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My Irrational Fears

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Fellow Swappers seem to love my electronic swaps so here is another!

I am sure we all have irrational fears. As someone with OCD I know I do!

For this swap, tell us about your fear(s) below! You do not have to share all of them, but share at least one and explain your fear as much as you fee comfortable sharing.

Please comment as soon as you sign up! This is a quick swap!

If your partner writes about their fear in the comments give them a five. DO NOT RATE DOWN IF YOU THINK THEIR FEAR IS SILLY! And please be nice to each other!

Email me with any questions!

Happy Swapping :)


Cindymt 01/23/2020 #

I have three irrational fears.

Lizards. I never liked lizards. Probably because of that tongue thing and the fact that their tail can grow back. They are just so creepy and crawly and ew! Once I saw one in my room so I slept on the couch.

Water rides. At places like Disney World, I cannot sit on the edge of the boats in the boat rides. I feel to "exposed" to the animatronics and I have some fear that for some reason I will fall into the water. If there was no water in the rides I would be fine!

Dr. Seuss. I did not like Dr. Seuss much at a young age. The illustrations creeped me out. They still do to this day, but it may just be the memories of me being a little girl being afraid of pictures in a book. It just started happening one day! I still remember crying at the thought or sight of those books. Maybe it was an early onset to my anxiety?

CookieMomster78 01/24/2020 #

STOP-ACTION & CLAYMATION I was always disturbed by the odd way the characters move in those Christmas films every year...the abominable snowman, Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer, etc. Just typing about it gives me flashbacks that still make my stomach ache! Oh 😯 please don’t get me started on Flushed, Chicken Run, Coraline, and the rest of those nightmare inducing films...

I’d rather eat glass shards!

Oh, and I also am severely afraid of the venus fly trap. Blame it on little shop of horrors, maybe. I never watched it.

damilola 01/24/2020 #

Butterflies ! I 'd never thought, that they might trigger me, but.... When we went with the kids from kindergarten to the aquarium, where the also have insects, it hit me !!! We went inside a huge glass room with butterflies and the hair on my body rose up immediately. When a kid told me, that there's a butterfly on my backpack, I felt like screaming and running away !!! (But am matured lol and had to take care of them, so I gently ushered them outside this glass room....) Outside I can handly butterflies pretty well, coz there's enough space, but in rooms.... No way !

tizzicat 01/24/2020 #

Spiders - they have far too many legs! Have always been afraid of them since I was little. My parents never showed fear of them, so don't know where I got it from. I'm better now, but still don't like the ones with big bodies and black legs. Here in the UK they all like to come indoors in August and September. My OH is kept busy with me calling "can you come here a second..." - he knows it's spider time!

euniceq 01/24/2020 #

There's a very particular large brown moth that I'm simply terrified of. I believe it's a giant silk moth. They're quite common here. I had a fear of butterflies when I was very young that I eventually overcame, and this moth is the remaining trace of that fear!

I have never had a negative experience with one of these moths - none have ever flown at me or landed on me or anything. But they're just so big and imposing, and the few times I HAVE seen them flying, they look terrifying to me!

It's such a silly fear for me because I have no issues with any other creepy crawlies; I'll pick up cockroaches, grab at lizards, play with tarantulas... but the second I see that lazy, unmoving, innocent moth, I am going to run away as far as I can!

Prettyexpressions 01/24/2020 #

I have several fears...

SPIDERS. I am so scared to death of them. With all them legs, their sneaky. I used to sleep with pantyhose over my head, due to the fear of them crawling in my mouth and ears. Sounds silly i know, I have also had a "standoff" at my mailbox.. Me having hair spray and a lighter. I couldn't get my mail for a few days, but i got up the courage to torch his ass. My mail ended up being fine, thank God.

DROWNING. I cannot even imagine what that feels like. I've had dreams of it that wake me up as if i can't breathe. My husband says i need to get a sleep test done as he's seen me stop breathing before.

BURNING ALIVE. Being a police officer, I've seen quite a lot. Ive seen people being burnt alive. The smell is horrendous, something that stays with you. That could be the worst pain in the world to me. And once again, I've had dreams about it.

BURRIED ALIVE. That goes back to the cannot breathe. I cannot hold my breath at all due to my heart condition.

mariewilliams810 01/24/2020 #

When I was 19, I dated a guy who was REALLY into the paranormal. I mean expertly obsessed. He told me once that spirits get trapped in mirrors and if you see them in the mirror in the dark that means they can escape. You have to break the mirror or turn the light on before they get out or they could kill you. In my heart, I KNOW its probably not real. But even 9 years later, I'm still afraid of mirrors. I won't buy a used/antique mirror (most likely to be haunted) and if I get up in the night I won't look at any mirrors in my house.

institches 01/24/2020 #

SNAKES - I detest them. They just seem so slimy to me though I know they are not. One day when I was about 10, I was wearing a one piece jump suit (think the 70's). My best friends brother dropped a snake down the back of my suit and I could not get it out. I had to almost take the whole suit off -in front of several other kids-to get it out.

USAFwife 01/24/2020 #

OWLS!!!! I am terrified of owls. All owls, real or cartoon. I think it goes to a fear of anything with oversized eyes (like aliens - another fear !!! - or those 'twisted whisker' pictures of animals with exaggerated faces), but there's just something extra special creepy about owls, and they seem to be SO POPULAR right now, they're everywhere, stickers, stationery, t-shirts, bags - totally creepy. I've been afraid of them as long as I can remember, but not really sure why.

Drowning - also very afraid of any pool of water deeper than ankle deep. Not sure the origin on that one, but water really freaks me out. No boats, no water rides - taking my kids to the pool is beyond nerve wracking, because not only am I scared out of my mind, but then, what if they need help and I can't help them because I can't swim?! Ugh!

PrettyAlice 01/24/2020 #

One of my irrational fears is heights. I never used to have a problem with heights but ever since getting one of my chronic illnesses when I was a young teenager it’s caused me to be really scared of them. I get scared on the second floor of a building if I can see down to the first floor. It’s kind of ridiculous and I get made fun of for it a lot.

Another is crowd and new situations. I’ve always hated crowds and so avoid going places like the mall, target, big events, etc. I have an anxiety disorder so a lot of things make me anxious. Now though I’m taking a medicine that while it doesn’t make it totally go away it does help some. And if I’m going somewhere I know there will be a crowd I always feel more comfortable if I’m with someone like my best friend.

SatisHuman 01/24/2020 #

Spiders. They are so creepy crawly. All those legs and eyes. Just imagining one crawling on my skin makes shiver. I scream like a little girl when I see one. And I'm too afraid to get close enough to kill them. I'm afraid that they know I'm scared and are planning to attack me by jumping on my face.

Torture. Being at someone's mercy and having no control over what happens to me is terrifying. Aside from the prospect of neverending pain and suffering, I could be left helpless in a situation and just have to wait to die. Ugh.

Death. Pretty obvious. And growing old. You can't do anything about it. Another facet of not being in control. And it is happening everyday.

Saskatch 01/24/2020 #

My one most irrational fear comes from watching Groundhog Day as a kid - having the same day repeat over and over again and I'm the only one who remembers it. Any sort of deja-vu feeling triggers it right away and I start wondering if maybe I've lived this day before. It's ridiculous and I can usually talk myself down from it, and honestly, I've gotten to a point where I can just go "okay, so what if I've done this day before? No harm there". But there's still always that little voice in my mind that wonders if that's what's going on and it leaves me a bit out of it for a while 😂

Cgscdy 01/24/2020 #

Crickets absolutely hate and terrified of anything that even resembles them. From pictures, real ones, cartoons, even the sounds and I live WAY in the country so they are plentiful. Bleh

Heights I've been scared since I was around a teen no real reason I recall it just happened. I use to climb trees and go on carnival rides when I was a young kid no problem but as I got older I developed a phobia that got WAY worse over the years. I don't do any park rides that go up off the ground, no ladders, no escalators AT ALL, elevators are an issue that some days I can conquer but glass ones just NO, looking out windows in a multi-story building ughh, here in the mountains we have steep hills and such for roads that cause me to find an alternative route to get places, and NO WAY EVER AM I GETTING ON A PLANE. I always take the stairs BUT while going up is no problem going down is a BIG one as looking down makes me extremely dizzy and unsteady. I can't even stand on a step stool without getting wobbly and lightheaded. It's crazy how bad it has got. Like it is physically paralyzing at times.

Carolien25 01/25/2020 #

I have more fear to be fair! Spiders. I am so afraid of them really. When i see one i always let my boyfriend clear it. When i was younger and still lived at home with my parents i found a very big one in the showers! That was the very start of my fear!

Injections: I once had an inflammation in my hand and i got 2 injections in it and that was so painful. But since i was a little girl i'm also afraid of giving blood. At the end i am not so keen on injections of any kind

Dentist: Thats one of my biggest fear. I had several treatments in the past which hurts a lot and since then i am so afraid on just going there. I do have a very nice dentist though. Doesn't take my fear away!

Newlybird17 01/25/2020 #

One of my most terrifying fears and a recurrent dream I've had is RIDING A BICYCLE ON A HIGHWAY BRIDGE: I have a fear of heights, particularly panoramic heights like on a city bridge. Add to that riding a bicycle on a highway with cars speeding around me, I'd be freaking out. I have definitely had this dream probably during moments of stress. I was never a strong bicyclist but I did get one a few years ago and I'm glad to ride here and there. I think I'd have to wear those horse blinders if I ever attempted it. LOL.

parakeetmails 01/25/2020 #

My fear (and my BIGGEST phobia) is blood. I have passed out on the sight of it, I get nauseous, dizzy...light headed etc. Blood scares me. I think it started when I fell off a bike at age 7 and fell directly on my face. Whoops! I'm sure you could imagine how traumatizing that could leave a 7 year old. It took 1 whole year to properly recover all of the extensive mouth surgery. But I'm 19 now and I look as normal as ever--with perfect teeth too!

Ashzaller 01/26/2020 #

Bridges. I have a huge fear of them but we use them all the time. But in the back of my head, I feel like it’s gonna fall. Yet- I walked across the Hoover dam and the bridge. And I’ve gone on many while traveling. Cried over the rainbow bridge to Canada haha. I also do not like loosing my sense of balance. But - I’ve been on some of the highest buildings and roller coasters in America. It’s weird but I don’t mine a roller coaster ! Standing on tall buildings still freaks me out. When I see those videos of people who jump over buildings and hang off the sides of sky scrapers I get woozy. Yet- I’ve done the rip cord in a few different amusement parks 🙃

BeHappyToday 01/27/2020 #

One of my fears is the superstition of a black cat crossing my path. I adore cats, including black cats. But if I am outside walking or driving and I see a black cat heading across my path I will turn around before I reach it. If for some reason I am unable to turn around...and it does walk in front of me... then I feel instant dread and my thoughts auto assume something bad is going to happen! Another fear I have is if someone is singing at the table... including Happy Birthday. I just cringe if I hear anyone singing while eating at the table. I am sure this fear was derived from childhood as my mom once told me that if you sing at the dinner table you will cry before breakfast. For some reason this just always stuck with me.

cperren1998 01/27/2020 #

I have two that I think are especially odd,

  1. the blood pressure cuff at the doctors' office, the one that wraps around your arm and does nothing but squeezes a bit. I think I have had a few unpleasant doctors' appointments and I have somehow subconsciously associated the cuff to bad times. I can't even look at it and I have passed out when they put it on before

  2. The picture of Shel Silverstein on the back of his children's' poetry books, it just gives me major creepy vibes even though I love the poetry, never liked the pic even as a kid. When I was younger I had a nightmare about him chasing me until I begrudgingly invited him to my birthday party, I always remember that dream when I see the picture of him!!

AZmom875 01/27/2020 #

Fear 1. I have an irrational fear of a shark or alligator in my pool esp at night, if were to ever dare to swim alone at night or any time. I live in Arizona, we are land locked. No ocean nearby. My research reveals that is really just a fear of the unknown. I also grew up when Jaws was new in theaters, and the Rag magazines where putting out stuff that there were sharks and barracudas in the Michigan lakes and rivers. ( I grew up in Michigan)

So I have a fear of sharks in the ocean. I don't really get into the water when I go to California. Adding to that I am pretty much not interested in a lake or pond or river due to the seaweed that brushes against you.

Fear 2. That if you don't put on your seat belt you will get in an accident. Like tempting the devil or fate.

Fear 3. Very afraid of driving near semi trucks, and the fear that they will jack knife or blow out a tire and cause a crash. I think that is from watching too many C.H.I.P.S and cop shows as a teen.

kelliegirl6 01/27/2020 #

I am terrified of ROACHES. I cringed typing it! I usually refer to them as "creatures". They're awful. So many legs & so fast & dirty & sneaky, & sooo evil. I live in New Orleans, LA, so they love it here- hot & wet. People say they're afraid of us... not of me!! They will literally chase me, fly after me, & try to crawl on me! Ack!!

I am afraid of driving off a bridge & drowning. I think drowning is my worst fear. I dislike water. Being near bodies of it, or even just a pool makes me feel like I'm suffocating. Funny part is, I used to love swimming as a kid. Nothing happened to cause the fear.

Clowns. So creepy. When I was little, I made a paper clown that I was terrified of. Lol... I thought it was whispering to me at night. I would tell it nice things before I went to sleep, hoping it wouldn't kill me! Once I had enough & finally threw is away. My oh-so-kind sister sneakily put it back in my room & I was horrified he found me again!

I just remembered one I guess I got over. I would not get out of bed at night, because I thought if you stepped onto the floor in the dark/at night, evil from under the bed would grab your ankles & possess you... ?

kiddomerriweather 01/28/2020 #

Balloons!!! Globophobia is the technical term. I am deathly afraid of them. Not the mylar ones, but the regular rubber ones. I hate how they feel, the sound when they pop, and how they are painful on your skin when they pop. When I was a small child I was also afraid of them floating away. (I wasn't scared of them at the time.) One of my first memories was being 3 or 4 years old at Disney World. I had a Mickey ears balloon and I remember watching it float away while I cried. I still get sad thinking about it.

When I was in 4th or 5th grade, I was at a birthday party and my friend's mom made me participate in a game where you had to sit on a balloon and pop it. I was crying because I was scared and didn't want to do it. I was wearing shorts, so when the balloon did pop it hurt my legs. I have been phobic of them ever since.

I'm so phobic that if someone has one in the living room, I have to go to my bedroom at the end of the hall and shut my door and close my ears just in case it pops. I'm afraid that if it pops I'll be so scared that I'll literally have a heart attack. Gun shots are much louder, but I'm not scared of those for some reason. (probably because I live in the country and hear them constantly)

I also am afraid that I'll be possessed by a demon. When I was little my mom made me watch "The Exorcist" to show me it wasn't real. Messed up right? Her intentions backfired. I didn't sleep for a week! Luckily it was on network tv, so the really graphic parts weren't shown. My mom thinks I'm silly and says that I'm too mean to be possessed by a demon. It's not something I fear all the time, but I do think about it from time to time. To this day I can't watch anything that has to do with demons. I tried to binge "Supernatural" and had to stop because it scared me so badly.

HannahKaitlyn 01/28/2020 #

I have a big ole list of fears/phobias. Some of the biggest are:

  • Mice/Rats: I cry thinking about them sometimes. I don’t know exactly when or why the fear came about, but I have panic attacks if I see one.

  • Sponges: They make me gag even accidently touching them. Same goes for shower loofas and sponge mops.

  • I have this very specific fear that I developed in high school. If I am going to open a pull door and there are no windows in the door (meaning I can’t see if there is anyone on the other side), I am really scared that as I am reaching out someone will push the door open from the other side and break my wrist. I thought this was just a fear I had with opening my band room door, but nope it happens with every windowless pull door I open. I even have a specific way I have to open these doors so my wrist wouldn’t “break”.

  • Speed Round of other fears: being abducted for human trafficking, shadow people, balloons popping, heights, slight fear of frogs, being in a house fire, and loved ones dying/getting taken away.

A lot of these are general phobias but they are also things that have impeded me from living my life normally. I always have to accommodate situations for myself to help avoid these situations and sometimes dwell on my fear for hours/days. But therapy helps 😊

JessicaWritesTheWorld 01/28/2020 #

I'm just going to come out and say it, I have a huge irrational fear of spit. Yes, spit. Just the thought of it makes my skin crawl. It's not just finding it disgusting but I actually will actually run from someone if they threaten me with it. I hate mouth noises because of it. I won't talk to my sister while shes eating because I know how much spit is in her mouth and the sound it makes is horrific. I try my best not to think about my own in my mouth because if I do, I will want to hurl. I feel a little salt in my mouth right now just by talking about it.

Besides that, I have a fear of bridges over large bodies of water. I will close my eyes and talk or hum until I'm on the other side.

Oh and of being left behind. Like rapture left behind. When I was younger(not that young like 18-24) If I came home and my grandmother wasn't home or nobody was in the house, I'd IMMEDIATELY go around looking for piles of clothes thinking that I was left behind. Sometimes if my sister doesn't answer my call. my first thought is I was left behind...silly to write but very serious in the moment.

manders2280 01/28/2020 #

I'm afraid of high places, but not in an airplane. After several conversations I learned that this is rational because I have poor peripheral vision: I'm most afraid when I can't see the edges. I always drive over bridges on the inside lane.

Needles. It has a Wikipedia page and it's in the DSM: a specific phobia of blood-injection-injury type phobia. I breathe deeply when I'm getting an injection.

NRGordon 01/28/2020 #

I have an irrational fear of being killed by fire. Not of dying of smoke inhalation, like most fire victims, but of actually screaming burning to death. I am not afraid of fire. I had a wood stove for many years; I have built and ignited probably a couple hundred camp fires and; I have stood in smoke, with flames at my feet and a wet broom in my hands, helping to control field burns. None of that bothers me at all. It is just the thought of burning to death. I am pretty sure I burned to death in a previous life. Probably burned at the stake.

samsstuff 01/28/2020 #

I am afraid of the blood pressure cuff, at the doctor's office. I had an experience where one kept squeezing my arm. It would let off a little,.but not completely & then squeeze again I was afraid it would never stop & the nurse was not paying attention. Now I'm afraid it will happen every time. I'm also afraid of electricity. I'm even afraid of plugging things in or using appliances anywhere where there is even the tiniest bit of water. I'll still do these things, but it does give me heart palpitations.

samsstuff 01/28/2020 #

Oh & scorpions, but I don't think that's an irrational fear!

kasa 01/28/2020 #

Snakes is a fear I have which is rather absurd since I live in a country that has no snakes. When I visit Australia , usually once a year this is the fear that usually keeps me company for most of the time. When I am walking in Australia I usually have my head down so I can see what is on the ground. Is that a stick or is it moving? Didn't that stick just move? And when I go outside I always wear shoes. if I didn't have family I wouldnt probably go to Australia. What you do for family!!!!

cynaemon 01/28/2020 #

My irrational fear is losing my home. I can barely pay my mortgage each month, but I do pay it, and haven't been late in over ten years. So I don't know why I worry about it. I know as long as I pay it I will be fine. I think it is just that so many people would love to see me out of here. I mean, why does a single senior citizen have the right to live in a big house by herself when some FAMILY could have it! It's my home, and was left to me by my grandparents. And I would live in my car before I gave up this freedom to live in any senior place!

Swaptillyoudropnys 01/29/2020 #

I’m an animal lover and a veterinary nurse by trade but I have an irrational fear of snapping turtles, and I’ve had this fear as long back as I can remember. I grew up living with a pond in my backyard and fishing off our dock I remember seeing the bubble trail that meant a snapping turtle was trolling along the bottom of the muck (meaning one was heading towards my bait) and I would just freeze...it seemed so menacing! Later in life, in my teens an ancient snapper would be disturbed by the vibrations when I mowed our lawn and come out of the water abruptly and I would RUN! Im almost 40 and to this day I’ll stop and help all turtles cross the road but if it’s a snapper I have to FORCE myself... I shake and sweat when I handle them.

kiddomerriweather 01/29/2020 #

I just thought of another fear because the landline just rang. Every time the landline rings, I tense up and start to shake. It's been this way for almost 10 years. I once had an alcoholic boyfriend who would sometimes call me up to 35 times in a row! I'm still traumatised by him even though he drowned 9 years and 1 month ago. My mom has tried to help by setting the phone to only ring 3 times before voicemail picks up, but it's still 3 rings too many. I'm still shaking 5 minutes later since the last time it rang. I've asked my mom to get rid of it altogether since she just changed her mobile carrier to one that actually gets reception where we live in the boonies. She says she think about it. I'm assuming this is some form of PTSD that I have.

Caityaya 01/31/2020 #

Bugs that can fly/move quickly! I grew up with an autistic uncle who I loved very much, but his special interest was bugs and they've creeped me out since I was a kid. I was about to have a shower the other night when I spotted a huge moth in there - I had to get my flatmate to get it out!

CharlitaBetty 01/31/2020 #

My irrational fears are of holes. Hearing someone talking about holes or seeing them in things freaks me out unless they are supposed to be there (like in a donut) . The image of a hole gets into my head and then I just imagine them on my body 🤮

My other irrational fears are of my hands being dry.I dont know why but if my hands and feet dont feel moisturised it feels like i cant breath lol. Im OCD with my bottles of mosituriser and keep at least 2 on me at any given time.

yomousey 01/31/2020 #

I am terrified of the same thing that @Kelliegirl6 above has. I don't like the word even. It's those things that Raid is used to kill. When I see commercials I have to close my eyes or change the channel. I keep thinking, you're a grandmother, you should be over this, but it just gives me the creeps. It turns out I have a reason for it. I was born in Puerto Rico, they have these huge flying ones, I believe in Florida they are called Palmetto Bugs. When I was still living there I was at my cousin Willie's house (he was evil incarnate, ugh) and I was about 3 years old. He would catch one and throw it on me. My head, my chest, etc. I would scream and cry and he would laugh his head off. I'm also afraid of crickets because they look the same, I hate any creepy crawly thing "shudder".

MissMagenta 01/31/2020 #

My most irrational fears include:

Balloons popping (not including helium ones). When I was little I was blowing up balloon with too much air and it popped in my face, it was scary and it hurt. So kids birthday parties are a nightmare for me and I avoid being anywhere near balloons. I freak out and get as far as I can from the balloons especially when kids are holding them. I've been teased by adults about my fear and I had to step out of science projects in school because balloons were used.

Taking baths in a tub that was used by others. I would love to relax in a bath with candles and bubbles, but I get grossed out thinking about all the germs and bodily fluids that have been in the tub. My dream would to buy a brand new tub for my use only because I would love to soak and relax, but for now I only take showers.

Peachyplum 02/ 1/2020 #

My fears include Drowning or my children Drowning, I take my children swimming all the time and we all love the sea, so definitely death by drowning.
I have a fear of my ex, he has been stalking and harassing me for the past 6 years now, that's a major one, fear of him trying to come in the middle of the night and kidnapping my children, which he has tried to do before. That's probably the biggest irrational fear, hopefully not going to happen!
Snakes, is also one! Don't go near them or think or see anything about them! Ew! I can do creepy crawlies but not snakes, just the way they slither around. Odd.
Other than that I'm pretty ok with everything! Or maybe being in a plane crash, that's always on my mind when I fly!!

basykes 02/ 1/2020 #

My biggest fear concerns the freeway. I am convinced that I am going to die when a big truck tips over on top of me. But I'm nervous any time I'm on the freeway. I'm less nervous if I'm driving, but I don't like to drive, so I spend most of my time when someone else is driving with my eyes closed. This fear began 7/14/86 when my best friend died of a heart attack. I drove to his house as soon as I heard the news and after that I was always afraid to be on the freeway, which makes no sense since he was in a hospital, not on the freeway!

I'm also convinced that any time anybody I love leaves me to go somewhere that "something" will happen to them and they will get killed. This is probably understandable since two of my kids died in accidents, one in 1996 and one in 1999. I'm very nervous all the time they are gone until I know they are safely at their destination (and they are all in their 50s!)

Lately there is so much in the news about accidents in planes and other vehicles that I'm afraid to go anywhere by any method of transportation.

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