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1,000 Hearts!

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1,000 Hearts!
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Swap categories: Challenges 
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Location:Regional - USA
Type:Type 1: Electronic
Last day to signup/drop:May 18, 2020
Date items must be sent by:May 22, 2020
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This swap is USA only due to my postage budget.

I just received my 1000th Heart! (Actually 1,002!)

I want to celebrate!

I have too much "stuff". I've been cleaning and sorting, deciding what will I really use in the future and what I'd like to use, but have no idea what to do with it. I have a small flat-rate box filled with stuff

TO ENTER: I've seen some interesting id names here on swap-bot. Tell me what your swap-bot name means to you and why you chose it for swap-bot. Post in the comment section below AT THE TIME YOU SIGN UP. Any posts after I post the winner's name do not count and can receive a lower rating.

HERE IS THE REQUIREMENT: When your partner is assigned, check in the comments section below to see if your partner did indeed post a name comment in the comment section. If yes, they get a 5 rating (a heart if you think it's a cool/interesting/funny/or whatever to you one) A comment but not the required prompt? Then that's a 3. No comment at all? A big fat 1 is what they get. REMINDER-any comment after the winning post is subject to a lower rating.


I'm putting this as a Type 1 swap as everyone will be reading and rating and I am the only one mailing.

I'm going to allow new, unrated swappers in the USA this time. But you MUST have a well filled profile to participate. I consider a well filled profile one that I have to scroll down the page to read. If no filled profile, you will be removed from the swap.

BONUS I will be taking everyone else who signs up and putting your name in a drawing for RAK envelopes after partners have been posted. There will be 3 winners. Winners user names will be posted in the comment section after partners have been posted. Good luck everyone and I look forward to reading about your id name.


TryshaH81 05/ 4/2020 #

Originally my swapbot name was JustMeTH81 which meant Just Me T H 81 T for Trysha H for Hollie 81 is my birth year. I changed it because people thought it was just meth 81. So I changed it to TryshaH81 so people wouldn't think I was a meth head. LOL

SkyFairies 05/ 4/2020 #

Congratulations on your 1000th heart!

My swap-bot name is one that I've actually been using for years already. Back when I was first deciding on a name, I wanted something that was creative and memorable. The "sky" in SkyFairies comes from my initials which actually spell out sky, and the "fairies" comes from my interest in mythical beings (as well as the fact that I was obsessed with the anime Fairy Tail at the time). Overall, I think this name represents me pretty well which is why I chose it for swap-bot :).

mcorbus 05/ 4/2020 #

M is for my husbands first name and then our last name. Not very original😀

Hyshu 05/ 4/2020 #

My Swap-bot name means "white tiger". I chose it as a name because I did not want to use my actual name and I have loved white tigers all my life. I came up with the nickname of Hyshu about 20 years ago. It is an important name to me.

Congrats on 1000th Heart! I have my own giveaway posted right now! Fun! Cheers!

Ellevee 05/ 4/2020 #

So in high school my friend gave me the nickname “Lilly Vanilly” well apparently this is a popular screen name...(or it was in 2011/2012) frustrated, I had to figure out a way to still use my name even if I was the only one to know what it meant. And thus, Elle Vee was born! Get it...Elle Vee.....L V..... Lilly Vanilly 😂🤣

mariamichelle 05/ 4/2020 #

Well mine is actually obviously pretty boring. It's just my name. mariamichelle. My last name is Mays so my initials are MMM. I'm hesitant about changing the ID but to tell the truth I would love to use ThreeMLady or at least something a little more original.

Congratulations btw!!!

theoriginalbrooke 05/ 4/2020 #

My swap name doesn't really have any meaning. I just wanted something simple and my name is Brooke so that's why I chose it!

Cindymt 05/ 4/2020 #

My swap name is my first name and my initials for my middle and last name. Nothing special.

institches 05/ 4/2020 #

Wow, I was so excited that I forgot to post my answer!

I chose "institches" because I'm always stitching. Crochet is my favorite. I also do counted cross stitch, plastic canvas, embroidery, needlepoint. I can knit, but not very well. The garter stitch is all I can do, so I can make a mean scarf, lol! I can do crewel embroidery, but it's not a favorite. I can machine sew, but haven't for years and I can do hand mending, sewing a small tear, sewing on buttons.

So, I am institches!

yvonne401 05/ 4/2020 #

My username is yvonne401. My name is Yvonne and my birthday is April 1st, so that's my username. It's not very exciting.

paperlvr 05/ 4/2020 #

Congrats on your 1000+ hearts! That is a wonderful accomplishment! Thanks for hosting this fun giveaway! I decided on my Swap Bot name just in thinking about how much I love paper! I really enjoy the look and feel of all types of prints and patterns and the quality of the paper too. My kids find my name "cringy" and (frankly, in retrospect), I agree but more than a year into Swap Botting, I can't really change it. ;)

atomita2 05/ 4/2020 #

My username isn't really creative. It's my first name initial, last name and a 2 because I thought it needed a number to follow.

Jsereg001 05/ 4/2020 #

My username isn’t really that awesome, lol. The J stands for my first name, Jamie and Sereg is my last name. The 001 was added just because I thought I needed some numbers I guess. It’s the same username that I use for a lot of my accounts and it’s easy for me to remember. I see a lot of creative usernames on here though and I have to admit that I get jealous of the “cool” usernames since mine is so plain,, lol. Thanks!!

swiftbrooks 05/ 4/2020 #

WOW!! 1,000 hearts?!? Congratulations! I have been on the bot for 10 years, but only have half as many! My user name is my last name, but unhyphenated. My maiden name is Swift and my husband's last name is Brooks. We got married in 2000 and I hyphenated my name as Swift-Brooks. I just love my last name as it sounds more Native American more than my maiden name! Thanks for hosting such a generous swap! :D

SatisHuman 05/ 4/2020 #

Sati's Human - Sati was my oldest cat (she recently passed) and ever since I got her I have been Sati's Human. I have no plans to change it. I'll always be her human.

DixieDiane 05/ 7/2020 #

Congrats !

My user name means alot to me. My late 90 yr old mom never could remember my real name due to Alzheimers so she used to call me Dixie. I think she kinda remembered i moved to the south from upstate New York so dixie kinda stuck with me. Diane is my real first name hence DixieDiane. It will always remind me of my mom. She was an angel to me and always will be.

emmajo 05/ 8/2020 #

My name is emma, and jo is the first part of my last name. Boring, I know, but it suits me. I joined swap bot to fill time and send and recieve fun things!

EverydayAngels 05/ 9/2020 #

Congratulations 1000 hearts! That is awesome. My user name is “Everyday Angels” because there is an angel in each one of us trying to do good everyday. It is part of the pay it forward and random acts of kindness mentality. I have been abundantly blessed and want to give so much more back to the world on a personal level. Swap-bot is a God send to me at a time in my life when I was looking for a way to spread God’s grace.

porpie5 05/ 9/2020 #

We were on a family trip to visit Washington, D.C. Our kids were in middle school and pretty active, so we stopped in Ohio on the way to DC for an overnight at a motel with a pool. We had time to make use of the pool, and as I love to swim, I joined the kids in water fun. Our daughter observed that my swimming rather porpoise-like, so from then on, when we were doing water activities, she called me "Porpie". I remembered that name when I was trying to think of a user name and I added the 5 because I am number 5 in my family of 6. I usually am on Swap-bot every day!

cheeetah8 05/ 9/2020 #

Congrats!! My user name is "cheeetah8". The meaning behind it was when I joined swap-bot, I was in the process of painting a huge canvas that had all these colorful cheetah prints to have as decoration in my room. I looked at my canvas and my username became 'cheeetah8'. Number 8 is my favorite number as well. I joined swap-bot because I had all these stickers, washi, and whole lotta stationary stuff due to when I bought it all because I had a pen pal. And also because a Youtuber recommended it :)

Prettyexpressions 05/ 9/2020 #

Mine is after a small business on etsy I had! I currently don't have it anymore, but in the future I will begin opening up shop again, and figured I would use it here so when i eventually use it again, i could "advertise" it better

Elliepatterson 05/ 9/2020 #

Hello, my Swap-bot name is my maiden name. Now I wished I’d chosen a different handle, but hindsight is 20/20.🌻

Poohtat 05/ 9/2020 #

Congratulations on your 1000th Heart!

My user name is Poohtat. Poohtat is a nickname I have had since I got my Winnie-the-Pooh and friends tattoo on my left arm. I have always and will always love Pooh and the whole gang. So Poohtat is a mix of Pooh and tattoo.

heavree 05/ 9/2020 #

Congratulations!!! That’s exciting!

My username is heavree. My name is Heather Maree. My Dad calls me Heav and my mom calls me Ree. So I just put them together lol.

ladyaries7 05/ 9/2020 #

My username is ladyaries7. I am a lady, an aries (April 16) and 7 is my favorite number

lynnpinkdaisy 05/ 9/2020 #

Congratulations on your 1000th heart! My user name is Lynnpinkdaisy. My name is Lynn, my favorite color is pink, and my dog's name was Daisy! She was a white Jack Russell Terrier and I was her chosen human! So honored! She was a great dog!

bringitb 05/ 9/2020 #

Woo! So many hearts—congrats! 🥰 My username comes from a nickname I got in college. A buddy learned that I did competitive cheerleading and the movie Bring It On was just out, so I was known as “Bring It” 😊 and my name is Becki, so that’s the b added on to round out bringitb.

Turnip74 05/ 9/2020 #

My username kinda has two meanings. It was from a story Imy Dad read in a science & fantasy magazine when I was in high school. The story was called The Happy Turnip, in the story a turnip is so happy all the time. When a family eats it for dinner one night, they all have happy dreams. Now I retold this story to an older co-worker and he always called me Turnip after. At that time, that's when I was introduced to Swap-bot and thus my nickname & year I was born created my username. 😊

anniechan91 05/10/2020 #

I used to get creative with usernames, but I found that I would outgrow them. I have since opted to just use my name and birth year as my username, since it's easy to remember, and it's not something I can outgrow. :)

Ukucaitie 05/10/2020 #

My name is Ukucaitie. It was supposed to sound like "ukulele" but i wanted to put my name into it too, because at the time I started swapbot I was really into learning to play ukulele. Now, I really dont like it because it seems like its "OO koo caitie" lol

scrappermama 05/10/2020 #

Congrats on the 1000 ♡'s!! Scrappermama... I had just had my son & wanted to scrapbook his life. Lol... it's still in progress today!

creativeseconds 05/10/2020 #

HI! Creativeseconds is my name because I like to buy second hand craft supplies and sell them on Ebay. :) Thanks for hosting!

Burger1girl 05/11/2020 #

Hi I'm Burger1girl. 8 yrs ago I use to manage a Burger King. I was the fastest hardest worker, so I names myself after something I was good at. To this day I am still hard worker and carry on the food service business, rush rush rush!! I might change it someday....but its easy for me to remember, lol!!

TreeAnn629 05/12/2020 #

My name is Theresa Ann so Nickname is TreeAnn (family and friends call me ) and 629 is my birthday

megan1230 05/12/2020 #

My name is Megan and my birthday is December 30th so 1230. Also, 30 is my favorite number.

CHOWEFACE 05/12/2020 #

My username was given to me by my sister when she was a baby. When she started talking, she couldn't say 'michelle' so she started saying 'me-chow'. As she got older, she changed it to just 'chow' but whenever she wrote it, she added an E so now friends & family call me 'chowe' but my siblings call me 'choweface'. (no idea why they added 'face' in there lol). Sometimes I even get 'chowder' or 'chowe-ee'

AZmom875 05/12/2020 #

Congratulations on your Hearts milestone. You earned them. I always love your giveaway swaps.

I tend to use the same name on most places that I join. I really do get sick of it but it easy to remember. I have an explanation in my profile.

Basically I live in Arizona and was the mother of 8 kids. I was counting down when I joined back in 2008. Soon I would only have 5 kids at home. Yeah right. They would boomerang back. The oldest foster child boomeranged back in Oct of 2019 for medical reasons. He has stage 4 kidney failure. We are working towards getting approved for the kidney transplant list. We have a few hoops to jump, then we all got ORDERED to stay at home. So in JUNE we do more doctors appointments.

So he is the last one home and should be here about 2 years more.

So my kids moved out, Garrett is in Chicago, Erika lives in Australia, Bethany lives in Tucson, (2 hours away), Troy lives in California (5 hours away), Bobby moves around a lot, but stays in The Valley of the sun here, and Cearra just moved out in March, and lives 3 miles away.

I dont have any grandkids, and would love at least one. None of children seem like a good candidate for parenthood, even though 2 are married. I really do NOT want raise a grandchild because the parent, cant handle it. I was a foster parent long enough, and we are older now.

stampnMT 05/12/2020 #

Congratulations on your 1000th Heart ❤️ My swap bot name came to be when I was trying to come up with something original but something I’d remember too. I went to my first Stampin Up party in 1990 and had heard about it before but never really seen how everyone was making those beautiful cards so I went to this party and was instantly hooked:) I bought rubber stamps, inks, papers, a heat tool for embossing and over time that hobby just grew and I bought more stamps and more supplies. I live in Montana (we got snow today😳) and so that is where the MT part of my name comes from. Since my love of stamping started it has led to scrapbooking, journaling, planners & my new hobby of travelers notebooks. This is such a fun place to share all of these hobbies with others and make new friends too.

user2148 05/12/2020 #

What a very cool idea!! Way better than my dumb username 😂 - I am one of the original members and it was assigned by swat-bot. We are a military family and have relocated quite often so there were long stretches of time when I was inactive. However, I never thought to change it! (I heard that members were offered that choice, but I missed it during a move!) Now that I’m more active there just never seems to be a good time. And so I remain user2148 🤷🏼‍♀️ If I did change it ... I’d probably just use my first name! 😂

Mandaloolee 05/12/2020 #

My User name is an extension of my real name, Amanda. When I was in high school, my group of friends started calling me THE Manda (instead of A Manda). Soon after, it was shortened to simply Manda. My best friend's mother then started calling me Mandaloolee, because why not! So now when I get to choose a user name anywhere, I'll choose Mandaloolee because I am 100% certain it hasn't been taken yet!

Rabbitfreedom 05/12/2020 #

My swap bot name represents my love of rabbits in the wild. When I lived in PA, I used to be able to watch them play in the evenings in my backyard. Sadly, now that I live in NYC, I do not get to see them anymore, but whenever I travel, I am always on the lookout for them. My dream is to someday travel to Rabbit Island, which is located off the coast of Japan.

Candace 05/12/2020 #

Congratulations! My user name is very boring, it's my given name. I have so many user names, logins, etc. (like we all do), that if I tried to come up with something clever, I'd never remember it!

lovesreward 05/12/2020 #

Congratulations on your 1000 hearts!
My name, Lovesreward, was created 30 years ago when I used to write cheesy high school poetry. I did not want anyone to know who was writing such drivel about unrequited love, so I made up the "pen name" and voila! I use Lovesreward for anytime I need a "handle" - and when asked about it years ago on a couple of singles sites, I would tell the men, "well, it is because I, Cherise, AM love's sweet reward!" grin So that is how my name became part of me and my persona!

Churchmouse70 05/12/2020 #

I am a pastor’s wife and I feel like my second home is our church because I’m always there working. I love cute animals, so the thought of a churchmouse conjures up a loveable little critter. The 70 is the year of my birthday. 😉

tcornell 05/12/2020 #

Yay! Congratulations on 1,000 hearts! My username is rather boring: it's my first initial and my last name (Tracy Cornell)

Ilovemybabies7 05/12/2020 #

Yay 1000 hearts! That’s awesome. My profile name is self explanatory. I choose it because everything I choose before that was taken. I also chose the number 7 because it is one of my favorite numbers. I love my children they are my world so why not include them in my swapbot name =D

JJcrafty 05/13/2020 #

Congrats! My name stands for Junk Journal and I love to craft= jjcrafty. Thanks for sharing your goodies.

chimerix 05/13/2020 #


My user name is a variation of the Greek mythological creature, the Chimera. It is a creature made of 3 different animals, almost collage like. I figure I'm made of lots of different parts and interests and people scratch their head at my actions or opinions quite often. I've been using Chimerix for over 25 years as my online name. (And now I feel old.) :)

twileteyes 05/13/2020 #

Congratulations! That's a lot of hearts!

My username is from my first email address 22ish years ago - my favorite time of day is twilight and my eyes were best feature according to a boy back then; twilight_eyes was already taken so I went with the adjective form "twilit" except I didn't use the dictionary and thought it was spelled 'twilet'! My only regrets over it is the assumption that I use it because of the Twilight movies - I actually do like them but that's not where my name came from lol.

LavenderSprinkles 05/13/2020 #

Congrats on the 1000 hearts! I made myself LavenderSprinkes because I love the color lavender and the scent. I also love cupcakes and sprinkles. So I combined things I loved and became LavenderSprinkles. I thought it was cute!

Tricia22 05/13/2020 #

Congrats on 1002!!❤️❤️

My username is not very original, My name is Patricia and my family and friends call me Tricia and 22 is my birthday🤷‍♀️

Kittybob83 05/13/2020 #

My ID came from our families 1st cat. We found her in an alley scrawny and hungry. My daughter who was 2 at the time called her spongebob squarepants. It got shortened to kittybob, and that stuck. Honestly I'm just not creative enough to make up a cool username, so steal hers.

desertdoll 05/13/2020 #

Congrats on the 1000! ❤️💛🧡💚

My user name is DesertDoll. I use this name or a version of it on other social platforms. I like it because it is short and gives you some basic information about me... I live in AZ, the desert! Plus, I'm a doll ;)

Also, desertdevil was taken,lol.

MeghanMac 05/13/2020 #

My name is Meghan MacInnis. My username is boring.

veronicallama 05/13/2020 #

Congratulations on earning 1000+ hearts!

My Swapbot ID, veronicallama, is a combination of a name I love + an animal I love. I put those two parts together for my first email address and have been using them together ever since.

jenlamp20 05/13/2020 #

I use jenlamph, because I have short term memory issues and it is part of both my first and last name.

marclively 05/13/2020 #

I guess my user name is boring, because its my real name. I had to use an underscore instead of a dash ( not because of swap bot but because of the internet) as there was actually someone else with the same name as me.

isandie 05/13/2020 #

I love it! Thanks for the opportunity! My user name is super boring! I have had this username for 23 years! I only know this because Yahoo Mail just sent me an email congratulating me on being with them for that long! LOL! 23 years ago, when the internet was new, I created this name for my free yahoo mail account, and I thought since my work email at the time was [email protected], my INTERNET email should be [email protected] it just stuck, and i use it for everything! Little did I know Apple would use my idea for their products! LOL!

kolasx 05/13/2020 #

Congrats on hitting 1000 ❤️s! ~I wish I had an interesting story about my username. I honestly came up with kolasx by slamming my hands down on the keyboard and letting chance decide years ago for a username on another website. My go-to usernames were all taken, and I figured why not let the universe take over. I have become quite fond of this username, though. Still unsure about pronunciation, lol.

simplyfunmom 05/14/2020 #

1,000 hearts is an awesome achievement! 😁 Congratulations! I picked my name, simplyfunmom, because I used to work for a children's game company called SimplyFun. I wanted a fun and fresh user name/email.

brooklynboo 05/14/2020 #

I choose my username because my nickname in highschool was brookieboo!

hangingonahoneymoon 05/14/2020 #

Congrats on your 1000 hearts!!!! <3 <3 <3

hangingonahoneymoon is my username from one of my favorite songs: "Hanging On A Honeymoon" by William Beckett.

I listened to his album a lot when I started dating my significant other (together 6 years now), and this song has always felt like the theme song for my relationship with him. Planning on having this as our first dance song. My friends and I are considering paying him to perform the song live. Gotta get engaged first though, haha.

Along with that, I've loved William Beckett/The Academy Is... since I was 14 (now I'm 29), so it only seems fitting to have a username of one of his lyrics.

eulondagraham 05/14/2020 #

My username isn't very creative, I didn't know that it could be. It's just my first name and last name together, lowercase. Congratulations, enjoy your day.

draco 05/14/2020 #


i picked my name from the "harry potter" series. since people usual pick the good guys, i decided to go for one of the bad guys, who is actually misunderstood

Nevi2018 05/14/2020 #

My Dog Name is Nevi!! And we got her in 2018. We named her Nevi For Feliz Navidad since we got her Dec. 21. HAD NO CLUE it was a real name. I wanted to name the boy dog Navi if we got him and Noelle if we got the girl But once I said HEY No No it didnt stick!! LOL Every one on here says Hey Nevi Though My real name is Hope LOL

zibbity 05/14/2020 #

what an exciting achievement! Something definitely to be celebrated! Thank you for allowing us to celebrate with you. As for my handle: mine goes way back! In 1994, when my mom and dad first got the internet and I started using Internet relay chat, I asked my dad what a good nickname would be. I didn't want anything associated with my personal name but I did want something fun and funny. He said "zippity" as in zippity Doo dah but once I tried that it was taken. I still liked the idea and I wanted to stay true to my dad's suggestion so I flipped the p's upside down and chose zibbity. So, since 1994 to present day my nickname on 95% of all platforms is some form of zibbity!!

JournalingGinger 05/14/2020 #

I chose my username JournalingGinger because I am a "ginger" or redhead lol, and because I love to journal! I have been journaling for the past 15 years roughly, ever since I was 11 years old. :)

When deciding my username I wanted something that wasn't too long and that didn't have any numbers or other characters in it,which can be tough to do! lol so I was pleased when I was able to make my account with my username. Does anyone else overthink their username?? like because you know you'll be stuck with it forever so it better be decent. haha! :)

GirlMomToTwo 05/15/2020 #

Simple! I'm a mo to two girls :) And its the best part about me and my life <3

arystotle 05/15/2020 #

Arystotle was the name of my pet bird, a cockatiel, my first pet ever loved her so much

Artistic 05/15/2020 #

I've really enjoyed reading all of the name origin stories. Congrats @institches on your hearts milestone.

My Swap-bot user name actually began on another (now defunct) swap site that was run by the now defunct PaperCrafts Magazine. I started swapping there in 2004. I was in a very dark place creatively at the time, and swapping-- being able to express myself in ways that didn't involve writing -- truly saved my life.

I had a terrible case of writer's block and by making cards, tags, ATCs, scrapbook pages, etc., and sharing that creative work with others, I found a way to be artistic. My name on the PCMB (PaperCrafts message board) was Artisticinva. In most PMs, people just called me Artistic. So when I found Swap-bot via someone on PCMB asking if anyone had heard of a site called Swap-bot.com, I went to take a look. :)

I shortened the online moniker to Artistic for the new site. My email remains artisticinva. (I lived in Virginia at the time, hence the "inva" part.

I chose both names Artisticinva and Artistic as constant reminders that I am an artistic person no matter how I expressed my creativity.

FeltPrincess 05/15/2020 #

My username, FeltPrincess, was chosen because I make tiny felt animals (they are anywhere from 1/3 inch high to 1 inch) that I sell on Etsy. I am not sure why I added the 'princess' part to it, since it has been over 10 years since I chose it. It's my Ebay username too, and more than once I have had someone snicker at it, or scratch their heads in confusion. I realized well after choosing it that it could come across as really weird. :S I honestly kinda regret the choice, and I do wish we could alter them. But the reason behind it is still something that I like.

suzmoon 05/16/2020 #

On Swap-bot, 1000 hearts is #goals

My username includes my name and the fact that I like moons. All phases of the moon are beautiful and I love it when it shines bright at night along with the stars.

piperwashere 05/16/2020 #

My username, Piperwashere, I made because I use it for quite a lot of other things and it is easy to remember. I guess it really applies on this site because I am "here" when I send my postcards out.

BlueberryLady 05/16/2020 #

I Chose my user name because we have close to 40 Blueberry Bushes growing east of our Home that we planted.. Still have a few spots to replant because the bush died..and I love Blueberries in Pancakes and Muffins and of course Blueberry Pie - I love to Bake. !!

michlove 05/16/2020 #

My swap-bot user name is just a shortened version of my first name, Michelle, and all of my last name, Love. Love is my maiden name. I've been married twice and am still married to my second husband though my legal last name is Leslie, which belonged to my first husband. I never legally changed it back to my maiden name after the divorce. I prefer my maiden name to all others. And my current husband doesn't care what my last name is ;) Silly details! Congrats on your 1000th heart. That's a lot of postage and swaps!

snailmailbella 05/17/2020 #

My swapbot name is because I love snails (aren’t they so cute) and also because of a nickname my cousins gave me. Sometimes they call me beo (pronounced with an ei sound like in air) and so snailmailbella kind of captures the repeated phonetic sound! It’s a little silly but I love it!

myancey 05/17/2020 #

Mine is just my first initial and last name cause I didn’t realize I could come up with something awesomer and am now just stuck with myancey.

Whovian487 05/17/2020 #

Congrats! I’m a Doctor Who fan and figured the username Whovian would be taken; so I added the 487 to the end. I just picked 487 to add to the end; it has no meaning besides that it’d be easy to remember.

feminista 05/17/2020 #

I was a Women's Studies major. So, feminista :)

NRGordon 05/17/2020 #

“NRGordon” is not a clever user name at all. It is, as you probably instantly surmised, my first and middle initials and last name. What it means to me and why I chose it are one and the same… It was easy to come up with and easy to remember.

I could have utilized my entire first name but I never liked it. I could have used something descriptive but “OldOverweightProcrastinator” is long and cumbersome. I could have used what seems to be my wife’s ‘pet name’ for me but many would consider that profanity or at least rude. So, I’m sorry to say that there is no excitement here.

vitiator 05/18/2020 #

congratulations on over 1000 hearts! I'm newer to swap-bot and that amazes me. it's so sweet of you to celebrate with a giveaway!
my username 'vitiator' means one who destroys, but that is not the reason I chose to use it. it is actually the anagram (a word, phrase, or name formed by rearranging the letters of another) of my full first name 'Vittoria'. I got 'Vittoria' from my dad, Vittorio; both meaning victory.

beachchicken 05/18/2020 #

Congrats on the hearts! My user name is what we call sea gulls, this also the name of my business. I do a lot of upcycling and find things all over the place to make art with so, I am a scavenger just like a sea gull.

Earlgurl 05/18/2020 #

What an awesome swap to join. Thank you for creating it. So, my username is "Earlgurl33". When my husband and I were dating, I KNEW he was THE ONE. His last name is Earl. So this was back when I was 19, and we were head over hills in love with each other. We still are now almost 18 years later too but anyways, I was creating my email account and came up with Earlgurl81 which is my birth year. So that name stuck and I use it for a lot of different usernames. I use it on Reddit, and Instagram and now Swap bot. My email got hacked quite a few years ago, so I changed it to "earlgurl33" bc I was 33 at the time and it sounded good. I love my husband. He is my sweetpea. He's such an honest , genuine man and he is a VERY hard worker. I'm VERY LUCKY to have him and we are best friends and we spend A LOT of time laughing, mostly at each other. <3

mylove4craft 05/18/2020 #

Mylove4craft - it's basically why I joined swapbot. I'm not a seasoned crafter, I'm more of a hoarder than a crafter right now. I love to see what people send me and get inspiration from the items. They're usually things I wouldn't have thought to get or I've never seen. I got some really great ideas from the things I receive.

kathieross 05/18/2020 #

My swap bot name is my first and last name

pbcquiltlover 05/18/2020 #

pbc stands for Palm Beach County, Florida and was originally because I used to be a member of the Palm Beach County Quilt Guild.

Ace330660 05/18/2020 #

Nothing special for my swapbot name. Just a nickname of mine. And a few random numbers. Thanks for the giveaway!

Ryleighsmom 05/18/2020 #

Congrats on 1000 ♥️‘S!!!

My user name...well, I have an ovarian disease and my hubby and I tried to have children for 14 years. We endured surgeries, procedures, embarrassing tests, 2 losses and lots and lots of heartache. We finally settled into life as a family Of 2 and tucked away our dream of being parents. Out of the blue, we were offered a chance to adopt! I was 38, my hubby 39 when on our 15th wedding anniversary we brought our baby home from the hospital! It was 2008. Ryleigh is truly a gift from God and an answer to 1000’s of prayers. I loved being a mom, so hence “Ryleighsmom” ♥️♥️

Ryleighsmom 05/18/2020 #

Mine should say “I loved BECOMING a mom...”

Fabriqueen 05/18/2020 #

I worked for 39 years in retail. In the course of that time I worked for TG&Y in fabrics, Woolworth (Fabrics was one of my 20 departments), Cloth World, Joann's Fabrics (They bought out Cloth World), and Walmart. At Walmart I was the fabrics department manager for 13 years until they removed fabrics from the stores then when, 3 years later, they realized they had made a mistake and put back a smaller version of the fabric department, although I was no longer in that department, I had the pleasure of being told to go clean up after the current department manager at least every other week. I know fabrics!

At a meeting of our quilting bee one night the girls were comparing the size of their fabric stashes. One said, "I have 3 of those big containers." another," Hmm, I have 7 containers." My friend said, "Have you been to Diane's house? She has 2 rooms full of fabrics. She's the Queen of fabric stashes!" They started calling me the Fabric Queen. When I needed a screen name for Facebook I tried that but it was used already so I took out the c and tried Fabriqueen. That worked and I have used it ever since.

MsBellaDonna 05/18/2020 #

Congratulations and thanks for the chance at this awesome swap!

My first name is Donna. In Italian "bella donna" translates to "pretty lady" in English. I added the "Ms" to give it a little more flair. :)

groundhogstamper 05/18/2020 #

Congratulations on all of those hearts! My name came together because my birthday is on Groundhog Day and I have been a stamper for many years. I still like it, but sometimes find myself wishing I'd chosen something smaller because it's harder to write now that the psoriatic arthritis is affecting my hands more, making it hard to write.

penpallingfool 05/18/2020 #

Congrats on the hearts xx My swapbot name is to match my email as I used to email and pen pal but I enjoy the old fashion way so penpallingfool it was. I still love to pen pal and love to make peoples days. I am currently printing stationary for those who have no printer in a group I am in on facebook. So yes pen palling fool without spaces is me and I am back at it cant ever stay away long even with fibromyalgia and all the other issues I have. xx thanks for letting me enter :)

institches 05/19/2020 #

And the winner is....


Congratulations, your box will go postal today

institches 05/19/2020 #

Winners of the 3 RAK envelopes are:




Your envelopes will go postal today

institches 05/19/2020 #

Thank you to everyone who played. Now I'm off to read everyone's comments and learn a bit more about my swap-bot friends!

institches 05/19/2020 #

Any posts explaining your user name after this comment are subject to a 1 rating by your partner

Ellevee 05/19/2020 #

Ahhhhhh I feel so special and lucky! Thank you so much for having this little giveaway! Can’t wait to get my box of goodies 💜💜

penpallingfool 05/19/2020 #

thank you so much

JournalingGinger 05/19/2020 #

Oh wow! Thank you!! :)

porpie5 05/19/2020 #

Thank you, @institches for hosting this creative swap! I loved reading all the explanations for swappers' user names!

EverydayAngels 05/19/2020 #

Very fun and informative!!! Thank you

lilmissthrifty 05/19/2020 #

lilmissthrifty... combines my favorite kids book series little ms. and mr. books and my own twist for something I enjoy being and doing! Mr. Happy and Lilmissthirfty meet up with Ms. Scatterbrain and Mr. Clumsy.

Have a great day and congrats for 1000 ❤

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