluttering my house, painting my living room and kitchen.. I also have been doing jigsaw puzzles, lego sets, playing with my dogs.

1OldfoolPlanner 05/20/2020 #

I have been doing a lot of crafting / swapping and cleaning / organizing! I totally redid my refrigerator and freezer! Bought a bunch of clear bins...got rid of all the 62 condiments no one uses and it’s like an amazing thing! It really is a dream to be able to see so clearly what you have in your fridge! I would have to say the thing I miss the most is planning and crafting with my sister - we always had so much fun together about once a week, watching movies, eating and crafting. Sigh...can’t wait for normal again. Thank you for this give away! ♥️ Jill

EverydayAngels 05/20/2020 #

You are so sweet to be doing this. Obviously with the “Stay home” orders I have been learning to craft, but I am also a physician so I have stayed busy. I really love that I have my teen boys home more and we aren’t running around to sports all the time (but I do miss watching them play). I also really miss date nights out with my hubby. I am also trying to declutter and organize, but now I find myself wanting to snail mail more than declutter.... Thank you again for doing this and be safe and stay healthy! Blessings

wanderluster 05/21/2020 #

What a cool swap idea!!! I love exchanging swap materials from person to person— one persons destash is another swapper’s dream stash! 😉 So, I’ve been coping with being stuck in my house as best I can,,.. this means, taking my dogs on walks so frequently that they just want to stay home at this point 😂, and working in the yard almost every day. I also have mowed all the lawns in our culdesac (we have a Gravely riding mower, so it’s actually really fun). I’ve been drinking wine more than usual, but hey, when in Rome.... er, when I have less responsibilities? 😬 Also, ive been able to focus on a bit of crafting; my favorite, of course, has been sending high-quality swaps (although it’s been difficult to get to the post office, I Contacted my partners and I made it work). Also, I’m not a particularly staunch Christian or anything (I am spiritual though?), but my dad works at a church as the music director and they have pretty cool services, so I’ve been tuning in to their live Facebook services every Sunday! Since so much st7ff has gone digital during these times, I’m also oddly proud to say I have kept up “virtual meetings” with my psychiatrist and my primar6 care physician. I’m the kind of girl who HATES going to:the doc, so this situation is actually a lot easier for me, and I feel more inclined than usual to keep up with my health.

WHEW! Sorry that was such a mouthful. I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy, and sane during this totally crazy time! We’re making history here, folks, so make the best of it— snail mail is a GREAT way to memorialize (or record) what life is like during a world-wide pandemic.

Okay, hope y’all liked my ramblings! 😆 May the best rambler win!! ❤️ your friend, —Harley

emmajo 05/21/2020 #

During this time I have been making masks and staying at home. I recently finished up all my schoolwork, and I graduate on sunday!

swiftbrooks 05/21/2020 #

Thank you for this generous swap and an opportunity to possibly win. :D I have been reorganizing my craft room and putting embellishments/paper and stickers with pictures to eventually scrapbook. I have been joining lots of swaps here on swap bot and taking a lot of on-line improv classes since I can't take them in person. It is a bummer that we can't take classes in person, but it is great as most of my classes are 3 hours away, so I no longer have to travel! I do miss performing in front of a live audience though. Thank you to all of our front line essential workers for keeping things going for us! You all are our heroes!

Nevi2018 05/21/2020 #

I just realized I forgot to Post what I am Missing!! I am missing Going out. And not for coffee or dates. But just when I go out. There's no hustle and bustle. and When we see toooooo Much we pull out of the parking Lot HAHA!! (I have a compromised immune system) Its sad how this world will be changed after something like Covid!!

atomita2 05/21/2020 #

Over this quarantine period, I have been finishing my school work (college is so hard!) and working on my pen pal letters

hangingonahoneymoon 05/21/2020 #

Thanks for the giveaway! I've been working from home, which is very lonely. Prior to this I was just settling into my job where I supervised 11 college student staff in the office and was the head staff for a program of 15 high school students on Saturdays. I miss the students a lot - we have 950 middle & high school students, plus college student staff. I also miss my family and friends. On the bright side, I can take a shower whenever I want and I am not getting distracted by talking with people while I'm working! I chat a little too much haha!!

bostianh 05/21/2020 #

Thanks for hosting this de-stash swap!❤️ I have been crafting a lot more during this time, making embellishments and other paper crafts, and keeping up with my pen pals.💌 What I have you been missing the most is craft and thrift shopping.😍

lovesreward 05/22/2020 #

Thank you for hosting this swap! I miss seeing my friends, going out to eat, and going to the dollar stores and thrift stores! I have missed out on 4 Renaissance Faires this year, 2 theatre plays and 2 months of BUNCO games with my "little old lady" friends. The month of March is my birthday month so I usually celebrate all month long with lunches, dinners, game nights and the like, so I missed all of that too. I have been spending 10-12 hours a day sitting at my computer - refreshing Facebook like something new will have posted within 2 minutes, watching random videos on YouTube, swapping on Swap-bot, trying to take daily walks, calling and writing to friends, watching Netflix... and procrastinating doing anything productive. OH, I am actually cooking meals and dishes, dishes, dishes...now I know why I like to go out to eat!

I hope everyone who reads this is doing well - hang in there everyone!

Amandlyn22 05/22/2020 #

As we say at work, this has been the longest spring break in history. I miss my students so much but I am so thankful they are safe with their families. I do get to visit with some of them in our class meetings online. When I am not chatting with my students I have been working in the garden, reading books, running errands for neighbors and playing games with friends and family online. It took some time to adjust but I am enjoying the slower pace and trying my best to stay in contact with loved ones. Hope you all are well, healthy and finding joy during this crazy spring!

megan1230 05/22/2020 #

In the last few months I've send out over 500 pieces of mail. I think creating mail, writing mail, decorating mail, and receiving mail is keeping my anxiety down and my brain turned on!

JJcrafty 05/22/2020 #

In have been in Real Estate School online. I have tried some new craft projects, but I have been making junk journals galore. Thanks for this opportunity!

NRGordon 05/22/2020 #

I’ve been doing more swaps, including trying a few things that are new for me; I have also been reading more and; my wife and I play scrabble a couple times a week. I have actually been watching fewer movies as my wife is not working and she isn't into horror and sci-fi films.

I have stepped up the pace of, what I like to call, “The never-ending joys of home ownership.” I am currently prepping the walls for painting in what was our older daughter’s room. Do you have any idea how many tack, nail, hanger, and screw holes a teenage girl can put in four walls? Well, I haven’t counted them but there is more patch than paint showing there.

We miss our two daughters and granddaughter. We video-chat with Maureen almost daily. We read her some books before bedtime and often just sit and watch her play. She will tell us about what she is doing. It is nice but I need hugs and to play with her in the sand. We are usually with her for a few days at a time, a couple times a month but haven’t gotten together since the middle of February.

myancey 05/22/2020 #

@hangingonahoneymoon congratulations to u . everyone else i enjoyed reading your answers too and thanks for playing.

wanderluster 05/22/2020 #

Ps: myancey, i think this is a really nice swap. Thanks, bud. For reals 😉

Burger1girl 05/23/2020 #

Congrats hangingonahoneymoon!!!A wonderful kind giveaway!!

Jenny19 05/23/2020 #

I still had classes up until this week so I had to study and do the classes online! It was a really new experience and I found out one of my teachers could play the guitar :O What I miss most are the plans I could've made with my friends when school was out..

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