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Paper crafting GIVE AWAY!!!

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Paper crafting GIVE AWAY!!!
Swap Coordinator:meenaRN (contact)
Swap categories: Craft Supplies  Paper Crafts  Random Items 
Number of people in swap:54
Location:Regional - USA
Type:Type 1: Electronic
Last day to signup/drop:April 7, 2019
Date items must be sent by:April 12, 2019
Number of swap partners:1

I have a package envelope of mixed paper crafting items to give away. The mailer includes items such as stamp sets, die cuts, dies (for machines such as cuddle bug, sizzix, Gemini, etc), stickers, washi samples, ribbion, handmade embellishments that have been sent to me over the years (I'm a bit of a hoarder, hence the give away)

To enter all you have to do is answer the question: What inspires you to craft?

USA only, due to shipping costs. After the swap is over I will randomly select a winner and contact that person for the address.

Feedback: Please please please don't forget to leave feedback. It is easy to forget with these electronic swaps - however, equally important to do. After the swap is over, click on leave feedback to see who you are leaving feedback for. Then look at the swap page at the bottom and see if that person left an answer to the question or not. If they did - they get a 5. If they did but they answered after the deadline they get a 3. If they didn't answer they get a 1. Simple as that!

After you answer the question and swap partners have been made simply mark the swap as "sent". You don't actually have to mail anything off.

Only 1 random person from the swap participants will actually get a real package in the mail - which will be items listed above. Some items are brand new and some are gently used.

Keep watch for more swaps like this!


meenaRN 04/ 2/2019 #

I get inspired from everything. Music, a quote I've heard, or simply the mood I am in. Crafting is my outlet for the seriousness of my job.

Jsereg001 04/ 2/2019 #

I get inspired by lots of things! Nature, a pretty butterfly or bird or a beautiful flower. I am also inspired by my dreams. I have lots of strange dreams and sometimes they help me to be more creative. I am also inspired by looking at the work of others. When I see something cool that someone else has made it always makes me wanna make something also!

thebragal 04/ 2/2019 #

I’m inspired to craft by the gorgeous supplies available, when I see other people’s art and unique ways they use certain supplies. Packaging, advertising and labels. I’m very inspired by plants and flowers too. I have a USA addy.

kokoloc 04/ 2/2019 #

Usually, emotions will inspire me to craft. I like to craft when I need to process my feelings.

colleenbUSA 04/ 2/2019 #

My brain which never seems to want to rest and my need to always be moving, so i guess mostly my ADHA lol. I feel a need to be productive so I create.

fiennesgirl 04/ 2/2019 #

I was first inspired by a person that helped me during one of the worst times of my life. He made me feel that I could do anything. I’m a writer and didn’t consider myself an artist, but that changed after him. I am inspired by my emotions...I want the recipient of my artwork to feel something from it...hopefully a pleasant feeling.

shinyserra 04/ 2/2019 #

Seeing people's eyes light up when I make something really cute, or hearing their positive comments about my crafts really inspires me to create more. When I watch YouTube videos on art and crafting or whenever I go into a craft/art store I get inspired as well.

KarenLaneWV 04/ 2/2019 #

I get inspired by things I see...in nature, in books and magazines, on the internet, -- and in stores...bought some metal cups in a thrift shop and they said "pincushions" to me... things like that!

Ukucaitie 04/ 2/2019 #

I get inspired by colors and themes, and collections, also music and find it a great way to relieve stress.

tcottone 04/ 2/2019 #

Hello!! I get inspired by nature!! I love all the colors and textures and living things like birds! They all inspire me to craft and make things that make people enjoy life a little bit more!!

Jewelss2 04/ 2/2019 #

Crafting inspires my creative spirit! I love sharing creations, and the bits and pieces that might bring a smile to others.

Germanbaby77 04/ 3/2019 #

my kids inspire me to craft. whether it is scrapbooking, or quilting, it is always about them.

JJcrafty 04/ 3/2019 #

Nature and the sea inspire me. Also, some of the you tubers make me want to at least try something new.

PrettyAlice 04/ 3/2019 #

I get inspired by lots of different things. Nature, animals, music, people, TV shows, books, etc. I like to watch YouTube tutorials and try new things too. That can be very inspiring. Going out in my garden is always an inspiration cause I get to see everything growing, all the colors and the animals like birds, bees and butterflies.

Ace330660 04/ 3/2019 #

Everything inspires me to craft. From nature and music, to going into the craft store and seeing new supplies.

Momskii 04/ 3/2019 #

I have done every kind of craft ever since I was little. Both my Mom and Grandmom (who lived with us) were very crafty. Both taught me how to knit, crochet and embroider (not too many people know how to do that today). I am now making cards and teaching my grands how to do all the crafts that I enjoy

DixieDiane 04/ 3/2019 #

What inspires me to craft.....like others mentioning nature, everyday life....i see a picture in a magazine and I see some craft I can use it in. I recycle images off pen pal letters and envelopes I get. I'm a hoarder of paper items. I try to reuse things. My life inspires me. I also try to share my things with others. If I can't use it, it's passed on to someone I think that would appreciate it.

MissLatitude 04/ 3/2019 #

I’m inspired by others. I want to make things when I see others doing it

monteverde1997 04/ 3/2019 #

What inspires me to craft is other people's stuff. I love going to estate sales and seeing all the fun and unusual items that people have collected over the years, Also, going to thrift stores is so inspiring because you never know what you will find each time you walk into the store.

aero 04/ 3/2019 #

I get inspired to craft when I see other people s crafts. I like try new things. Before being on swap bot I never made an atc or new what it was for that matter , lol. But on a regular basis I get inspired by the things I see here or other crafts that I catch a glimpse at.

January 04/ 3/2019 #

I am inspired by handmade stuff. Whenever I see something handmade/handcrafted, I try to figure out how it was done and start planning how I could do that too. I am also inspired by the colorful art that other people create. Lately, I browse instagram for so much inspiration out there, and sometimes it is grouped by kind of art, which makes it easier to find things.

Jodes 04/ 3/2019 #

Colors, a happy mood, music, and gifting a person with a handmade something (sometimes it's one or the other, and sometimes it's all those things combined) is what inspires me the most to craft & get my creative juices flowing, so to speak.

SeoulQueen 04/ 3/2019 #

I get inspired to craft by pretty papers and the weather. Sometimes paper motivates me to make something really unique or to try to use some really different papers together.

The weather has a huge motivation on me. Dreary weather makes me want to craft small pieces and embellishments.

Warm sunny weather makes me want to create big and bold projects. 😁

mcall 04/ 3/2019 #

I get inspired by watching people. A couple laughing from a distance is so heart lifting. Kids playing, my dogs playing, a pretty color will inspire me to make something that color. Watching the waves hit the shore inspires me too.

abcdefgxyz12367985 04/ 3/2019 #

Self love inspires me to craft. To take time out of my week to spend time doing something I love. I don't live in an in ideal living situation and rarely get alone time but crafting is my escape and sometimes my sanity.

Pepsicola57 04/ 4/2019 #

As long as I can remember I have been artsy doodling in my my note book in school. In middle school I had a wonderful art teacher who filled me with inspiration . I think in my school days i used art as a release from the teasing and bullying I endured, as an adult I use it to find and hang out with like minded people.

aligurl75 04/ 4/2019 #

I would say that what inspires me in crafting is after watching the tremendous talent of others in Youtube. I have several crafty channels that I subscribe to and every time I watch one of their videos it gives me so many ideas and gets my creative juices revving to go. I'm a binge crafter. I tend to get stuck on one kind of crafting process until I burn myself out on it and then I switch to another craft. I usually circle back around though so nothing gets left undone for too long.

Cobweb 04/ 4/2019 #

What inspires me to craft? Honestly, I don't so much get inspired to craft as I find myself with an item that I have an overwhelming need to do something with or to! A particularly lovely fabric, pretty yarn, a cool new pen, a tube of paint in a splendid color, a bead, a shirt that needs updating. I also find myself costuming for events and occasions and the need to accessorize a character is a big driving force of so many projects. The grandkids are also a driving force in my craft related activities as they are constantly requesting something for a dress up day at school or for me to teach them how to make something.

PenguinParade 04/ 4/2019 #

What inspires me to craft? A need to create. In many cases I don't even care if it is good, I just need to get it out of my system. When it comes out really good I am happy. I've not crafted in about 3 years and I felt like something was missing in my life. Coming back to it, I am starting to feel like myself again. I've been doing things for myself, but ready to start sharing my crafts again.

bjansen 04/ 4/2019 #

A lot of things inspire me to craft. Biggest one is rainy days always make me want to craft. Other ways is gifts for birthdays, weddings, other special occasions. Also when I go to craft fairs.

AZmom875 04/ 4/2019 #

I remember even as an 8 year old, I had a stamped cross stitch kit, and green plastic sewing kit. I moved to counted cross stitch as I got older. I was a wiz in home ec and sewing compared to the rest of the class. While they were still making there alphabet shaped pillow, I moved on to a skirt and a shirt. I sewed maternity clothes and then quilts. Then I moved to Scrapbooking and then ATCS, and journals.

I think the thing that inspires me is that it is a stress reliever, but also a desire to create things for other people: quilts for family members, scrapbooks for foster kids.

dawnsrays 04/ 5/2019 #

The thrill of conceiving an idea and then creating something with my hands— I love when it’s done and I can sit back and say I made that, that is GOOD! Lol I love hand crafted things so it’s always fun to make things for others. Your time and energy and good vibes are infused in all you do so that’s a key component as well. It’s just a part of who I am.

paperlover 04/ 5/2019 #

Pinterest is my biggest inspiration. There are always new to try. Anything from card folding to inking and everything in between.

AliCrafter 04/ 5/2019 #

When I am feeling flat, I like to peruse JoAnn's or my favorite place, Tuesday Morning. I get excited by products, colors, paper, paper, paper, and embellishments. Sometimes I take photos of particularly clever things I can do myself. I love SwapBot for inspiring projects for partners; Pinterest and YouTube; and MAGAZINES. I LOVE cutting up magazines and catalogs for projects. Anybody remember Miss Pat's Playroom from the 60's? Miss Pat made me fall in love with scissors/cutting and creativity gushed from then on.

EleniWalker 04/ 5/2019 #

Seeing the world through my daughters eyes as she is Autistic and very intelligent and artistic has given me a whole different view of how I craft. I follow through because of her. She keeps me going.

lizzmathwhiz 04/ 5/2019 #

I am inspired by the joy i get from creating for others. Also it makes me feel good to create so it's selfish in that way too. Most recently I am inspired by my 11 year old cousin asking me to teach him to sew so he can make plushies for himself like I've been making for birthdays and christmases.

groundhogstamper 04/ 5/2019 #

I've always loved art and crafts, even as a child. As an adult, a neighbor got me started making felt Christmas ornaments and my sister taught me to crochet. I made many afghans and lap robes for a nursing home till the arthritis in my hand and wrist got too bad for me to continue. Then I discovered steamping in early 1993 when I took my first class. I can't imagine how many cards I have made since then. In the past year I've made many for our church ladies to send out, and I have made and swapped many ATCs here on SwapBot. In 2008, i had a stroke and the doctor was amazed how keeping up with my artwork gave my hand strength again.

kclicquot 04/ 6/2019 #

Music inspires me to be my best self. Part of that includes creating pieces of art. Mostly papercraft and beaded jewelry, I give my pieces away or donate them to local charities for their fund raising events. I most like combining interesting color combinations for all my art.

patricia8288 04/ 6/2019 #

Colors inspired me, simply things can be the most wonderful. A person smiling, a store window, a pretty shopping bag, flowers, every day signs, the sun , the moon and the stars

moonillusion 04/ 6/2019 #

I lost my last blood family 3 years ago for Christmas. (Other than my own, hubby kids and grandkids) I always did arts with my mom and crafting not only is my excape and relaxation but kids my mothers spirit alive. She was the best artist i know so ispiring always her worse enemy never thinking it was good enough

amlwin19 04/ 6/2019 #

I get inspired to craft by the seasons and colors around me. Autumn is my favorite inspiration for creating my jewelry and sewing. My son is another inspiration because he has out of the box ideas that are sometimes so cool that I have to make it with him.

supersquirrel 04/ 6/2019 #

What inspires me to craft is the thought that what I create will bring a little joy to someone. I'm always up to learn something new and the world of crafting has lots of that to offer.

jeiknee 04/ 6/2019 #

By simply looking at other people’s work and craftsmanship, I get inspired to craft on my own and make something that express my artful side. I like that I can I corprate what I want and use anything that I like.

Thumpersivy 04/ 6/2019 #

Cradting is not only inspiring me to think outside the box its gives me a break from deoression and anxiery. I love giving gifts for peopke and I expect nothing back but a smile knowing they liked it i may not be good at simerhings but none the less its still inspiring to do things with my hands.

BLUR 04/ 6/2019 #

What inspires me is trying new things. I create because I must. I love trying and exploring ideas and materials and techniques. I grew up with the craftiest mom and have been a crafter and artist from the beginning. :)

Rosa1 04/ 6/2019 #

What inspires me to craft is... my sanity. I live alone and am disabled, so my crafting some days merely keeps me sane :)

Kathy821 04/ 6/2019 #

My mother was my inspiration to begin crafting. Now, browsing magazines, YouTube or walking through a craft store and especially when I spot something new that appeals to me. I have also received things from one of the many very generous people on Swap_Bot and had them inspire me.

Leekoba 04/ 7/2019 #

What inspires me to craft, is my desire to keep being creative! I have a lot of free time, and that helps me craft, because I love it, and I often look for inspiration anywhere I can. I've always been crafty, and I hope to stay that way !

Hyshu 04/ 7/2019 #

What inspires me to craft is...to make things with my own two hands. I see the beauty in things and want to creat a lasting piece that will show the beauty even more. I love the finished product.

tcornell 04/ 7/2019 #

I'm definitely inspired by what I see... YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram for sure. Seeing other people's artwork inspires me, and so does a trip to an art or craft store!

Kdguard 04/ 7/2019 #

I love papercrafting and started doing it in high school about 20 some years ago making albums of the babygirl I babysat, and high school evens ETC. anytime I see cards and junk mails I have my scissors out creating unique stash items. Now I am into doing ATC cards and JAMs which are great and usually all Halloween fun things. Sending odd items thru the mail to my daughter at camp when she has camp plus having social anxiety it’s a way to meet people in a comfortable environment

lynnpinkdaisy 04/ 7/2019 #

What inspires me to craft is that there is usually something in my heart that wants to be expressed and the only way possible to express it is through some type of creative crafting. The specific type of crafting is sometimes dependent on the colors, materials, and textures that my imagination is pondering over. I also get inspired a lot through nature and music. Sometimes when I listen to music without words, my heart composes its own and a picture forms in my mind and I want to express that through crafting somehow. I love, love, love crafting!!

knitterofhats 04/ 7/2019 #

I am inspired to craft when I feel relaxed and ready to come up with a new idea!

MissPaula 04/ 7/2019 #

My heart, soul and spirit inspires me to craft. If I don't do something creative daily, I don't feel right. It's just in me wanting to come out. It may be in my garden, at my dinner table or my art desk with paint and paper. I get inspiration through visuals, something I see makes me want to create. Someone's art, a pretty plate, a colorful plant. I like making people happy with my creations and I get a lot of joy in the act of creating something.

yvonne401 04/ 7/2019 #

I've been inspired to craft since I was a little girl when I used to go into the basement and paint. After that, as I got older I started doing adult coloring (before it became the craze of today). When I was younger my grandmother taught me how to do needlecrafts (knitting, crocheting, needlepoint, embroidery) which I still do today. I get inspired to create things based on the supplies that I have to work with. I love making things with flowers and butterflies. The beautiful look of nature is very inspiring. The different colors I see around me are very inspiring. What is in my heart always inspires me to create. I love making homemade cards as well as crocheted and knitted gifts to my family and friends. I like to put a smile on someone's face and it puts a smile on mine.

Mistyinltown 04/ 7/2019 #

Inspiration comes from everything in my life, my mother (who is a great artist), my father who is an amazing craftsman with wood, my best friend who is a phenomenal painter. I am inspired to craft for many reasons, therapeutic reasons, because its who I am, by what I see others do, just wanting to see if something will work out, but I am inspired because I love to create, and I am inspired because it gives me joy, and sometimes my crafts give others joy, and what is more inspirational than knowing something you made yourself made someone else smile, or happy, or feel a little more loved.

waltsroo 04/ 7/2019 #

I get inspired by my thoughts/creativity, I have insomnia & my brain is always going. I get inspired from anything from items in a thrift store that I can recreate, to craft stores~supplies they are selling or decor I can recreate, by YT videos, Pinterest, online searches, items someone asks me to create, seeing an animal or a beautiful color in nature...many many things get credit for my inspiration!

knitterofhats 04/ 8/2019 #

I also feel inspired by reading magazines that give me images for new items I can create with paper or yarn.

meenaRN 04/ 8/2019 #

Congrats Cassandra @Seoulqueen I will send your package out soon. Thank you to everyone who participated. Keep your eyes open more swaps like this in the near future.

CraftyCathy31 04/ 8/2019 #

I am inspired by flowers.I love designing Cards with roses!

fiennesgirl 04/18/2019 #

Oops! I thought I clicked “sent” already!

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