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3/20 Update: Moving much slower than expected- but more things going out today. 3 to go. 1 is close to done, the other 2 are about half done.


When last I posted, in november, I had been slammed at work and was trying to catch up. That week, I got sick and was bedridden for quite a while. When I got better my father was suddenly hospitalized for two heart attacks within a week- neither of which we recognized as heart attacks. He had never been sick, never had heart problems. Over the next month and a half- every waking moment was spent with him in the hospital. I quit my job and moved up to take care of my Daddy. On January 28th, A week after my father came home and was proclaimed well on the way to a full recovery from quadruple bipass surgery- my father suddenly died at 5AM. Mom and I were home and performed CPR for 12 minutes before the first responders arrived, but he was already gone. My parents and I have always been very close- and this has been devastating. Its been a month now, and I'm functioning semi-normally. All late swaps are being re-made, since in my rush of packing my house in Conway, I have no idea where anything I made is. I can't find the box that has any of my finished crafts in it. I did find the school box that has my student's ATCs- and while they still do not have envelops- they will go out tomorrow morning.

I know it will take a while to be able to join swaps again. I know I have a lot of work to make up before I can think about that. But they will go out. I'm sorry for the delay. I don't want help making these up. I don't want anything. I just am offering an explanation.

Make Up Progress (ratings 249/0/9):

4th Quarter Reading Log- Sent 2/23 RECEIVED

The Weird Questions???- Sent 2/23

Move Your Excess- Sent 3/20

Make Your Own Jewelry- Sent 2/23 RECEIVED

Read Clip Write and Mail #2- Sent 224 RECEIVED

WPS 5 PCs to 5 Partners (this 1 legitimately got lost in the mail- 4/5 partners received- 1 didn't)- Sent 2/24 RECEIVED

Another Journal/Notebook Letter Swap (made once- letter carrier dropped in rain and it was destroyed, started on a second, lost it- starting on attempt 3)

Pocket sized Journal / Sketchbook Swap #5- sent 3/20

Big Stationary Swap #5 (Have the original package that never got mailed- just gonna add a few more treats and get that shipped off) sent 2/26 RECEIVED

Color Association ATC #2- Brown- sent 2/24

Spoil Us (Local) Winter Goodies-

Sentence A Day Journal (Nov)- Going to take bits from my facebook/blog/journal/letters to God&Dad to re-create this for the last 32 days since I didn't finish Novembers, and don't remember enough details from then. Sent 3/20

Poetry Book Swap (This is the biggest creative project. I would like to say it will be out this week- I will certainly be working on it- but I'm more concerned with sending a quality project than speed on this one, and the one I was working on is lost to the moving gods)

25 stamped images TAG to user6937- sent 3/20

High School Student ATC- Sent 2/23 RECEIVED- but refuses to change rating.

Above all- I am a Geek.

I'm a 30 something high school teacher. I teach a variety of things, but mainly English and Theater. I love history- especially the westward expansion and Antebellum eras. I live in central Arkansas- and don't believe the rumors- we have indoor plumbing and don't marry our cousins (usually! ;-))

About Rating: I rate when I receive. I rate as soon as I can get online at home. Sometimes work makes that every 2 or 3 days instead of daily now. Please don't message me telling me to rate you or asking if I've received your swap. If I haven't rated- I haven't received. This isn't going out to any one person- I've had 4 of these messages in the past few days, and its frustrating.

I have been a scrapbooker for 15 years, and ventured into other forms of art along the way. I love photography and paper crafts most of all. I'm always experimenting and making new things. I don't have a dining room- I have a craft room.

I am what I call an open minded Baptist- I'm Christian, so I don't mind receiving Christian themed items, but I am fascinated by other religions- from Islam to Wicca to whatever. I believe we should all follow the path that works for us personally. I don't offend easily- so if you want to send me something themed to your religion- that is awesome! Just please send a note with it that explains the significance. I will not send religious items unless your profile indicates such things are welcome. Love and let live I say :-)

Things I love

Anything paper crafty makes me happy. I am a huge Disney fan, I grew up in LA and used to work at Disneyland- so I love just about anything associated with the mouse- I mean really- Disney rocks.

I like vintage and steampunk things.

I think Rosie the riveter and Scarlet O'hara are just awesome. I wish I could have worn those big dresses with hoop skirts- although I'm really a big ole tom boy.

I like anything princess.

I'm obsessed with peacock feathers right now.

I read like a mad woman. My favorite author has been Laura Ingalls Wilder since I was about 5. I've read every word she ever wrote, even the stuff not in the Little House series, most of the books written about her and I've been to her home in Missouri a half dozen times.

Animal wise- I love my poodle, but not poodles in general. Too froo froo for me. I adore butterflies and horses. Dogs are okay, cats are just arrogant and annoy me. I've been adopted by a cat I've named named Hemingway (he has six toes) and he just doesn't care that I don't like him, every time I'm on my porch he is trying to get on my lap.

TV and MUSIC- I love music, as long as I can sing along (no rap) Broadway is awesome, I have a dream of going there some day. My favorite shows would have to be a tie between Newsies and Wicked with Rent a close third.

I love Doctor Who, Glee, Big Bang Theory and Grey's Anatomy and also have some reality guilty pleasures like Top Model (I love the photography!), Project Runway (but I'm not fashionable at all) and Big Brother (I have no excuses. Sorry. Although Spencer is from the same town as I live in- but I've seen every season so I can't say he's the reason I watch.) My favorite musicians are Reba McEntire and Fun. I have Just Give me a Reason and Glee's version of 3 on repeat most of the time I'm crafting.

I collect Masks (drama and Mardi Gras) and Disney Pins.

Favorite Colors: Black, Blue, Purple, Silver, anything Glittered

But when in doubt with anything for a swap- go with Disney! Classic, Princesses or Villains. None of the modern Disney Kids stuff though please!

I do love teacher stuff- even reward stickers! I really do use them in the classroom. . . You would be surprised how many teen age boys get all giddy when they get a silly happy face on an assignment.

What I don't like.

I am not a fan of owls, country-kitch, yellow, orange, Green as a main color (its fine as an accent), bees, bugs or other creepy crawlys, snakes, anything too gory, a little is fine, Chalk, anything in that kitchy country style that everything teachery seems to come in, Big clunky jewelry, pastels and neon.

I am not a fan of citrus flavors in general. I hate orange anything- even the smell. Taste wise- I love teas and coffee, vanilla, berry, or florals are my favorite.

Things I'd like to trade

Things I would love to receive-




SBs, FBs, Bags, Anything like that- I'm new to them, but I'm fascinated and will send them along :-)

Stamped images (dark ink on white paper :-))

Post Cards (especially ones from your local area!) I love the ones with images in the letters of the name- I am trying to make a whole wall of those in my classroom. . . so far I have about a dozen.

TEA! (I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tea and Coffee)

Anything uniquely local to you


Scrapbook embellishments (Hand made or store bought) or paper or anything of that nature.

Paperback Books (I love historical and Supernatural romance)

Jewelry- I make my own, would love to trade with others for supplies, beads, or things you made. I also love vintage costume type jewelry- I love to rip it apart and make something awesome out of it!

Letters/Maps/PCs Things I can share with my classroom. They would love to see how life is in other parts of the world- and they would love to read letters!

I'm a curious person- I appreciate anything interesting or unique or trivia type stuff.

If you put your time and energy into making something- I will appreciate it. My Momma raised me to be a crafter, to understand what it takes to make something cool- not just skill, but time and love. So I love handmade things!!! And I include all types of writing- poetry, letters, whatever, in that!

Swapping Stuff

I try to make sure I send well before the due date. Although occasionally life hits me and things go out only a day or two before the due date. I try very hard NOT to wait until the last couple of days. So if you haven't received a package from me, please contact me- I'll either re-send or figure out what happened.

Please note: I mark things sent when I place them in my mail box, or when I put them in my backpack to take the the PO the next day (or Monday if over the weekend). If it is in my backpack, it will be at the PO the next business day- no fail. If a disaster happens and it doesn't make it- I will message my partner and let them know. But- I try never to save things that need to go to the PO till the last day. The people there already know me and have the new stamps ready when I get there :-) My PO is open Monday - Friday until 5, but my Mailman picks up every day although Saturday is hit or miss, sometimes the mail lady shows up, usually she does not.

Flakers and Other Sad Things.

Sadly I have been flaked on already :-( These are people I have been flaked by:

@Fundygirl - ATC Bag Hopefully she will return and make things right. :-( - Angeled by a very sweet

@moxsapphir Not a flaker- but a very rude swapper who I will not deal with again.


amazingemo rated for The Weird Questions??? on Apr 8, 2014
Comment: Oh my I am so sorry for the loss of your father, it is so hard to loss such an important person in your life, It is never easy, I hope things are improving, you need not have worried about the swap, I absolutely love the earrings they are beautiful!It was so kind of you.God bless and know you and your mother are in my prayers I hope you don't mind.
Comment: Thanks for the amazing package:-)
Comment: Thanks for this excellent PC, Kimberly. So sorry to hear about your loss of your father. The only reason, you are getting a 3 is this is very late. (Nov to Mar) Thank you for making it up! Hugs from Alaska, Sherry
Response: Thank you for the rating- I'm glad you liked the PC :-) Totally understand the 3.
Comment: Due to extenuating circumstances which you have detailed publicly on both your profile and personally in the swap to me, this was three months late. Otherwise, it met the posted requirements of this swap. **However, there is NOTHING in Swap-Bot rules that requires that a swapper be marked down for lateness alone -- this is totally within the discretion of the rater.** I will also be sending you a private message.
AmyHale rated for Make your own Jewellery! on Feb 27, 2014
Comment: I am glad that you are making up for past swaps! I received your message and your package. The angel for this [email protected] that it was alright to change this to a 3. It is not a 5 because it was missing for so long, but the jewelry was beautiful and I am happy to have received it!
Response: Thank you for the rating. I totally understand and agree with the 3, it was my problem. I'm truly sorry it took so long.
Comment: I'm sorry for the loss of your father :( I understand why this is late, after all swapping is for fun and family, work and personal stuff comes first. Thanks so much for the extras, and I enjoyed your log. I found it interesting to see a couple books that are by well known authors but not their well known work! I'll have to check out a lot of the books on your list. Lastly..I love everything in theater- I've done just about every job as well, but my favorite part is props and stage management. Maybe one day I'll get back into acting too :)
Response: :-) Stage Management is awesome. I'm glad you enjoyed. Thank you.
Comment: Thank you, the paragraph about your parents was moving, and I'm glad you were able to deal with things. :)
Response: Thank you. I'm glad this made it to you.
deviousdomi rated for Move Your Excess #6 - USA Only on Jan 6, 2014
Comment: I will re-rate if I ever receive anything.
ccgigglebox rated for Interest me in a new book No. 6 on Jan 3, 2014
Comment: Thanks for the Christmas card :)
Comment: I'm so sad that I never received this. You said you sent late, but then it just never came. So, I had to make one to replace it to send on in round 6. So sad!
Comment: Thank you for these cute books- love the bright colours!
Comment: OK, so I stated how important the High School swap was for the student's involved. I now have 30 kids who are wondering where their cards are. they worked hard on theirs and got them out. I hope that you got them out when you said you would. In my opinion, you were aware that this was your busy season and when you committed your students to participating in the swap, you knew what was coming up. Please, dont disappoint my kids. I really dont want to have the talk about how adults dont meet their commitments even when they are teachers....Thanks for Pouffia for offering to angel this swap! Such a generous gesture! Thanks for everyone's offers. that will be the true lesson that i can teach my student's! 2-26-14 I got the cards. Your students did a beautiful job! Love the poetry! The swap was for 30 cards and there are only 29. I am so sorry for your loss and I wish there was something i could do to make the pain of it better. I dont feel i should raise the rating. all this swap happened before any of this terrible time for you started. I will have one student who will not receive anything. i will find a card for them. do not try to do anything more on this swap. Im going to archive it and move on. I wish you the very best.
Response: I counted numerous times- and had a checklist from the kids. 30 were in there, but I am more than happy to send another. Leaving it a 1 even acknowledging that it was received is jjust not fair.
Comment: She contacted me and said the journal was ruined because the mail carrier dropped it in the rain. She was going to redo the entire thing. I've sent a few messages but 2 months later and I still haven't received anything. This was a huge swap that I put my heart into and I'm sad to not have a journal back. I hope you're ok, you haven't logged on in a couple weeks and are late on 8 swaps.
jessi1221 rated for Simple tea swap on Dec 8, 2013
Comment: Thanks so much, Merry Xmas!
Comment: Thank you very much for your lovely Christmas card! Happy holidays!
Comment: Thanks for the card and Happy Holidays to you and your family.
luv2kraft rated for HUGE ATC SWAP - USA ONLY on Dec 3, 2013
Comment: Thanks for the nice selection.
Comment: Thanks for card Happy swapping

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TC on Jan 29, 2016:

aka @librarianbelle .

BlueberryLady on Mar 2, 2014:

Best Wishes and for Your Honesty and Good Job at Sending out the late Swaps... Hugs...

AmyHale on Feb 27, 2014:

I received your message and your package for the "Make Your Own Jewelry' swap! I think it is really great that you are making up for past swaps! I communicated with my angel for this swap @kiddo47 and she said it was fine to change your rating for this and she only asks that you pay it forward because she likes to angel for people and doesn't expect you to give her a package in return!

teli on Feb 27, 2014:

Just wanted to pop in and drop off a hug. so...


You are loved and appreciated. :)

anrtist on Feb 23, 2014:

Hi! I want to say I am Really sorry to hear about your DAD & glad to hear you are working so hard to make SB right... I hope your ratings are back up soon ;-)
Blessings, cc

LittleDonnaGirl on Feb 23, 2014:

I also saw your post in the public forum. So sorry for your loss. Please know I am willing to do a private swap in the future with you as well. :o)

arianneroxa on Feb 23, 2014:

I just saw your post in the public forum, and wanted to let you know that I'm sending you good thoughts. It doesn't sound as if you've had an easy go of it lately, but I admire the fact that despite it all you are being accountable to the swaps that you participated in. I would be happy to do a private swap with you in future to help recover some of your ratings, if that might be at all helpful. Be well! xo

betty194 on Jan 16, 2014:

I just wanted to let you know that as the host I angeled the swap: Big Stationary/Paper swap #5 INTERNATIONAL for your partner Tina who you flaked on.
And a nice quote from your message to me: "I know that this is not fair to you all.... " Well, I also think so.

user6937 on Jan 6, 2014:

You've been removed from the Monthly ATC Swappers group (and I never got the stamped images you were to send me a couple of months ago).

anrtist on Jan 1, 2014:

Sorry i had to remove youfrom the LLL Group since you got Partially Suspended. I hope things get better for you! Blessings & HAppy New Year, cc

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