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Journal GIVEAWAY - Bedazzeled!

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Journal GIVEAWAY - Bedazzeled!
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Hello Swappers!

I love Swap-bot. It is so much fun to give and receive happy mail. I have been working on diamond painting for fun and relaxation. I made this bedazzeled journal pictured above just to share with you! It has over 50 pages. The size is about 5 1/2'' wide by 8'' long and less than half an inch thick. You can see better pictures of it at my IG account. https://www.instagram.com/seleneandersonwilder/

To enter this giveaway just comment down below what you would like to do with the journal. On the assignment date, whomever Swap-bot pairs me with wins the journal. Everyone else please rate your partner a 5 if they commented down below.

Thank you all for entering my first giveaway!

*edited to put in size of journal, whoops!


EleanB 08/14/2020 #

I'm not joining, just wanted to say WOW that's a thing of beauty!!!!

YolandiLetters 08/14/2020 #

I would use it to write down special holiday memories

karints 08/14/2020 #

I would make it a diary for documenting my cats' life :)

marielafranque 08/14/2020 #

What a great concept! I can't wait to see what happens!

Moxieroe 08/14/2020 #

I'm not going to lie, I definitely don't need another notebook... But this one is way too gorgeous to pass up the chance! Just wow what a beautiful journal! How long did it take?

I would use this journal for collecting favorite quotes or book passages. Probably small interesting snippets of daily life, also.

quaisoir 08/14/2020 #

Such a beauty. U must have spent a lot of time on it. It looks fantastic. If i get that journal, I'm going to admire your handiwork, place it near my bedside and make it into a dream journal.

Bookwyrm 08/14/2020 #

I'd save it for my sister's Christmas present. She loves bling!

SeleneW 08/14/2020 #

@Moxieroe It took about a day. I get going and don't like stopping.

Opps! I forgot to put down the dimensions!

Jsereg001 08/14/2020 #

That journal is amazing!!! If I won I would probably use it to write down dreams. I have the craziest most vivid dreams and I like to write them down so I can look through them later! Good luck to everyone and thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

ChristyClark1970 08/14/2020 #

I love this journal! If I win it I would use it to write down my memories about my 16 year old daughter who died in a car accident.

mcorbus 08/14/2020 #

Amazing journal, you are so generous. It would be a great blessings journal😀

jinxspinx 08/14/2020 #

Wow!! What a gorgeous journal. I would use this for my next daily journal. Im starting to take a picture a day (or trying to remember) and then develop them and put each picture with my entry. Its nice to go back and flip through.

Thank you for the chance!

Zomac 08/14/2020 #

4 am a bookmaker and would love to have this journal! And i would use it to write in. I love keeping a book around to jot down thoughts and inspirations. Thank you for this chance!

pinklilly 08/14/2020 #

Wow, what a beautiful journal!! I love it!! I would use it for journaling special dates in my life and my family's life!! Thank you so much for this giveaway!! You are so generous!!

Crafty 08/15/2020 #

I would use it for special quotes. It is gorgeous! and a very generous giveaway! Thank you for this opportunity to win something so wonderful!

lizisalion 08/15/2020 #

That looks so pretty! I would mostly likely use it to take notes for my Australian Sign Language class :)

littlehana86 08/15/2020 #

It is so gorgeous! I'll jot down any inspiration I come across to if I have it.

draco 08/15/2020 #

looks cute. i'd probable use it for writing this and that. quotes, useless facts, poems, etc...

SeleneW 08/15/2020 #

@draco One even could use it for turtle assignments! Hehe

LavenderSprinkles 08/17/2020 #

Oh my goodness! It is so pretty! I love that! It reminds me of India! I would definitely take it with me there (this winter) and use it for daily journaling!

EverydayAngels 08/17/2020 #

Wow! What a Beautiful work of art you have created. I would be honored to write in this and I would write daily gratitude and prayers in it and keep it by my bedside! Total inspiration of the beauty of the human spirit❤️

Ace330660 08/17/2020 #

How pretty! I would probably use this to write my favorite quotes in. Thanks for the giveaway !

BlackPearlTx 08/17/2020 #

I have heart failure so this wod be a inspiration to track my blood pressure and my daily living Its so pretty and inspiring

colleenbUSA 08/17/2020 #

Love the journal! So pretty!

I'd use it for either health tracking or more likely to use for a "brain dump" journal

kristyrogers 08/17/2020 #

Not joining, just wanted to say that is gorgeous! Great work!

thebragal 08/17/2020 #

Oh my, so gorgeous! What a generous giveaway!! I’d use it to track my blessings. Only something so important should be written in this journal. For me anyway.

christy102194 08/17/2020 #

IT'S SO PRETTY!~ ^^ I would use it for my new gratitude or mindfulness journal - and then display it because it's so beautiful and sparkly :D

Kittybob83 08/17/2020 #

Its so pretty I'd have a hard time writing in it, so whatever I did write would have to be something I want to read for a long time to come. I usually scribble down things i want to remember in the moment, like something my kid says, and I always say I'm going to transfer them into a nice journal. This could be that if I had it.

PegOGood 08/18/2020 #

It is so pretty!! I would use it for tracking my swaps on swap-bot

lacroix6 08/18/2020 #

I Would use it to organize my crafting ideas. It is so pretty and I know it would give me inspiration. Hi

XCullen 08/18/2020 #

I would love to use it as an art journal!! It would be so cool to see filled with quotes, ephemera, little pockets of art. That would be the dream!

lynnerfb 08/18/2020 #

this is beautiful! I would use it for an art journal, Book of Shadows

Ree87 08/18/2020 #

This looks like something my best friend would enjoy, so I think if I won I would send it in her Christmas gift! :)

cindygroet 08/18/2020 #

Wow, it looks stunning! If I would win this journal I think it will become a memory keeping journal or an art journal (depending on the paper inside).

the0dior 08/19/2020 #

If I won, I would love to use it as a gratitude journal, write down things I feel grateful that day.

ashleh13 08/19/2020 #

what a beautiful journal! If I win, I would use it to write random things and then put it in a special place once I fill it up. I have gone through plenty of journals, but never anything this pretty.

Nevi2018 08/19/2020 #

I would Gift it to my friend who I met on Swapbot. and Actually Met in Person. She is also A Christian Follower of the Lord. and She would Love to have something SOOOO Beautiful. She LOVES to Journal and Write About the Lord and Bible Study!! This would be an awesome gift!!

lasciviouskisses 08/19/2020 #

I will use it as my diary!

Lablauri57 08/19/2020 #

I would use it for my travels, COVID be damn.

Burger1girl 08/19/2020 #

Wow, that is gorgeous! I just started journaling, esp art! And this would be great for my creativity! It itself is so inspiring!! I do hope its me that wins!!!

Aalicia 08/19/2020 #

Love this I would use this journal to write stuff down in my thoughts my feelings about the covid mess were in. any kind of thoughts and feelings I had that I wanted to say to my children

paperlover 08/19/2020 #

That is a beautiful journal. I would use it to write down random thought for a novel I am working on. I'm hoping it turns into a best seller. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

mylove4craft 08/19/2020 #

I would use the journal as my personal diary. It's beautiful!

zurdoswifey 08/20/2020 #

Beautiful work Selene 💜

I would use this journal to log my random thoughts, ideas and small scale goals

Shion 08/20/2020 #

I would use it for some bullet journaling, I feel a creative journal needs a craft inside 💕 beautiful work by the way!

Wingy 08/20/2020 #

If I were to win this beauty I want to fill it with photos and journaling from my garden during this Covid quarantine.

MsBellaDonna 08/20/2020 #

Thank you for a chance at this awesome giveaway!

I would use this for a gratitude journal. Especially now with the coronavirus we need to be thankful for the positive things.

AngelOH73 08/20/2020 #

Hello. I just started my 1st dp this month. I never thought that I would enjoy it, but I tried it and i like it.

That journal is pretty. If I won it I would write random things in it and help keep track of things like plans for next vacation, my diamond painting info and stuff like that.

theoriginalbrooke 08/20/2020 #

I would use it to make a dream journal! They have been so vivid lately and I need to start writing them down.

jclark1221 08/21/2020 #

I would use it as a swap tracker (for my fb groups that don't organize it like swap-bot does!)

greenwindow 08/21/2020 #

i’d love to use the journal to scrap my life as a university student. i start in september and am so excited for new beginnings. i’d love to fill it with all sorts, such as photos, tickets/wristbands/recipes, i would flatten flowers and use them ina. page to represent each season as a title page. i would document what my room looks like before and after moving in, my new roommates and the time we spend together.

Pepsicola57 08/21/2020 #

I’m going to document some of the wonderful items people have made for me from swapbot.so I have photos and notes on how to make things. The journal is awesome❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕

traceyj 08/21/2020 #

so lovely! I've been journaling my small successes to make these stay-at-home days seem more meaningful and distinct, but I'd also be tempted to leave it in one of our neighborhood little free library boxes for another reader/writer/dreamer to find...

AZmom875 08/21/2020 #

I think I would like to just hold it and pet it and call it "My Precious".

There are some really good ideas here. I think the quotes are the best, with me adding glue page art for each quote.

mincymouse18 08/21/2020 #

I would gift it to my sister. She's starting to get into writing in journals.

mcorbus 08/22/2020 #

Beautiful journal. For a thoughts and inspiration journal

stiffneck78 08/22/2020 #

This journal is unbelievable! So pretty! I don't think I would use it right away, but keep it on display until I think of something worthy to use it for. Thank you for your generosity.

LadyAbigail 08/22/2020 #

What a gorgeous journal! I would love to use it for my daily journal. I only have a few more entries left in my current one. :)

cynaemon 08/22/2020 #

My elve will use it to write love poems in.

neca84 08/22/2020 #

its so pretty, it would be hard to use, I could just stash it with my collection of unused journals but really something that pretty deserves to be used everyday, I would use it for my everyday journal

Roxy926 08/22/2020 #

I had been in such a bad situation and my sister who is a nurse and frontline worker has helped me so much. It's the kind of help that money can't repay but this journal is something we both would love, cherish and use. I would make this a penpaling journal between her and I so we could both enjoy it. By the way, this looks so intricate and amazing, it's such a beauty! Thank you for the opportunity to win. :)

bluecrayons 08/22/2020 #

i would document my blessings from the lord. my gratefuls and such to remind myself when im down and sad that it will get better.

simplyjeannette 08/22/2020 #

I would do art journaling

cindynvb 08/23/2020 #

I'd use.it to record my ideas for creating art and quilts.

Prettyexpressions 08/23/2020 #

I would perhaps use it for a planner, or a recipe book for family recipes of whom have passed away. This is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this!

Rosepettals007 08/23/2020 #

I love diamond dots! I collect unique Journals! This one is so pretty!! I don't write in them to be honest. I just collect. 🤗🤗

sal410cat 08/23/2020 #

I think it would be my meditation journal!

Honeyloveart 08/23/2020 #

So gorgeous! If use it as my pen pal book where I could keep letters and cards and notes on pen pals all in one place! Congrats to whoever wins 😁

tobytobs 08/23/2020 #

It is Beautiful! I would use it for keeping track of day to day activities.

addieixmarie 08/23/2020 #

If I won this beautiful journal, I would use it to keep track of drawing ideas, swaps, addresses, and any inspirational art ideas I have that come to me during the day or night!

PrincessP 08/23/2020 #

How wonderful :D I would use the journal to note down ideas for Art journalling ^_^

ericabella 08/24/2020 #

Oh la la! What a beautiful journal. I use journals to write diary entries, poetry, lists, etc. I love to write. Thank you for this lovely swap!

Hyshu 08/24/2020 #

Beautiful! I would use the journal to keep track of Bible versus I want to remember

janeengland 08/24/2020 #

I would like to keep notes about my weight loss.

wolfeagle 08/24/2020 #

This is beautiful. If I'm lucky enough to win, I would use this as a paint formula / ratio guide for my art work. Basically a place to keep track of everything my mind used to remember. ;D

Rita2 08/24/2020 #

His work with this diary was really beautiful, not only he, but also all his other creations posted on his Instagram account, congratulations on sensitivity, creativity and imagination.

If I win it, I would use this diary for notes on my Bible studies.

coleenfranks 08/24/2020 #

Lovely work and how sweet of you to give it away. I'd probably use it for my Bible study. And I love to give hearts so will do that with whomever I'm partnered if I don't get the journal.

SeleneW 08/25/2020 #

Congratulations to my swap partner @Prettyexpressions !

Thank you all for joining my first giveaway. All the comments were very uplifting to read through.

Please remember to rate your partner. See you in the next swap.

KaleenaMail 08/25/2020 #

Congrats!! I would have loved to just use this one as an everyday journal, but I'm so bad at actually committing to using journals. I never want to start writing in them because they are too pretty!!

atomita2 08/26/2020 #

I would use it as a journal

Gnoe 08/28/2020 #

Amazing journal -- such a treasure to receive. You're one lucky gal @Prettyexpressions

roostercraz 08/29/2020 #

This is so pretty I would write special memories of my grandchildren to look back at later in years

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